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Presidential Lecture Series

Presidential Lecture Series

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College Readiness

A Day in the Life of a K-State Student

Blue Key Students, Blue Key Senior Honorary

Through this presentation, audience will learn what it is like to be a hardworking, dedicated and engaged student at Kansas State University. Taught by current students, this provides a great learning opportunity for those who would like to learn more about the academic and extracurricular lives of college students.

Financial Wellness: Creating Your College Financial Plan

Ms. Jodi Kaus, Director of K-State’s Powercat Financial Counseling

Learn the financial strategies for making the transition to college successful. In this lecture, budgeting, understanding credit, managing student loans, and preventing identity theft will be covered to achieve financial success. By learning how to develop a college financial plan, students can be proactive in reducing stress while in college.

Finding the Right Fit: Making Sense of the College Selection Process

Dr. Emily Lehning, Assistant Vice President for Student Life & Director of New Student Services

A workshop designed for high school students who are searching for their college of choice. Students will discover a process to research and narrow their choices, while keeping in mind the important factors that will affect their success of “fit.”

Is There Life After High School?

Dr. Pat Bosco, Vice President for Student Life & Dean of Students

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Language Teaching at the University

Dr. Anthony Nussmeier, Assistant Visiting Professor of Italian

In an effort to prepare high-school students for language-study at the university level, this lecture explores current approaches to language teaching at the university, as well as the differences between high school and college language-learning.

Make Yourself Shine           

Kiley Moody, Coordinator for New Student Services

This presentation is designed for high school students to help them learn how to talk about and explain their many experiences when applying for scholarships, internships, part-time jobs, or other opportunities. Students are engaged in a variety of activities, and it is important to be able to communicate the experience.

Ten TINY Words of Power: Academic and Cultural Empowerment for the First Generation and Multicultural Student          

Mr. Bryon K. Williams, Assistant Director of K-State Admissions

The decision to pursue college as a first generation and/or multicultural student can take a tremendous amount of confidence and resolve. In addition to this, it is paramount that they have the necessary life skills to succeed in a new and high pressure atmosphere. This workshop is designed to empower first generation and multicultural students, as well as share some of the life skills needed to make a successful transition into a college environment. 

"That Half of the Room is Yours": Conflict Behavior and Roommates

Mr. Chris Mueller, Residence Life Coordinator

Many roommates reject the idea of initiating or processing their own conflicts, often turning to destructive conflict management behaviors such as avoidance. A clearer understanding of influences on student conflict behaviors will help colleges and universities assist students in having positive experiences living on campus. While attempts to understand student conflict management are varied, few consider behavior patterns as systems. This lecture applies an organizational communication framework and Structuration Theory (Giddens, 1984; Poole & McPhee, 2005; Sewell, 1992) as a lens to address conflict behavior systems within residence halls and between friends and roommates. The lecture will examine systems of “coexistent” and “engaged” harmony and how resources of authority, space, favor reciprocity, mutual respect, routines, external others, and time influence and create these systems as well as change and inform behavior.

Tips for Transfer: How to Get In, Fit In, and Stay In

Ms. Deana Core, Assistant Director of Admissions and Transfer Coordinator

This presentation will be helpful to community college students who are considering transferring to K-State and will focus on how to make the transition to the campus as worry-free as possible.  Tips on the application process, financial aid application, transferring credits, settling in to a new campus life and advice about academic success will be covered.  Transfer advisors and counselors would also benefit from the topics discussed.

Why is College Important?                                                             

Dr. Bernard Franklin

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