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Collaboration Tools

Working with more than one collaborator requires coordination. The following tools can help make your collaboration work more smoothly by allowing group access to files and by providing less cumbersome methods of electronic interaction.

CAYUSE is a web-based solution for grant proposal preparation and system-to-system submission to Grants.gov. Collaborators who use CAYUSE (and many research institutions do) can access the proposal throughout preparation. Subcontractor budgets can easily be developed and handled in CAYUSE with the added advantage that you can see how the submitted budget will look well in advance of submission. Non-CAYUSE users can develop budgets at Subawards.com and imported into CAYUSE with minimal effort. Other features of CAYUSE include: a data repository, autofill and budget escalation, four-tier validation through the Grants.gov system, Federal grants expertise, proposal data export and ease of use as compared to Grants.gov.

For learn more information go to K-State's CAYUSE training modules. To logon to CAYUSE, contact PreAward Services at 785-532-6804. Login to K-State's CAYUSE webpage at: https://k-state.cayuse424.com:8443/297/login.do.

K-State Pro was developed as a learning management system to deliver interactive, web-based non-credit courses. However, many of its features can be used to manage grant-related documents (e.g., biosketches, current and pending information, COI forms), track and stimulate discussions using the Message Board feature, generate specific assignments (e.g., when to turn in biosketches, writing assignments, etc.) and post time-sensitive deadlines using the calendar tool. The grade book feature can be used to track who has provided their biosketches, writing assignments, and other proposal related documents. Collaborators are registered as “students” and K-State Pro provides a secure and easily accessible space for them to upload requested files and writing assignments. To find out more about this tool, contact Bettie Minshall at 785-532-2567 or email minshal@ksu.edu.

Subawards.com CAYUSE makes it easy for subcontractors and customers, like K-State to prepare, validate, share and submit proposal data in a web application. To facilitate the subaward process on multi-institution grant submissions, Subawards.com can be used to improve the speed and accuracy of federal subaward proposals. Once a subaward is created at this site, CAYUSE customers can import subaward proposal data directly into CAYUSE, saving time and reducing errors. Each free account provides auto-fillable form fields, budget calculations, error-correction, grants.gov validations, the ability to clone subawards, and much more. This is a particularly good tool for those collaborators who do not use CAYUSE.

Wiggio can be used to track all group meetings, events, deadlines, and documents. Setting up a secure group is quick and simple and allows participates instant access to information and group activities. The mobile features in this site gives participants the ability to keep up with the group “on-the-go” through emails or text messages. Participants can also receive group communications and reminders on mobile devices or existing email accounts. This all-in-one solution also syncs with your Google, Yahoo!, Outlook and iCal calendars.

Adobe Connect is a free, online communication tool that is great for connecting and collaborating with researchers from multiple institutions. When building a grant from the ground up, the best way to brainstorm ideas is through direct communication with other investigators. Unfortunately, this is not always feasible. Adobe Connect offers solutions for real-time meetings, eLearning, and screen sharing of presentations or seminars (webinars) through any standard Web browser. Adobe Connect allows you to deliver rich, engaging content using live video, audio as well as post agendas and documents, and facilitates the use of interactive features such as on-line polls, whiteboards, and active chat.

KeepandShare.com is a free, web-based resource with lifetime, individual accounts for group collaboration. Some of the working group tools include: online databases file management, and more. No software is required for this "cloud" software which allows access to the web via computer or some mobile devices. Specific users can be granted specific access via privacy controls without "joining".