CE 641: Civil Engineering Materials I. I (3). Properties and behavior of structural metals, timber, portland cement concrete, and bituminous concrete; standard specifications and methods of test; inspection and control; long-term protection and durability. Two hours rec. and three hours lab a week. Pr.: CE 534 and ENGL 415. Pr. or conc.: either CE528 or CE 542 or CE 544.

CE 773 Hot Mix Asphalt Mixture Design and Construction. II (3). An in depth study of the properties of constituent materials for asphalt concrete mixtures. Marshall and Superpave methods for hot-mix asphalt design. Theory and practice of asphalt concrete mix for pavements, including specifications and construction methods for hot-mixes and surface treatments. Maintenance and rehabilitation of flexible pavements. Relationships of material engineering properties to pavement design and performance. One two-hour lecture and one three-hour lab sessions per week. Pr. CE 641.

CE 774. Pavement Design. I (3) alternate years. Methods of evaluating the load-carrying capacity of soil subgrade, subbase, and base courses; critical analysis of the methods of design for flexible and rigid pavements; methods of increasing the load-carrying capacity of highway and airport pavements. Prerequisite: CE 522.

CE 776. Pavement Performance and Management Systems. I (3) alternate years. Pavement management systems including pavement condition and structural evaluation, analysis, and optimization. Economic analysis and rehabilitation planning including computer application. Prerequisite: CE 572.

CE 777 Portland Cement Concrete Pavements. (3). II. Portland cement concrete mix design and production. Paving operations. Saw and seal operations. Subgrade preparation. Base selection. Drainage selection, design and construction. Bonded and unbonded concrete overlays. Whitetopping and Ultra-Thin Whitetopping. Concrete pavement restoration; Quality Assurance and Quality Control in Concrete Pavement Construction. 3hrs. Rec. Prerequisite: CE 641 or equivalent.

CE 980: Top: Theory and Behavior of Modern Pavements. (3). On Sufficient Demand. Theories behind the design of modern pavements and interpretation of mechanistic response of pavements due to traffic load and climatic variation. Computer applications in pavement response analysis. 3 hrs. Rec. Prerequisite: CE 533 or equivalent.