Places to exercise and be physically active

  1. The Recreation Complex: The Rec is a great place to do a variety of physical activities, ranging from walking around the track to playing racquetball or basketball to lifting weights and using the cardiovascular machines. Check the Rec website for times of operation and exercise class schedules.
  2. The Rec Sidewalk Loop: For an outdoor walking/running course that is approximately 3 miles, follow the sidewalks of Kimball Ave., College Ave., Claflin Rd., and Denison Ave. You can begin this loop at the Rec Complex or Throckmorton Hall or anywhere else along the loop. See northwest corner of campus map.
  3. The Natatorium: The Natatorium has three pools, one with swimming lanes for lap-swimmers, one warm water pool that is shallow and used for recreation and exercise classes, and a deep water pool. The Natatorium is in the complex with Ahearn Field House and the Gymnasium, on Denison Avenue, north of the old stadium. It is open for students from 6:00-7:30 AM, 11:30-2:00 PM, and 7:30-10:00P PM. Just don’t forget your ID card! Website info.
  4. Old Stadium: The old stadium (off Denison and Anderson) has a soft track great for jogging. Or you can run up and down the stadium stairs for a more vigorous workout. You can even use the field in the middle! It’s open to the public, so go on in! See southwest corner of campus map.
  5. L.I. F. E. Program: The L. I. F. E. Program is not included in your student fees, so you would have to pay a membership fee. It is located in the Natatorium and Ahearn Field House. The L.I.F.E. program has two small gym areas with cardio and resistance equipment and an open floor for exercise classes.
  6. Linear Trail: The Linear Trail is an eight-mile walking/running/biking trail that skirts the south and east borders of the city. Access points are at Casement Road, Big Blue River Bridge, South Manhattan Avenue, Holiday Inn and West Anderson Fire Station. Try this for a scenic workout!
  7. Fancy Creek State Park: Fancy Creek State Park is four to five miles long with short climbs and descents. Go north on Tuttle Creek Boulevard/Highway 24/77 for 25 miles past Randolph. Turn east on Highway 16. Go two miles and turn north at Fancy Creek State Park sign. Trailhead and map are at the self-pay station.
  8. Manhattan River Trails: Manhattan River Trails are used for mountain biking and are two to four miles long with some stunts, ladders and bridges. Located south of Big Blue River Bridge on Highway 24 along Linear Trail. (Make sure to wear a helmet and be careful!)
  9. City Park: The City Park is bounded by Poyntz Ave., 11th Street , Fremont, and 15th Street, just south of Aggieville. It is approximately 1 mile around, with tennis courts, sand courts, an ice skating rink, and swimming pool in the middle.
  10. Cico Park: Cico Park is about 1.5 miles around and is located on the west side of town off Kimball Ave., right across from Candlewood. There are playgrounds, tennis courts, a swimmnig pool, stadium with track, and skate ramps in the middle.
  11. Konza Prairie: Konza Prairie is located south of Manhattan, off McDowell Creek Road. McDowell Creek Road is the first right turn after crossing over the viaduct leaving Manhattan on Hwy 177. This is a great place to walk, hike, or run with magnificent scenery! No pets or bicycles please.