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In the News

Some recent news about work in our group.

Lorena Gomez wins Rotary Scholarship (April 2011)

Recent paper, Intraspecific functional diversity in hosts and its effect on disease risk across a climatic gradient, featured in USAID research brief: Disease Risk Management with Crop Biodiversity (USAID SANREM CRSP-Virginia Tech, December 2010)

Lorena Gomez wins the Zahir Eyal Award and the Eugene S. Saari Award from the American Phytopathological Society for participation in the annual meeting (KSU News Release, October 2010)

Adam Sparks presents in a New York Academy of Sciences symposium (in the other Manhattan), available as a webinar: Emerging infectious diseases in response to climate change (NYAS, March 2010)

Recent paper, Variation in gene expression of Andropogon gerardii in response to altered environmental conditions associated with climate change, selected as Editor's Choice for March 2010 (Journal of Ecology, March 2010)

Garrett visits Australian FACE site (CRC Plant Biosecurity Australia, January 2010)

Recent paper, Beyond yield: Plant disease in the context of ecosystem services, designated as one of the Top 9 Papers of 2009 - Phytopathology (APS Journals Online Research Update, January 2010)

Interview about the interplay of math and biology in the field of plant pathology (US National Institute for Mathematical and Biological Synthesis, November 2009)

APS-OIP 2009 Global Experience "Productive & Rewarding" (Phytopathology News, August 2009)

K-State plant pathologists develop online teaching modules used globally, create workshop in Bolivia to support teaching about epidemiology and statistics (KSU News Release, July 2009)

K-State scientists study how the connectivity of the U.S. agricultural landscape influences the risks of crop pests, disease; findings could inform subsidy policies (KSU News Release, February 2009)

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