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Recent Faculty Publications

Emizet Kisangani and Jeffrey Pickering. Forthcoming, 2013. Rebels, Rivals, and Post-Colonial State Building: Identifying Bellicist Influences on State Extractive Capacity. International Studies Quarterly.

Bell, Sam R., K. Chad Clay, and Amanda Murdie. 2012. “Neighborhood Watch: Spatial Effects of Human Rights INGOs.” Journal of Politics 74(2): 1-16.

Bell, Sam R., Richard Frank, and Paul Macharia. Forthcoming. “Media Coverage and Civil War Interventions: A Cross-National Examination of Intervention Behavior.” International Interactions.

Ciftci, Sabri. 2012. “Islamophobia and Threat Perceptions: Explaining Anti-Muslim Sentiment in the West.” Journal of Muslim Minority Affairs. 32(3): 293-309.

Grasse, Nathan and Brianne Heidbreder. 2011. “The Influence of Lobbying Activity in State Legislatures: Evidence from the State of Wisconsin.” Legislative Studies Quarterly. 36: 567-589.

Heidbreder, Brianne. 2012. “Agenda Setting in the States: How Politics and Policy Needs Shape Gubernatorial Agendas.” Politics & Policy. 40:296-319.

Heidbreder, Brianne, Douglas Ihrke, Nathan Grasse, and Brian Cherry. 2011. “Policy Importance and   Policy Conflict in Michigan Municipalities.” State and Local Government Review. 43: 32-45.

Herspring, Dale. 2012. "Russian Military Reform: A View from the USA." Esskport Vooryzheniy.

Herspring, Dale. 2012. Is Military Reform Over?  In Return to Putin's Russia: Past Imperfect, Future Uncertain,  ed. Stephen Wegern. Boulder, Rowman and Littlefield.

Herspring, Dale. 2012. Searching for a More Viable Form of Civil-Military Relations: The Canadian and American Experiences. In Civil-Military Relations in Perspective: Strategy, Structure and Policy, ed. Stephen J. Cimbala. Surrey, UK, Ashgate.

Herspring, Dale. 2012. Russian Nuclear and Conventional Weapons: The Broken Relationship. InCarlisle, Strategic Studies Institute, ed.  Stephen J. Blank. Carlisle.

Johnson, Laurie M. 2012. Locke and Rousseau: Two Enlightenment Responses to Honor. Lexington Books, scholarly subsidiary of Rowman & Littlefield.

Johnson Bagby, Laurie M. 2011. Thucydides and the Importance of Ideology.  In Oligarchy, ed. David Tabachnick. University of Toronto Press.

Martinez Machain, Carla  and T. Clifton Morgan. Forthcoming. "The Effect of US Troop Deployment on Host States' Foreign Policy." Armed Forces & Society.

Stapley, Craig. 2012. “The Domestic Rally Effect and Terrorism.” Global Security Studies. 3(4): 11-20.

Jeffrey Pickering and Emizet Kisangani. 2011. Democratic Accountability and Diversionary Force: Democratic Regime Types and the Use of Benevolent and Hostile    Military Force. Journal of Conflict Resolution. Vol. 55, No.6, pp. 1021-1046.

Jeffrey Pickering. 2011. Dangerous Drafts? A Cross-National Analysis of Conscription and the Use of Military Force, 1946-2001. Armed Forces & Society. Vol. 37,            No. 1, pp. 119-140.


Recent Faculty Presentations

Jeffrey Pickering. “Autocracies and Diversionary Force.” Talk given at workshop entitled “Varieties of Autocracy: Institutions, Performance, and Survival.” Institute for Political Science, University of Heidelberg, Germany, March 2-3, 2012.

Ciftci, Sabri. "Parties after Revolution: Social and Economic Origins of Political Parties in the Middle East." Middle East Studies Association Meeting, 2012, Denver, CO.

Franke, Jim. Participated in workshops at the meeting of the National Association of Schools of Public Affairs and Administration. October 2012, Austin, Texas.

Johnson, Laurie. "Honor in Today's America." Keynote Speaker for the Midwest Philosophy Colloquium, April 5-6, 2012, University of Minnesota-Morris.

Martinez Machain, Carla. “Aerial Campaign Duration and the Interaction of Air and Ground Strategies.” Presented at the annual meeting of the International Studies Association, March 2012, San Diego, CA.

Stapley, Craig. “Targeting of NGOs by Terrorist Groups: A Quantitative Study,” with Amanda Murdie. Presented at Midwest Conference of the International Studies Association on November 3rd, 2012, St. Louis, MO.

Bell, Sam. “Coercion, Capacity, and Coordination: A Risk Assessment Model of the Determinants of Political Violence." Montesquieu Institute. November 2011, The Hague, The Netherlands.