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Payroll Deductions

Chapter 4910
Revised December 15, 2011

Table of Contents

.010 Introduction
.020 Supplemental Payrolls
.030 Overpayment
.040 Corrections
.050 Questions
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.100 Authorization for Direct Deposit of Employee Pay, PER-58 (PDF)
.200 Supplemental Pay Form, PER-8 (PDF)

.010 Introduction

Kansas State University employees are paid biweekly. Paydays occur every other Friday throughout the year. If Friday is a holiday, payday will be the preceding business day.

Each two-week pay period begins at one minute past midnight (12:01 a.m.) on Sunday morning of the first week and continues through midnight (12:00 a. m.) on Saturday night of the second week. That period is paid on the second Friday following the end of the period. Thus, it is important to note that employees are paid almost two weeks in arrears.

The Division of Human Resources utilizes the Human Resources Information System (HRIS) to compile the data used to process pay. Most information is relayed from the employee to the Division of Human Resources by the employee's appointing department by means of contracts, appointment or change forms, benefit and tax authorization forms, and time and leave documents or from automatic time capture systems. Employees may update their direct deposit data, W-4 and/or K-4 tax information, personal data (address, phone, emergency contact, marital status, ethnic code) and enroll for training online using Employee Self Service in HRIS

Employees of Kansas State University have their pay direct deposited electronically into one or more bank accounts. Direct deposit may be set up using Employee Self Service in HRIS or by completing the direct deposit form Authorization for Direct Deposit of Employee Pay, PER-58 (PDF). Employees will receive a pay advice which is available in Employee Self Service. The pay advice contains all the salary and deduction information pertinent to that pay period.

The business office of each Local Agency distributes paychecks and advices to their employees.

.020 Supplemental Payrolls

Supplemental payrolls are processed to pay an employee who was not paid or who was underpaid on the regular payroll. When it is determined that a supplemental check needs to be issued, the department notifies Payroll and Employee DataDivision of Human Resources.

To request supplemental paychecks for non-exempt employees, the department must submit to Payroll and Employee Data a State of Kansas Time and Leave Document signed by the employee and the supervisor. If the total number of hours on the Time and Leave Document is less than ten and adding them to the next regular payroll would not create an overtime situation, then add these hours to the next regular payroll time and leave. It is imperative to note on the timesheet when time was worked versus when time was paid.

To request supplemental paychecks for exempt employees, the department must submit the Supplemental Pay Form, PER-8 (PDF), to Payroll and Employee Data.

.030 Overpayment

If it is determined that an employee was overpaid in error, the department must notify the employee immediately and contact its Payroll and Employee Data Liaison. The Payroll and Employee Data Liaison will calculate the net amount due Kansas State University and communicate this information with instructions in writing to the employee with a copy to the applicable department.

.040 Corrections

If it is determined that an employee's deductions were calculated incorrectly, i.e. an employee had a change in marital status that should have effected health insurance premiums, then the department must submit the appropriate paperwork to the Division of Human ResourcesBenefits Section. If it is determined that an employee's taxes were calculated incorrectly, the department should contact its Payroll and Employee Data Liaison.

.050 Questions

Questions regarding payroll processing should be directed to the Payroll and Employee DataDivision of Human Resources at (785) 532-6277.