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Department of Political Science

MA Financial Assistance

The Department of Political Science has two types of financial assistance available to support graduate study.  This includes graduate assistantships and graduate scholarships/fellowships.  The application deadline for all department financial assistance is March 1.



The Department of Political Science provides financial aid for assistance in the form of a graduate assistantship on a competitive basis in exchange for assistance to faculty with their teaching, research, or administrative responsibilities. Specific assignments to teaching or research depend on the needs and abilities of the graduate assistant, and the needs of the department. Assistantships must be applied for on a yearly basis.

Graduate Financial Assistance Application


Awards reflect the following criteria:

  • Academic performance, promise, and intellectual ability.
  • Past performance as a departmental assistant, if applicable.
  • Needs of the department faculty.
  • Financial need.


Graduate assistants must enroll in a minimum of six credit hours per semester and make reasonable degree progress as reflected by at least a 3.5 GPA. During the period of appointment, assistants may not hold another paid full time position of any kind. The department reserves the right to withdraw support at any time if academic performance falls below the 3.5 GPA, or if the job performance is not satisfactory.


Graduate assistantships involve a stipend, a tuition waiver for up to 10 credit hours per semester and fee reductions.  The amount of the stipend changes from year-to-year and may be obtained by contacting the Director of Graduate Studies.                               


Graduate assistants are required to work a maximum of 20 hours per week in support of the research, teaching, and administrative activities of departmental faculty and staff. Both faculty and graduate assistants are responsible for documenting the hours worked.


Each assistant is assigned to one or two faculty members, depending on the department's needs and the student's preference. Graduate assistants may be asked to help any other member of the department faculty, subject to clearance with the student's principal supervisor.


The assistantship is awarded for one academic year, assuming all conditions are met. A reapplication is required for each additional year of support.


Besides the materials discussed above for admission to the MPA Program, applicants should submit the following to the Director of Graduate studies:

  • One copy of an application form: Graduate Financial Assistance Application
  • A formal covering letter of application. This letter may also be used to expand on items in the application form, and to request financial assistance.


All applicants will be notified of the department's decisions, and award recipients will be asked to acknowledge acceptance formally. Awards are announced on or about April 15.  Ordinarily, there are no summer term graduate assistantships.


The Department of Political Science also offers a number of scholarships. These vary in terms of the amount of assistance and the exact requirements of each. To view a list of available scholarships and fellowships, click here!