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Parents and Family Association

Terms and Conditions

I release the use of my photograph for use in Kansas State University's publications and or Websites for promotional purposes.

I authorize the use of my photographs, name likeness and performance for general education, non-commercial purposes by Kansas State University for as long, or as often, as is deemed necessary. My name, photograph and likeness may be used to publicize and promote programs offered by K-State.

I hereby release Kansas State University from any claim by me for damage to my person, property, reputation, or for invasion of privacy. I affirm that to to the best of my knowledge all material furnished and used by me in this activity is my own original material or material which I have full authority to use for such purposes. I further affirm that Kansas State University is the owner of all rights herein and to said activity, and that no monetary consideration is due to me.

If a contest participant no longer wishes for his/her submitted photo(s) to be used by Kansas State University, s/he must contact Jake Pritchard at (785) 532-6318 or jtpritch@ksu.edu