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Plan for Success

Plan for Success
Kansas State University
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Plan for Success

What is the purpose of the Plan for Success Program?

We are here to support our students through their first year at K-State. We assist students in course selection and we meet with our students frequently throughout the school year. We can aid students by discussing their needs and concerns, monitoring their progress, connecting them with resources including tutoring and counseling services, and creating a structured environment for freshman year.

What is different about Plan for Success?

The biggest advantage we give our students is access to a professional Academic Counselor. We meet with our students biweekly and strive to be available to our students on a drop-in basis and by phone, e-mail or text when they have questions about anything which may affect their experience at K-State. We also have the following structural supports in place to help students be able to do their best work.


P4S students are limited to enrollment in 13 credit hours during their first semester. P4S students are required to enroll in a University Experience (UE) course and two companion courses, for a total of 9 credits. Depending on their interests, individual needs, and class availability, most students will either take an introductory course for their major, a First Year SeminarExpository Writing, or Speech to complete their schedule. All students will be enrolled in courses that meet their major requirements, individual skill levels, and educational background. All students will have the chance to view their schedules and make any necessary changes.

In addition to their P4S Academic Counselor, students are also be assigned an Academic Advisor in their major. These advisors meet with students at least once per semester to give input on class selection. They will help make sure the courses students take align with their interests and major requirements and serve as a second point of personal contact for P4S students.

During the first year at K-State

P4S students meet with their Academic Counselor about every other week during the school year to discuss any issues which may impact them as a student. These could include academic, financial, social, or personal concerns. Students must continue to uphold their agreement under the Learning Contract throughout their first year at K-State or they can be dismissed from the University. In particular, all Plan for Success students must attend all of their classes during their first year. At the end of their second successful semester at K-State, students will have completed the Plan for Success Program and will no longer be bound by their learning contract.

Who is in Plan for Success?

Our students are referred to us from the Admissions office based on the application materials K-State has received.