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Pilots Program


General Information

  • The Pilots program offers a number of core curriculum courses for Pilots students.
  • These classes are not easier than non-Pilots classes, but smaller in size.
  • Pilots instructors communicate to Pilots staff about students' progress in their classes.
  • Students are encouraged to meet with their instructors during office hours, to ask questions via e-mail or in person, and to approach their instructor.
  • A student may take all or most of the Pilots courses in an academic year.
  • All Pilots courses are graded and will count toward your overall and semesterly GPA.

Pilots Courses

EDCEP 110 Study Skills & Strategies / Pilots Study Lab (required both semesters, 1 credit hour)
  • EDCEP 110 is a requirement for all Pilots students.
  • This is a study lab and the course is graded. The grade counts toward your GPA and credit will count toward graduation.
  • Students work with Pilots peer assistants on assignments for all their courses, learn necessary study skills and strategies, meet with study groups, and attend review sessions.
DED 051 Math Review (1 credit hour, Fall semester only)
  • A review of basic math skills for those who have not taken a math course for some time or those who need to master basic skills before moving on.
  • Math review does not count toward graduation, but it is a graded course that figures into the semester's GPA.
  • Credit counts toward sophomore status.
MATH 010 Intermediate Algebra (3 credit hours)
  • A large number of our first-semester freshmen will enroll in this class in order to prepare for College Algebra.
  • While Intermediate Algebra does not count toward graduation, it is a graded course, and the grade does figure into the semester's GPA.
  • Credits count toward sophomore status.
MATH 100 College Algebra (3 credit hours)
  • College Algebra is required for graduation for most majors.
COMM 106 Public Speaking (3 credit hours)
  • Public Speaking is required for graduation for all majors.
ENGL 100 Expository Writing I (3 credit hours)
  • Expository Writing (composition) is required for graduation.
  • Pilots students take this class with non-Pilots students.
  • Course description
  • Students in English 100 are required to participate in at least one hour per week with a writing GTA or Writing Lab instructor in the Pilots Lab.
GEOG 100 World Regional Geography (3 credit hours)
  • This course meets K State 8 requirements for either Global Issues & Perspectives or Social Sciences.
HIST 252 American History from 1877 (3 credit hours, Fall semester only)
  • This course meets K State 8 requirements for either Human Diversity or Historical Perspectives.
PSYCH 110 Introduction to Psychology (3 credit hours)
  • This course meets K State 8 requirements for either Empirical and Quantitative Reasoning or Social Sciences.
SOC 211 Introduction to Sociology (3 credit hours)
  • This course meets K State 8 requirements for either Human Diversity or Social Sciences.
EDCEP 111 Enhanced University Experience (3 credit hours, Fall semester only)
  • This class consists of four labs: Lecture, Social Science Lab, Math Lab, and College Study Skills.
  • It counts as an unrestricted elective towards graduation, as well as fulfilling the K State 8 requirement for Ethical Reasoning and Responsibility.
EDCEP 120 Career Decisions (1 credit hour, Spring semester)
  • This course is designed to help students find a major and/or explore careers within a major.

Academic Integrity

The Pilots Program and K-State adhere to the academic honesty & integrity code.