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Pilots Program

Pilots Scholarships and Awards

The application deadline has passed. Congratulations to all of our Spring 2015 scholarship awardees and those recognized for their outstanding academic achievement! 

Areas of Recognition:

  • The Emerging Leader Award
  • The Freshman Excellence Award
  • The Pilots Progress Award
  • The Pilots Choice Award  
  • Class awards from instructors
  • President's and Dean's List honoree recognition
  • Pilots Honor Roll recognition

Other scholarships and financial assistance are available by completing K-State Scholarship application online.

Congratulations to our 2015 awardees!

Emerging leaders

(Above) Emerging Leader Award winners: Mario Garcia III, Morgh'An Wise-Malone, Paloma Roman (and not shown, Martina Scates)

Freshman excellence

(Above) Freshman Excellence Award winners: Gina Avitia, Nicole Darveaux, Zachariah Jalilpoor, Alexus Lacy, Madison McLenon, Morgan Meeks, Caleb Parenti, Dustin Saqyer, Victoria Strehlow, and Jonathan Works

  • Pilots Choice Award: Ashton Ettleman
  • Pilots Progress Awards: Taylor Hilton and Elle McAllister
  • Academic Achievement Awards: Tyler Butterfield and Moriah Clark
  • Diligence Awards: Chassidy Kearney, Madeline Powell, and Abel Sanchez-Matos
  • Students of the Fall semester: Samantha Fox and Taylor Eegan
  • Students of the Spring semester: Nicole Bartel and Addison Campbell
  • Special Recognition: Miranda Watson
  • Math Awards: Tyler Butterfield and Isaac Tarango
  • Geography Award: Isam Madi
  • Communications Award: Michael Bailie
  • Sociology Award: Isam Madi
  • Psychology Award: Maria Vieyra

And congratulations to all students who earned recognition for earning a 3.5 GPA or above during their first semester at K-State!

Pilots Emerging Leaders S14

(Above) Spring 2014 Emerging Leader Award winners: Jessica Sutton, Kyle Elliot, Anallely Dominguez,and Alejandra Gonzalez