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Educational Opportunities

Becoming an Educated Person

Dr. Jerry Frieman, Department Head and Professor of Psychology

The title suggests that education is a lifelong process. The focus is on the characteristics of educated people: being intellectually curious; thinking critically; being open-minded; being knowledgeable about history, current events, the arts and literature; reading for enjoyment and enrichment; and communicating effectively.

Creative Thinking: A Design Process

Ms. LaBarbara James Wigfall, Associate Professor of Landscape Architecture, Regional & Community Planning

This presentation focuses on how we can change our ways of thinking and habitual patterns of doing things in order to produce more creative solutions. The art of creating can be applied to everything, from designing a city master plan, a building, or park, to selecting clothes we wear to school. Each design we create expresses our personality and our attitude about life. Therefore, the way we design our environments must be logical, practical, and adaptable. The more creative we approach problems, the more effective will be our solutions.

Fiction Writing Workshop  

Dr. Daniel A Hoyt, Assistant Professor & Director of Creative Writing

In this interactive workshop, we will talk about and write fiction — a.k.a. the lie that tells the truth. Together, we'll discuss the purpose and elements of fiction, we'll start writing our own new short stories, and we'll examine and share the results of our work.

Grammar Lessons

Mr. Ben Hopper, Director of Greek Affairs

Comic sans is never an appropriate font.  And comma placement is vital.  Whether you're communicating via text or Twitter, submitting a scholarship or job application, or writing an academic paper or a professional business letter, the way you present your information reflects on you. (And your current and past English teachers.) Learn some grammar tricks and tips that will help you throughout your life.

Six Contemporary Fiction Writers Everyone Should Know       

Dr. Daniel A. Hoyt
In our high-speed, world, fiction remains an invaluable tool for magnifying and examining our own lives. This presentation covers six 21st-century writers — people like George Saunders and Jennifer Egan — who are breaking new ground in fiction, who are telling new stories, who can help us understand the world in sharp and vital ways.

Stimulating Creativity: You Can Be Creative Even Though You May Not Be Artistic

Dr. Donita Whitney-Bammerlin, Academic Program Coordinator, College of Business Administration

At a time when the need to be efficient is at an all-time high, the need to be innovative is competitive for the same incentives.  Creativity leads to innovation and innovation contributes to efficiency, yet many of our current workplaces do not stimulate, reinforce, or reward creativity.  There are few formal trainings that teach creativity and much of society views creativity as an art form or as something that does not belong in a corporate setting.  This session deals with the biases of creativity and facilitates ways that it can be stimulated in the everyday workplace of corporate America.

Young Men’s Issues in Education  

Dr. Bernard Franklin, Special Assistant to the Vice President of Student Life, New Student Services

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