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Presidential Lecture Series

Presidential Lecture Series

Attn: Abby Works and Jill Applegate
New Student Services
Kansas State University
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Leadership and Communication

Communication for Leaders

Dr. Emily Lehning, Assistant Vice President for Student Life & Director of New Student Services

Successful leaders know that communication is key in engaging group members and moving their organization closer to their goals. This interactive session is designed to develop communication skills in young leaders and prepare them for work in student organizations.

Great Leaders are Great Communicators

Ms. Jessica Arnold, Assistant Coordinator, New Student Services

Communication is key for helping students be successful inside and outside the classroom. This interactive presentation will assist students with developing good communication skills for presentations and group work. The ultimate goal is to help them become better leaders inside and outside the classroom.

Leadership for the 21st Century                                                    

Dr. Bernard Franklin, Special Assistant to the Vice President of Student Life, New Student Services

No summary available

Leadership Lessons from Hollywood Films

Mr. Ben Hopper, Director of Greek Affairs

We have enjoyed years of cinematic films. Movies have made us laugh and cry. They have transported us to another time and world. But some films have great leadership messages. See clips from some of Hollywood's blockbusters and some not so great films. These films teach some of the best leadership lessons.

Lessons in Leadership

Dr. Emily Lehning, Assistant Vice President for Student Life & Director of New Student Services

A workshop or speech designed to help participants consider their personal definition of leadership and how they can work to influence others in a positive way.

Live, Learn, and Lead                                                                     

Dr. Frank Tracz,Director of Bands

We all face challenges in dealing with “people” and this lecture explores the what, why, and how of getting things done when working as a team. Discussion includes personal plan for success, dealing with difficult people, and “leading” in a successful manner.

Motivating Others

Blue Key Students, Blue Key Senior Honorary

The purpose of this workshop is for participants to recognize that everyone is motivated in their own way. They will be able to learn different styles of motivating others and how to apply it to their team or organization

Motivation for Leaders

Blue Key Students, Blue Key Senior Honorary

Based off of a Habitudes concept, this presentation identifies the challenges in leading a group and provides an application of how to overcome those challenges and reach your final goal. 

Recruit, Retain and Recognize

Dr. Emily Lehning, Assistant Vice President for Student Life & Director of New Student Services

Student leaders will come together to share ideas and create a plan to build their membership in their student organization. This session focuses on the three R’s of volunteer management – recruitment, retention and recognition.

Quality Leadership

Blue Key Students, Blue Key Senior Honorary

The goal of this workshop is to help students draw from previous experiences to learn and strengthen leadership skills, as well as create awareness and knowledge of leadership.