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Plan for Success

Plan for Success
Kansas State University
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Learning Contract


  1. I understand that my enrollment at Kansas State University is contingent upon my enrollment and participation in the Plan for Success Program and all of its components for my first fall and spring semesters.
  2. I will attend Orientation and Enrollment on the assigned days in order to complete my Individual Plan for Success and enroll in my courses for fall.
  3. I will enroll in no more than 15 credit hours during my first semester at Kansas State University. During my first semester, these courses will include The University Experience and two companion courses.
  4. I will attend every class session for all of my classes unless excused by my Academic Counselor.
  5. I will sign myself in to all courses that require it, and I will never sign in for other students.
  6. I will complete all basic requirements (homework, quizzes, tests, projects etc.) for each of my enrolled courses.
  7. I will attend all guided study sessions offered as a part of the Plan for Success Program and any relevant tutoring sessions to be determined in consultation with my Academic Counselor.
  8. I will meet with my Academic Counselor a minimum of once every other week or as recommended by my Academic Counselor for my first year at KSU.
  9. I grant permission to the Plan for Success Program to communicate with my professors and academic advisors regarding inquiries related to my course progress, grades, class attendance, participation and behavior.
  10. I will be truthful in my conversations with my Academic Counselor and will uphold the standards of honesty and integrity expected at Kansas State University.
  11. I understand that if I fail to meet any of the obligations as explained in this Learning Contract, I may be administratively withdrawn/dismissed from the University.


I understand and accept the terms of this contract.


*Other conditions may be added after initial conference with my Academic Counselor. An amended copy will be provided to the student upon request.

Keep in mind that signing the learning contract is a non-negotiable aspect of Plan for Success. If you do not wish to sign the contract you should contact the Plan for Success staff and notify them that you do not wish to enroll at K-State at this time.