Chapter House History

Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Inc.

DELTA Chapter House History

April 9, 1917. This date has been etched in the mind of every brother to come into the bond under the Delta chapter banner. Affectionately named as C.I.B’s chapter, we are one of the most historical chapters in our fraternity. He did something that was thought of to be impossible. Founding a black chapter of a fraternity at a predominately white school was a major feat. Sustaining that chapter was even harder.

As many of you may know on September 7,2007, the Delta Chapter of Phi Beta Sigma, along with Bro. Jonathan Mason and other brothers purchased the original frat house located at 1020 Colorado St. This is a very historic purchase not only for our chapter but for the fraternity as a whole. This house was where a lot of our early brothers stayed during the 1920s. Several years ago, due to some misfortunes the house was lost. But as previously mentioned we were fortunate to be able to purchase the house back from the previous owner. If you have seen any of the historic pictures of the house compared to the current one enclosed you will notice that the second story is no longer on the house. The second story was lost due to a fire many years ago.

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