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Phi Kappa Theta

Kansas State University

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$100 Club - Paypal now available!

The $100 a Year Club is the primary means of fundraising utilized by Phi Kap Alumni, and we are always accepting donations and new members. Payment can be accepted by check or by debit card, using the Direct Debit Payment form found here. Also now available, you can conveniently donate online using your Paypal Account! Click the link to the right, and you can donate easily to the Kansas Iota Alumni Foundation! Thank you for your continued help in making the active and alumni chapters grow ever stronger!

Have a potential new member for Kansas Iota?

The men of Iota are always looking for names of potential new members for our chapter. Many of those names come from our alumni and friends. If you know of someone, please fill out our referral form, or please email our Recruitment Chairman, Alex Nagle, at

Alumni Address Change

If you have moved, please inform us so we can update our database.


Homecoming Weekend 2012

$100 Club

Donate to the $100 a year club through the Kansas Iota Phi Kappa Theta Alumni Association.