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Presidential Lecture Series

Presidential Lecture Series

Attn: Emily Zwick and Annie Jewell
New Student Services
Kansas State University
177 Berney Family Welcome Center
705 N. 17th Street
Manhattan, KS 66506





Student Development

Building Character

Blue Key Students, Blue Key Senior Honor Society

Based off one of the Habitude concepts, this workshop focuses on how to be intentional in developing relationships with and investing in others. It provides a practical application of how you can influence those closest to you. 

Keep Calm and Study Like Granger:  Life Lessons from Harry Potter

Ms. Mariya Vaughn, Assistant Coordinator of K-State First

Harry Potter is more than just a popular series of novels and films. Within the work are lessons on the value of knowledge, the importance of friendship, that we should question those in power, we should not judge based on appearance, and it is important to stand up for what we believe in. We’ll explore some of these key lessons by discussing how the series affected our own understanding of who we are, how we can use these lessons to connect to others, and how they can be used to become better students and citizens.  

Mission and Values

Blue Key Students, Blue Key Senior Honor Society

Through this presentation, the audience will be able to identify their core values and develop their own personal mission statement.

Motivating Yourself and Others                                                     

Dr. Pat Bosco, Vice President for Student Life & Dean of Students

Recharging Your Volunteer Batteries

Dr. Donita Whitney-Bammerlin, Instructor, Department of Management

At a time when the mass media utilizes words such as “accountability” and “community service,” the need to understand the impact of volunteering is at an all-time high.  On the contrary, the need to be financially competitive has driven society to place a high priority on the “paying activities.”  Many of the communities we live in and our current workplaces do not stimulate, reinforce, or reward volunteerism.  Individuals are often asked to volunteer as an extra assignment or even justify their contribution to volunteer activities.  With this kind of scrutiny, those involved with service to others find themselves burned out.  There are few formal trainings that teach volunteerism and much of society views volunteering as something that somebody else does.  This session deals with the motivating factors of volunteering, identifies ways to recharge yourself as a volunteer, and facilitates ways that is can be stimulated throughout your organization.

Selling Yourself to Others: It Could Cost You Your Job

Dr. Donita Whitney-Bammerlin, Instructor, Department of Management

Selling yourself on your resume, in an interview, or at a nice luncheon can be a challenge if you are unaware of social norms and professional protocol.  Don’t wait until you’ve made a mistake, lost your job or been turned down for a scholarship, to learn how to conduct yourself in a professional manner.  This workshop will provide you with the information, knowledge and ideas of how to sell yourself and make a lasting impression through professional interactions. 

Student Success

Dr. Stephanie Bannister, Assistant Vice President of Student Life

Charting a course to success during the transition to college is challenging.  Navigating higher education, academic excellence, and social and personal freedom requires a knowledge of self and resources.  Let's walk through the role of grit and resiliency in claiming your path to student success.

The Power of UBUNTU: Experiencing Connection Through Community Engagement

Mr. Bryon Williams, Assistant Director of New Student Services 

Ubuntu is the African philosophy that expresses the belief in a collective human connection; that the power of humanity potential lays within the sum of its parts. Its concept is summed up by the expression “I am because WE are.”  This interactive lecture explores the concept of Ubuntu and applies it to the importance of inclusion, community engagement, and service.  It will also call students to actively apply Ubuntu within their own schools and communities.


Blue Key Students, Blue Key Senior Honor Society

This workshop focuses on leading by example. Participants will understand their role in setting the tone of an organization and evaluate their own beliefs and values.

What it is Like to be in Charge of Our Famous Cat...Willie Wildcat

Ms. Dannielle Ruoff, K-State Head Cheer and Mascot Coach