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Parents and Family Association

Parents and Family Association
Parents and Family Association
Director Mindy Weixelman
Kansas State University
122 Anderson Hall
919 Mid-Campus Dr North
Manhattan, KS 66506
785-532-6108 fax

August 2012

Participate in Parents and Family Association activities at K-State Family Day

Make plans to attend K-State Family Day September 15. There will be a variety of activities for students and families to enjoy together. The Parents and Family Association hosts the K-State Legacy Pinning ceremony and brunch, and Family Time in Cat Town. Take time to enjoy the campus before K‑State’s football team takes on North Texas. The Parents and Family Association is also looking for volunteers to assist with activities.

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To volunteer for Family Day activities, e-mail pfa@k-state.edu.


Come see us at K-State Day at the State Fair

Kansas State University will roll out the purple carpet at the 2012 Kansas State Fair in Hutchinson. The university is the day sponsor for the first Sunday of the fair, September 9.

Find out more about K-State Day at the Kansas State Fair
Learn more about the Kansas State Fair


StrengthsQuest initiative

With a lead gift of $150,000 from an alumnus, the university’s School of Leadership Studies will be introducing the StrengthsQuest initiative across campus StrengthsQuest is a trademarked program that enables students to identify and leverage their strengths to become successful students, professionals and community members.

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Learn about AlcoholEdu’s parent component

Our focus on student success has led us to implement a comprehensive prevention program to help our students make the safest, healthiest decisions possible. AlcoholEdu for College is a two hour, web-based alcohol education and prevention program used at more than 500 colleges and universities throughout the country. All newly enrolled, degree-seeking students on the Manhattan and Salina campuses under the age of 22 are required to take the course.

To keep our students safe, we understand that parents and guardians are the first line of defense against alcohol misuse and abuse. That’s why we are making AlcoholEdu for Parents available to parents and family members to review and help open a dialogue with your student about alcohol.

Find out more about AlcoholEdu for Parents


Get involved with the K-State Book Network

K-State Book Network is an all-university reading program that selects a common read for the academic year and coordinates exciting classroom and campus activities to correspond with the reading. Get involved with your student and read this year’s common book, The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks, by Rebecca Skloot. There is even a free audio version of the book available. Check out our website to find out more.

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Save money at the Union Computer Store

Help get your student ready for the upcoming year and save money while shopping at the Union Computer Store. Your student can save money and meet all their computer needs for Mac and Windows by using their Wildcat ID number when purchasing online or in the store.

Visit the Union Computer Store


Varney’s Book Store offers online price comparison

Varney’s Book Store, which has been a staple of the K-State community since 1890, now offers online price comparison. This service helps students spend their dollars wisely by comparing prices at Varney’s and a variety of other retailers.

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Campus improvements take center stage

This summer was a busy one for upgrading everything from athletic facilities to classrooms. In all, more than 30 projects to improve the quality of classrooms for students and faculty, and facilities for researchers started this past summer.

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K-State study verifies the benefits of students dining together on campus

Students eating meals together may be a contributing factor to good grades and an active social life. According to a Kansas State University researcher, eating with others in a university dining center is related to academic success and perceived social support.

Read more about the study


Get involved with the PFA

The Parents and Family Association helps you connect to K-State. Our website keeps you up to date on events like Family Day and Open House, which give you the opportunity to come to campus and spend the day with your student.

Through the Parents and Family Advisory Board, you can participate in student recruitment events in Kansas and out of state. You can also help us raise funds to support scholarships and make enhancements to student life at K-State.

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Have more questions?

Call the parent hotline at 785-532-2222, or e-mail pfa@k-state.edu.