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Pilots Program


  1. Make an appointment with your Pilots advisor (Caroline, Lenndy, or Rebeca) as soon as possible. Call 785-532-6492 or send an email to set up an appointment.

  2. Go to http://www.k-state.edu/acic/decide/curriculumguides.html, print a Curriculum Guide for your major, and bring it to your Pilots advising meeting.

  3. See your Pilots advisor during your scheduled appointment time and fill out the yellow Pilots Pre-Enrollment Form. Don’t lose the form!

  4. Next, make an appointment with your academic advisor (the advisor for your major).
    - Check iSIS or see your Pilots advisor if you do not know the name of your academic advisor. His or her contact info will be listed in iSIS.
    - Check with your college or department to find out the procedure to make advising appointments.

  5. Go see your academic advisor to review your yellow Pilots Pre-Enrollment Form. Make sure that your academic advisor signs the form and lifts your advisor flag.

  6. Drop off your Pilots Pre-Enrollment Form at Holton 101 (at the front desk).

  7. All of your holds must be lifted before enrollment time. Check your iSIS Student Center to view any holds on your account
    - Advisor flags are lifted when you meet with your academic advisor.
    - Academic Assistance Center holds are lifted by your Pilots advisor (on the day you enroll).
    - Academic Advisor Survey holds are lifted upon completing a survey evaluating the academic advisor for your major, NOT your Pilots advisor.
    - If you need help with holds, ask your Pilots advisor.

  8. Check iSIS to find when you can enroll.
    - The date/time listed is the earliest you can enroll.
    - Come to Bluemont Hall 116 (Pilots Study Lab) to enroll at your designated date and time. Don’t skip class or miss a PA hour in order to enroll – just come to BH 116 as soon as possible. The longer you wait, the fewer class choices will be available!

NOTE:  Freshman students enroll as early as November 17; however, because of the numerous steps involved in the enrollment planning process, NOW is the time to get started!