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Pilots Program

Employment Opportunities

Part-time Student Position: Peer Assistant (tutor)

Are you seeking paid, teaching experience? Do you love helping others and watching students succeed? The Pilots Program is seeking mature, reliable undergraduate or graduate Peer Assistants (tutors) who have excelled in the following subject areas:

The successful candidate should be an undergraduate student who has earned an A in the subject they wish to tutor, are currently enrolled as a student at K-State, and must have an excellent academic record. Knowledge of teaching best practices and study skills/techniques preferred.

Peer Assistants should be able to attend semesterly educational trainings and monthly staff development meetings once a month. Please log in to your KSIS and APPLY following the pathway: KSIS > Student Success > Tutoring Services > Pilots Program > Peer Assistance Services > Apply as a Peer Assistant .

A Peer Assistant is expected to....

  • Encourage communication and help students stay motivated
  • Help students focus on their academic work
  • Promote independence in learning
  • Be knowledgeable of course content and assignments
  • Be aware of instructor expectations and classroom guidelines
  • Provide a student perspective on learning and academic success
  • Be an academic role model
  • Maintain confidential and professional working relationship with students

Tutoring is... individualized, fun, challenging, rewarding, and interactive! 


Nolan tutoring Amare 

Mary and Isaac 

Megan with students

sarah wilcox student employee of the year finalist

Dr. Bosco with Sarah Wilcox, Public Speaking PA and K-State Student Employee of the Year finalist

Marcus Dobson

Marcus Dobson, Sociology PA and K-State Exceptional Student Awardee for 2015