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Department of Philosophy

Jon Mahoney

mahoneyAssociate professor

Dr. Mahoney specializes in political philosophy.


Ph.D. SUNY - Binghamton, 2000

Representative publications

"Democratic Equality and Corporate Political Speech," Public Affairs Quarterly, (2013): 137-156.

"Justice in Education and Religious Freedom," forthcoming, Social Philosophy and Policy.

"Democracy and Religious Freedom," forthcoming, Liberty and Human Rights (Cairo University).

"A Democratic Equality Approach to Religious Exemptions," Journal of Social Philosophy, Fall 2011, pp. 305-320.

"Secularism, Equality and Political Legitimacy," Journal of Value Inquiry, March 2010, pp. 17-30.

"Pragmatism and Human Rights," International Perspectives on Pragmatism, eds. P. Hare, M. Weber, J. Swindler, O.M. Pastae, and C. Cuteanu, Cambridge Scholars Publishing. NewCastle, UK. 2009, pp. 211-219.

"Human Rights and the Moral Basis of Liberalism," Law and Philosophy, March 2008: 151-191.


Office: 208A Dickens Hall

Email: jmahoney@ksu.edu

Phone: 785-532-0359

Fax: 785-532-3522

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