Spring Banquet, April 23, 2014

The photographer took many pictures at the banquet and on this page are the best of the ones taken.  
Initiate's names are in bold type.


Families together    
Dinner companions

Initiation Ceremony

 the food awaits
The food is ready and ...
 background music
Sophia Trombetta plays
background music.


Beth Unger and Al Cochran

Kevin Donnelly

Gary Clark
President 2014-2015

Families Together

Jill and Mark Ellner

David and Laurel Littrell

Lex and Pattie Pearson

Tom and Nancy Grieshaber
Jim Hohenbary with Justin and Susie Kastner

Bridget and Braden Troyer

Troyer Family: Braden Troyer with the Puls

Darcy Puls holds

Joyce and Deryl Troyer

Alyssa and Travis Troyer

Dinner Companions

Alexis Cook and Starmisha Lengas

Laura Heyd and Isaac Falcon

Charlisa Molemohi
and Carol Shanklin

Philip Nel

Hannah Rogers

Ron Trewyn

Yichao Zhang, Fall initiate,
and Neha Maheshwari