Jim Franke

Jim FrankePh.D. Political Science, Northern Illinois University

Dr. Jim Franke is Associate Professor of Political Science at Kansas State University. He also serves as Director of the MA program. He received an MA [1976] and a Ph.D. [1979] in political science from Northern Illinois University. Prior to coming to Kansas State University in 1984, he taught at Texas A&M University for four years and was a research associate at Florida State University for two years.

Dr. Franke's recent research focuses upon issues in American political thought and upon decision-making patterns in the standing committees of the U.S. House of Representatives. Recent publications include:

Joseph Unekis and James Franke, The Resurgence of Partisanship in Committees in the United States House of Representatives. Working Papers on Comparative Legislative Studies III: The New Democratic Parliaments — The First Years. Edited by Lawrence Longley and Attila Agh.Appleton, WI. Research Committee of Legislative Specialists, June 1997.

Laurie M. Johnson Bagby and James Franke, Escape From Politics: Philosophic Foundations of Public Administration. Management Decision (Vol. 39, No. 8, 2001).

He teaches courses in research methodology, American Politics including U.S. Politics, Honors U.S. Politics, Interest Groups and Public Opinon, and Seminar in American Politics.