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Sponsored Project Cost Sharing Form
Instruction Sheet

The information below is intended to assist one in completing the KSU Sponsored Project Cost Sharing Form.  The cost sharing form is required at the proposal stage to identify and certify any cost sharing that is to be committed to the proposed activity.  If the subsequent award results in a reduced budget necessitating a change in the amount of cost sharing, a revised form should be prepared either at the revised proposal stage or when processing the award document.  If you have any questions, they should be directed to PreAward Services at 532-6804 or research@ksu.edu.

  1. Principal Investigator.  Enter the name of the Principal Investigator (PI) or Project Director (PD).  If the project involves investigators in multiple departments, with each department responsible for their own budgets, then separate forms should be completed for each department.

  2. Department.  Enter the name of the PI’s/PD’s department.  If multiple departments are involved, enter the name of the department responsible for the accounting functions of the project.  If the departments have separate budgets, then complete a form for each accounting department.

  3. College.  Enter the name of the college where the department responsible for accounting functions is located.

  4. Date.  Enter current date.

  5. Project Start Date.  Enter the anticipated project start date from the proposal, or if an award, list the start date indicated in the award document.

  6. Project End Date.  Enter the anticipated project ending date from the proposal or, if an award, list the ending date indicated in the award document.

  7. Sponsor.  Enter the name of the project sponsor.  In addition, list the prime sponsor if the funds to be received are “flowing” through another entity (e.g., federal flow through to a state agency).

  8. Action.  Enter the appropriate action that is triggering the preparation of the form (e.g., proposal, revised proposal, or award).

  9. Project Title.  Enter the project title as it appears on the Sponsored Project Transmittal Sheet and the proposal or award document.

  10. Description.  List the budget line item to be cost shared (e.g., travel, equipment, personnel, etc).  If such cost share is a hard dollar match, then signatures of commitment must be obtained on the Sponsored Projects Transmittal Sheet, and/or signed letters of support must be obtained.  Hard dollar match is defined as a cash match committed for project-related expenses from KSU funds, and it does not include “tenths time” effort committed by faculty or staff from regular salary accounts, which would be recorded on the respective unit’s Cost Sharing Reports.  Examples of hard dollar match would be funds for salary (other than those just mentioned), travel funds, equipment funds, supply funds, and other miscellaneous project-related expenses.  If effort by project personnel is to be used as cost share, then complete the percent effort section as appropriate, indicating the percent pledged and whether it represents a commitment for the academic year (AY), calendar year (CY), or summer (SU).  Enter the associated dollar amount for the percent pledged, insuring that the individual’s current salary is verified and that fringe benefits are included to arrive at the direct cost figure.  Enter the appropriate F&A cost for the direct cost shared, as determined by the activity indicated on the Sponsored Projects Transmittal Sheet.

    The full federally negotiated F&A cost rate is to be used for each activity unless federal or state sponsor funding appropriations or program mandates or not-for-profit (and for-profit on limited occasions) published, consistently applied corporate policies limit such payment.  In these cases, substantiating documentation of the existence of a published, consistently applied policy that limits reimbursement as a standard eligibility requirement for submission of an application, regardless of the status of the applicant, is required.  As noted in the Kansas State University Facilities and Administrative Cost Policy Statement and the brochure entitled A Guide to Facilities and Administrative Costs, F&A costs are quantifiable expenses incurred by the university and associated with all activities of the university, regardless of the funding source.  Consequently, the voluntary cost sharing of F&A costs is not-allowable and restricts the University from seeking full cost recovery as required by Board of regents and University policy. 

    Reductions in F&A cost recovery resulting from funding restrictions such as those detailed in the previous paragraph should be noted on the Cost Sharing Form with applicable substantiating documentation attached thereto. 

    Refer to the Kansas State University Policy Statement on Facilities and Administrative Costs and A Guide to Facilities and Administrative Costs for additional information and contact PreAward Services with any questions. 

  11. Remarks.  Enter any remarks or comments needed to explain or clarify the commitments listed.

  12. Signatures.  Signatures will be required from each unit committing cost sharing dollars.  Signatures for personnel time commitments signify approval of the time being committed by the personnel listed.