Sabri Ciftci             Department of Political Science                 Kansas State University


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A Model and Test of Policymaking as Process (with Catherine A Oakley, George B Pesta, and Thomas G Blomberg), forthcoming in Journal of Politics and Law

Secular-Islamist Cleavage, Values and Support for Democracy and Shari'a in the Arab World, Political Research Quarterly, December 2013 vol. 66 no. 4 781-793.

Replication Material

Social Identity and Attitudes toward Foreign Policy: Evidence from a Youth Survey in Turkey , International Journal of Middle East Studies, 2013, Volume 45 ,  Issue 01, pp 25-43.

When are Muslims viewed as Violent: Explaining Islamophobic attitudes in the West , 2012, Journal of  Muslim Minority Affairs,  Vol. 32, Iss. 3., 293-309.

Modernization, Islam or Social Capital What Explains Attitudes toward Democracy in the Muslim World? Comparative Political Studies, 43 (11), November, 2010.

Committee Assignments in a Nascent Party System: the Case of the Turkish Grand National Assembly, with Walter Forrest and Yusuf Tekin, International Political Science Review, 29(3), 2008.

 Treaties, Collective Responses and the Determinants of Aggregate Support for European Integration, European Union Politics, 6/4 (2005).

Under Review & Papers to be Submitted Soon

Support for Turkey’s EU Accession in Comparative Perspective: Attitude Consistency and Individual Support in the Old and New Member-States (with Dale L. Smith and L. LaSasso).

How do Partisan Cues Inform Attitudes: Elite Messages, Selective Cue-taking and Individual Support for EU Membership in Turkey.

Democracy, Gender Gap and Civic Engagement in the Arab World (with Ethan Bernick)

Etatized versus Ethicalized: Explaining the Transformation of Sharia Discourses and Their Political Consequences in Turkey and Saudi Arabia

Book Review

Review of Paul T. Levin's "Turkey and the European Union: Christian and Secular Images of Islam, International Journal of Turkish Studies, Fall 2012, 18(1&2): 188-190.

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