Marcelo Sabatés

sabatesAssociate professor, associate provost for international programs 2011-2012

Dr. Sabatés specializes in the philosophy of mind, and metaphysics.


Ph.D. Brown University, 1997

B.A. University of Buenos Aires, 1988

Representative publications

Supervenience in Mind (co-edited with T. Horgan & D. Sosa), MIT Press, forthcoming

"Being without Doing," Topoi, vol. 22

"The Explanatory Relevance of Psychological Properties"," in Korta et al. (eds.), Cognition and Language, Dordrecht: Kluwer, 2004.

"Mind in a Physical World?," Philosophy and Phenomenological Research, vol. 65

"Quantum Java: The Upwards Percolation of Quantum Indeterminism" (with B. Glymour and A. Wayne), Philosophical Studies, vol. 103


Office: 304 Fairchils Hall


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