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Phi Eta Sigma

Chapter Scholarships

K-State's chapter of Phi Eta Sigma established an endowed account with the K-State Foundation to provide scholarships to chapter members. The funds available to disperse is dependent upon the interest earned on the principal account balance. Scholarship criterion, deadline and the number of scholarships available each year are determined by the chapter advisor(s).

Application Process:

Complete the Phi Eta Sigma National Scholarship application and submit to Mandi McKinley at by 5 pm Friday, February 19, 2016.  Scholarship awardees are selected by the chapter advisers, Mandi McKinley, Greg Eiselein, and Carmen Schober.

Application Criteria:

The Scholarship Committee uses the following criteria in selecting recipients:

  1. High scholastic record.
  2. Participation in chapter activities.
  3. Commitment to community service.

If you have questions regarding your scholarship application, please contact Mandi McKinley at