Spring 2014 Initiation

 Initiation Program, April 23, 2014

Welcome Mary Beth Kirkham
Chapter  President
Chapter Awards presented by Elizabeth Unger
Chair, Awards Committee
Laurel Littrell 
Deryl Troyer
Meritorious Service: 
Gayle Willard
Scholarly Identity in Times of Transition

Three areas of importance
  1. Interests - You should find what interests you because your heart will be in it.
  2. Instincts - Be self-aware of what comes naturally to you.
  3. Skills - Some of the 21st century skills are thinking critically, writing, working across disciplines, and articulating your instincts to others.

Justin Kastner
Director, University Honors Program
 Initiation Ceremony

complete list of initiates

Chapter Officers 
 Closing Remarks  Mary Beth Kirkham

Chapter Awards

Laurel Littrell and Beth Unger
Laurel Littrell and Beth Unger
Beth Unger with Deryl Troyer
Beth Unger and Deryl Troyer

Meritorious Service
Beth Unger and Gayle Willard
Beth Unger and Gayle Willard

Faculty Initiates

Lori Goetsch introduces Philip Nel

Lori Goetsch introduces Ron Trewyn

Alumna Initiate

Mary Beth Kirkham introduces
Nancy Grieshaber

College Initiates

Undergraduates from various colleges:
Front row: Patricia Pearson, Hannah Rogers, Lacy Ackerman, Jeremy Davis
Back row: Jorge Torrebiarte, Jessica Wheeler, Douglas Shelton
Graduate School    Initiates
Graduate School:
Front row: Starmish Lengas, Neha Maheshwari, Andra Nistor
Back row:  Mark Ellner, Isaac Falcon, Fengguo Wei

Photo Opportunities

Deryl Troyer's granddaughter
gets her picture taken

Neha Maheshwari

Mark Ellner

Starmisha Lengas