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Identification Cards

Chapter 4830
Revised May 1, 1997

Table of Contents

.010 Introduction
.020 Obtaining ID Cards Upon Employment
.030 Lost ID Cards
.040 Upon Separation
.050 Questions

.010 Introduction

The following policy applies to identification cards for KSU classified and unclassified employees, including retirees. This information should be provided to all new, resigning, and retiring employees.

.020 Obtaining ID Cards Upon Employment

Each employee (except those on temporary appointments) should report to the Campus Card Center, K-State Student Union to have a photograph taken and an identification card prepared. The employee should bring a copy of his or her appointment paper as proof of employment. The University defrays the cost of the initial card.

.030 Lost ID Cards

Lost identification cards can be replaced by contacting the Campus Card Center, K-State Student Union. Cost for a replacement card is $15.00 to be paid by the employee, or the department may pick up the cost if so desired.

.040 Upon Separation

All separating employees (except retirees) are to surrender their identification cards to the Campus Card Center, K-State Student Union.

Retirees are to inform the Campus Card Center that they wish to retain their identification card. They will then have their card appropriately designated.

Employees receiving long-term disability benefits through the state-provided long-term disability program, may also retain their ID card.

.050 Questions

Questions regarding employee identification cards should be referred to the Division of Human Resources, 103 Edwards Hall, (785) 532-6277.