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Career Planning

Parent Resources

Whether you attended Orientation and Enrollment or not, you can now find the presentation online! The Career Center presented information to parents of incoming freshman and transfer students about all of the amazing resources that are offered for student! 

Career Center

The Career Center facilitates career readiness for K-State students by providing career exploration and employment opportunities. The Career Center offers an extensive career library, job search training, career advising, employer connections, and a staff dedicated to assisting students in the career development process.

Career Exploration

Whether you are searching for a major or choosing a career path, the Career Center is the place to begin your journey. Staff members at the Career Center will provide assistance as you explore majors, discover options and select occupations that connect with your interests, abilities and values. If you are an open-option student, changing majors, or just want to explore what job options are available with your degree, stop by and talk to someone in the Career Center.