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Plan for Success

Plan for Success
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Summer To-Do List

To-do list after you leave June Orientation and Enrollment

  1. Review your course schedule carefully. Call your Academic Counselor if you have any questions.
  2. If you plan to use financial aid (grants/loans), have you completed your FAFSA?
  3. Complete your math placement exam online if you have not already done so.
  4. Complete your TB questionnaire online: 1) log in to iSIS. 2) go to Student Center. 3) click on "other academics". 4) select "TB Questionnaire". 5) answer the questions and press submit.
  5. If you plan to live on campus, have you completed your housing contract?
  6. If you plan on taking a course at community college over the summer, be sure to discuss this with your Academic Counselor so we can ensure the classes mesh well with your fall semester schedule. The most popular class to take over the summer is College Algebra, followed by Expository Writing.
  7. Begin using your K-State resources over the summer. All three of these resources can be accessed from this website. Click on the “sign in” link in the upper right corner of the page, under the search box.
    1. Check your K-State webmail regularly over the summer, and daily beginning the week before classes.
    2. Log in to K-State Online (KSOL) by mid-August, and log in daily starting August 19 to check for information from your professors.
    3. Log in to iSIS to check that your address is correct, manage your bills and financial aid, buy a parking pass, buy sports tickets, complete your TB Questionnaire, and more.
  8. Buy your textbooks. Go to http://varneys.verbacompare.com/ and enter in your course information to find out which textbooks you need to buy. We recommend buying your textbooks used online (Amazon.com for example) over the summer because they will be cheaper. The Varney’s website will link to online book sellers for you. Textbooks are expensive – don’t wait until August to do this or you will end up paying full price for brand new textbooks!
  9. Invest in a calendar system, for example using the calendar in your e-mail, a calendar in your phone, or a paper pocket calendar that you carry around with you. You will need your calendar to track your appointments with your Academic Counselor as well as class due dates and other important events. Missing these meetings and deadlines is unacceptable!
  10. Consider the importance of being on time to class. Plan two different alarms for your morning class (such as your cell phone and a clock radio). You cannot miss class!
  11. In mid-August, check your K-State e-mail for information about the Plan for Success kick-off meeting.
  12. Call the Plan for Success staff at 785-532-6492 with any questions over the summer.