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What's New in the Policies and Procedures Manual

Chapter 1030

Revised November 20, 2013

This is a quick review of "What's New" in the Policies and Procedures Manual and provides links to the chapters that were recently added or revised in the manual. Revisions made in each chapter are shown in bold italic type. There is also a list serve which will notify Kansas State University administrative personnel whenever there is a change or addition to the Policies and Procedures Manual. Kansas State University employees may be added to the list by sending an e-mail message to Warren Strauss at (wstrauss@ksu.edu).

4220, Hours of Work, Overtime, Overtime Pay and Compensatory Time, Revised March 7, 2014, to include new policy guidance on alternative work schedules, commonly called flextime. This policy was developed in response to requests by classified staff in open forums with President Kirk Schulz and Vice President Cindy Bontrager in 2013.

7840, Use of KSU Buildings and Grounds, Revised March 5, 2014, to reflect a complete overhaul of the chapter to remain in compliance with new Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) regulations. The new policy adds a section (7840.100) on Therapy Animals which are now permitted in student housing on campus but not in other campus buildings. In addition, the policy is updated to indicate the responsibility for animal control and loose or unattended animals.

4810, Retirement and Savings Plans, Revised February 24, 2014, to reflect increase employee contributions for Kansas Public Employees Retirement System (KPERS) Tier 1 and Kansas Police and Fireman's Retirement System (KP&F) members.

4860 Employee Leaves, Holidays, and Other Absences for Employees of Kansas State University, Revised December 19, 2013, to update FMLA language and add a link to the FMLA poster.

4720 Hourly Student Employees, Revised November 20, 2013, to clarify FICA exemption and maximum hours of work.

3025 Course Accessibility Standards Policy, Issued October 8, 2013, to provides guidance for ensuring that all course delivery methods utilizing technology (eLearning) are accessible to student with disabilities.

4480, Performance Management Process, Revised September 25, 2013, to introduce a new shortened performance management form for classified employees which will be used for all performance reviews due in 2014 and beyond. Disciplinary action may now be taken for performance reviews of less than "Meets Expectations" rather than only "Unsatisfactory."

4460, Classified Employee Personnel Actions, Revised August 13, 2013, to reflect Employee Types as a required field on personnel forms PER-38, PER-39 and PER-36.

4650, Unclassified Employee Personnel Actions, Revised August 13, 2013, to reflect Employee Type as a required field on personnel forms PER-38, PER-39 and PER-36.

3020, Policy on Use of Copyrighted Works in Education and Research, Issued August 8, 2013, in order for Kansas State University to meet the requirements for the Technology, Education, and Copyright Harmonization ("TEACH") Act of 2002's safe harbor provision.

3053, Alcoholic Beverage Policy, Revised July 3, 2013, to add the KSU Beef Stocker Unit.

3045, Official Bulletin Boards, Revised May 6, 2013, to update Family and Medical Leave Act and Workers Compensation (KWC-40) posters, and to add the Workers Compensation (KWC-40A) poster that applies to dates for accidents on or after April 25, 2013.

3060, Kansas Open Records Act Revised April 17, 2013, to updated with a revised Designated Records Custodian and the Freedom of Information Officer.

4890, Employee Suggestion Program, Reissued April 2, 2013, to define the employee suggestion program at Kansas State University.

3053, Alcoholic Beverage Policy, Revised January 31, 2013, to add the building Stanely Stout Marketing Center.

4810, Retirement and Savings Plans, has been re-written and restructured for improved usability. In addition, various sections have been updated for compliance with new federal, KPERS , and Board of Regents Policies. The Post-Retirement Return to Work policy has been changed to comply with Board of Regents directive and approved by the Deans' Council to require at least a 60-day break in service for rehire of any K-State retiree.

4450, Compensation for Classified Employees, Revised September 24, 2012, to update the amount for longevity bonuses and to correct or clarify other items mentioned in the chapter.

3310, Telecommunications, Revised September 19, 2012.  This chapter has had major revisions through out to update their current policies and procedures.

3045, Official Bulletin Boards, Revised September 5, 2012, to correct link for the Unemployment Insurance Law poster, to update the Workplace Violence Policy poster to 3015, Threat Management Policy and to replace the Child Labor-Notice of Hours poster which was revised effective May 2012.

