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Pilots Program

EDCEP 110 Study Skills & Strategies

All Pilots students are enrolled in EDCEP 110 Study Skills & Strategies (1-3 credit hours).

The Lab Coordinator oversees the Pilots Study Lab, instructs students, and trains/supervises 25 Peer Assistants and Graduate students who tutor Pilots students in a variety of introductory courses. Two hours per week in the Pilots Study Lab, working with a Peer Assistant, are required if you are enrolled in the Pilots Program.

Course Description

EDCEP 110 Study Skills & Strategies: Assists first-year Pilots Program students in developing effective study skills, collaboration skills, and multicultural competencies. Prepares students for the independent learning and decision-making skills needed for their sophomore year and beyond.

You will work in individual or small groups led by Peer Assistants (PAs) toward the following goals: to study course material, to help yourself and fellow students to master material, to practice and perfect study skills, to prepare for exams, to practice self-discipline and time management, to form regular study habits, to develop collaboration skills and multicultural competencies essential to your preparation for the world of work, to develop leadership skills, to work towards personal goals, and to become a role model for other college students.

Student Learning Outcomes

  • Develop and demonstrate critical reasoning
  • Demonstrate independent learning
  • Demonstrate effective study skills and strategies
  • Demonstrate empathy and multicultural awareness through exposure to cultural events

About the Pilots Study Lab

  • The Pilots Study Lab, located in 116 Bluemont Hall, offers study and test preparation help from well trained, experienced students called Peer Assistants (PAs).
  • Pilots students receive individual assistance and group study sessions from peer assistants and the Lab Coordinator.
  • Writing labs offer individualized instruction for Pilots students enrolled in ENGL 100.
  • Writing labs are taught by the Lab Coordinator and Graduate Students in the Department of English (current or former GTAs) with experience in the Expository Writing program at K-State.
  • Computers and a printer are available for currently enrolled Pilots student use only.

Class Expectations

All students enrolled in EDCEP 110 are expected to adhere to the following guidelines.

  1. Students are expected to spend a minimum of two 50-minute sessions in the study labs per week.
  2. Students are responsible for having their PA sign them in and out immediately upon entering or leaving the labs.
  3. Lab sessions must be used to study or complete class assignments.
  4. Cell phones are not allowed in the lab. Please turn your cell phone off or on silent when you come into the Bluemont 116 lab. If you need to make a call or send a text, please do so outside the study lab as it is a distraction to others.
  5. Students are expected to maintain a studious atmosphere in the Pilots Lab. Disruptive students will be asked to leave and will forfeit their points for that time frame.
  6. Students are responsible for adhering to the K-State Student Code of Conduct.
  7. Students are also responsible for obeying the K-State Honor Code. If you're unsure about something, here are some tips regarding the Honor Pledge and avoiding honor code violations.
  8. Students are responsible for adhering to the K-State Information Technology usage policy.

Hours are posted on KSOL and on the 116 Study Lab door.
Lab hours subject to change based on PA availability. The lab will be closed on University holidays.

Have questions about an assignment?
Visit K-State Online (KSOL) or check out the course syllabus!

116 Bluemont Hall
785-532-6403 (Study Lab Phone)

Nilima Bhoi
Tutoring Coordinator/Instructor