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Pilots Program

Pilots Program Staff


Rebeca Pazrebeca,Director
101 Holton Hall

The Director of the Pilots program is responsible for leading the professional staff and managing day to day operations of the program. The Director also works closely with the different departments that teach Pilots courses, and coordinates recruitment strategies. The Director oversees the coordination of both June and spring enrollment.

Nilima BhoiNilima Bhoi, Academic Counselor
101 Holton Hall

The Pilots academic counselors mentor students on academics, time management, and study skills, and serve as liasons to resources across campus.


Shay Dodson, Academic Counselor
shay@k-state.edu (feel free to contact me at this email address after October 2!)

Shay's last day at K-State is October 2, 2015. Look for emails from Nilima Bhoi and Rebeca Paz regarding contact info for your new Pilots advisor. :) 

RJ YoungbloodR.J. Youngblood
Study Lab Coordinator / EDCEP 110 Instructor
116 Bluemont Hall
785-532-6403 (Study Lab Phone)

The Pilots Study Lab Coordinator manages the Pilots study lab and EDCEP 110, teaches writing labs, and supervises the Peer Assistants.

Jill Abbott, Graduate Assistant, Fall 2015
Brent Weaver, Graduate Assistant, Summer 2015

116 Bluemont Hall


K-State instructors who teach smaller course sections specifically for the Pilots Program.

Dr. Brian Benson, MATH 100, babenson@k-state.edu
Katrina Hanna, COMM 106, khanna@k-state.edu
Sandra Huerta, SOCIO 211, syh510@k-state.edu
Dale Hawkinson, MATH 010/100, dph@math.ksu.edu, Office: 101F Holton Hall
Nickolas Patch, GEOG 100, patchnl@k-state.edu
Jennifer Tope, HIST 252, jtope@k-state.edu
Taylor Wadian, PSYCH 110, wadian@k-state.edu

Peer Assistants

The Pilots Program employs exceptional upperclassmen and graduate students who are trained to help Pilots students master academic material and develop effective study skills.

F15 PA group photo