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Kansas State University

Upcoming Activities

1. BINGO SOCIALS 2012 - Tentative Schedule: November 2012


K-State PhilSA, or just PhilSA, makes sure that there would be several activities lined-up for the year. These activities include Bingo Socials, International Week Participation and Induction Ball. PhilSA also holds other events such as sportsfest... and a lot of potluck parties! 

Bingo Socials / Bingo Night

Bingo Socials is a fund-raising event hold by PhilSA annually. Purpose of this event is to raise money for outreach programs organized by PhilSA in the Philippines. Some of the past outreach programs included one-year student scholarships, providing school supplies for selected school and providing books.

For SY 2012-2013, Bingo Socials is tentatively scheduled on November 2012. Details for the event will be posted soon.

Induction Ball

Induction ball is being held to introduce and induct the new sets of officers, together with the new members (students, non-students, affiliate). This is also an opportunity to express gratitudes to the adviser and affiliate members, who are always there to support the activities organized and sponsored by PhilSA.

For SY 2012-2013, Induction Ball is tentatively scheduled on September 2012. Details for the event will be posted soon.

International Week

PhilSA actively participates in most of the activities during the International Week. These activities include International Fashion Show, Cultural Exhibit, and Talent Show.

Other Activities

Starting year 2008, PhilSA already held two sportsfest events as part of bonding activity and at the same time, to give the students a chance to have an exercise once in a while. Parties such as potluck dinners, christmas and new year celebrations, are also being scheduled to have get-together events for all the members, students and affiliates.