4410, Recruitment and Selection for Classified Positions, Revised August 23, 2012, to remove the statement that reference checks are limited to those listed on the application or the resume.

4220, Hours of Work, Overtime Pay and Compensatory Time, Revised August 21, 2012, to clarify the policy applies to non-exempt employees and allows for travel time to and from another building to express milk if an adequate space is not available in the employee's location.

3015, Threat Management Policy, Revised August 21, 2012, to change from 4060 Workplace Violence to 3015 Threat Management Policy.

4075, Lactation Support for Nursing Mothers, Issued July 30, 2012, As a result of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, the university has created a new policy to provide guidance to the university community on supporting nursing mothers during the work hours.

4860, Employee Leaves, Holidays, and Other Absences, Revised July 2, 2012, to update the Memorandum of Agreement and accompanying procedures.

3070, University Contracts, Revised June 26, 2012. The attached K-State OGC Contract Review Checklist to this chapter was revised to reflect the revised DA-146a form issued by the Purchasing Office earlier. The revised DA-146a form is also accessable from this 3070 chapter.

4810, Retirement Plans, Policies and Procedures, Revised May 21, 2012. The Kansas Board of Regents recently passed changes to the Limited Retirement Health Care Bridge that have now been incorporated into the K-State policy. The program now provides for direct payment of health insurance premiums post retirement to the state health plan rather than a lump sum payment at retirement for those individuals who are approved for this Health Care Bridge.

3070, University Contracts, Issued May 16, 2012. This chapter provides a central reference point to existing policies and procedures pertaining to University contracts, and general guidance on processing contracts in compliance with those policies.

PPM 4870, Tuition Assistance for University Employees, Revised April 4, 2012, to allow tuition assistance for classes taken at the Olathe campus and to eliminate reference to the President's Scholarship for Classified Employees that became obsolete with improvements in the Tuition Assistance Program.

PPM 4860 Classified Leaves and PPM 4865 Unclassified Leaves has been re-written and combined into one chapter, PPM 4860, Employee Leaves, Holidays, and Other Absences for Employees of Kansas State University. The Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) section has been modified to include the military family leave provisions that were signed into law on January 28, 2008. This policy also clarifies that the Division of Human Resources or the departmental personnel specialist is responsible for reviewing medical certification for FMLA approval and that specific medical information must be kept confidential.  A new Advanced Leave section was added in reaction to the H1N1 pandemic per Executive Order 09-08. This policy allows for advancement of an employee.s own leave up to 80 hours in order to remain in pay status while staying away from the workplace due to flu-like symptoms or other circumstances where the granting of leave is in the best interest of the University.

4060, Workplace Violence Policy, Revised February 24, 2012, to reflect the requirement of all employees to report any incident of child sexual abuse.

4030, Classified Employee Peer Review Committee Hearing Process, Revised February 13, 2012, to clarify the Peer Review process.

3450, K-State eID Policy, Revised January 9, 2012. This chapter has had many revisions so the changes are not shown in red.

3415, Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act Compliance Plan, Revised January 9, 2012. This chapter has been revised and renamed to more accurately reflect the purpose and scope of the policy. Therefore, the changes have not been shown in red.

4910, Payroll Processing, Revised December 15, 2011, to reflect the change to direct deposit as the only payment option and the use of Employee Self Service to update direct deposits.

4050 Workers' Compensation Return to Work Program has been eliminated effective November 4, 2011 as this program no longer exists.

3035, Inclement Weather General Policy and Procedure, Revised November 2, 2011, to add a radio station, clarify how essential personnel are designated as essential, notified of designation and compensated.

4720, Hourly Student Employees, Revised September 13, 2011, to reflect the change from mailed checks to a paycard when direct deposit is not used.

3010, Policy Prohibiting Discrimination, Harassment, and Sexual Violence, and Procedure for Reviewing Complaints, Revised August 31, 2011. This chapter has been revised and reorganized for clarity and legal compliance.

4890, Employee Suggestion Award Program, is no longer an active program as the enabling statute, K.S.A. 75-37,105 has sunset. The 2011 legislature passed Senate Bill 115 that enables the Secretary of Administration to establish a new program and this chapter will be reissued at that time.

3053, Alcoholic Beverage Policy, Revised August 10, 2011, to add the policy for the K-State Olathe campus.


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