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Becoming a Competitive Applicant for Veterinary College

Dr. Ronnie Elmore, Associate Dean of the College of Veterinary Medicine

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Careers in Interior Design: It’s More Than You Think

Dr. Migette Kaup, Associate Professor of Apparel, Textile, & Design

The profession of Interior Design provides a diverse range of career opportunities for people with the right education.  The qualifications of professionals in the field, however, are commonly misunderstood.  This presentation will discuss interior design as a distinctive and recognizable profession, the educational standards that are considered as minimum preparation for professional status, and the changing legal requirements in many states that regulate practice.  For students who are considering Interior Design education, this presentation will help them to seek out the educational program that best suits their interests and will debunk the myths commonly associated with interior designers.

Dare to Dream: Developing an Entrepreneurial Mindset

Mr. Chad Jackson,Associate Director for the Center for the Advancement of Entrepreneurship

Ever wonder what it would be like to be an entrepreneur?  How does someone become an entrepreneur?  In this interactive seminar we will share what it means to have an entrepreneurial mindset and how it can benefit you in starting a new business venture or as an employee in an existing company. The program will provide examples of entrepreneurs and how they identified business opportunities.

Dreams, Imagination, and Creativity: Tickets to a Successful Career    

Dr. Bernard Franklin, Special Assistant to the Vice President of Student Life, New Student Services

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Feeding 9 Billion People: The Science and Careers          

Dr. Chuck Rice, University Distinguished Professor of Soil Microbiology

The ability of agricultural systems to feed 9 billion people while protecting the environment is a major challenge for the future. Crop production in Kansas can help provide global food needs. There is a need to meet food security goals while protecting oil and water resources. Because of future needs, career opportunities in agricultural sciences are increasing for those that have the right skill set.

Hot Careers  

Dr. Bernard Franklin

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I’m an Accountant. What’s Your Super Power?  

Kate Vratil Brockway,Associate Professor of Arts, Sciences, and Business at K-State Salina

Identify your professional passions, or super powers, and select a career that best fits you. In this interactive discussion, students will learn personal strategies to implement in middle school, high school, and college so they can be intentional in exploring the possibilities and determining the best path of study for them.

Opportunities in Food Science

Dr. Curtis Kastner,Director, Food Science Institute

Learn about the professional opportunities in Food Science along with the educational opportunities offered at K-State. In addition, discover the program areas at the Food Science Institute.

Using Science to Work with Animals: Career Opportunities

Dr. Barry Bradford, Associate Professor of Animal Science and Industry

The number of pets in the U.S. continues to increase at dramatic rate, and the population of students entering college with an interest in a career working with animals is also on the rise.  Most of these students, though, have little idea that there are professionals other than veterinarians who apply science to the goal of raising healthy animals.  The goal of this presentation will be to give students a broader perspective of the many science-based careers options that exist for animal lovers.