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Office of Research & Sponsored Programs

Research Expertise

K-State is a member of the Community of Science (COS) PIVOT database which allows KSU faculty, staff, and students access to the most comprehensive global source of funding opportunities. It contains faculty profiles from all K-State faculty members who have chosen to create an entry, along with faculty profiles from other universities and research institutions that are members of PIVOT.

Faculty, Staff & Students

You may search for a particular area of research by visiting the Profiles Tab. This PIVOT search page allows you to locate profiles for current faculty at K-State based on several different search fields.

Faculty & Staff

Register and create your profile on the PIVOT expertise web site. This will allow your peers and others interested in your areas of research to easily get in contact with you. You may include as much or as little information in this profile as you prefer, and you need not complete all the information at once.

Creating an entry is a simple process that initially requires you to submit to COS your name, institution, and e-mail address. COS sends a return e-mail confirming that a shell record has been created and issuing you a password to access the record. You can then edit the record to include pertinent professional information. Much of the information can be copied and pasted from other files such as a Microsoft Word curriculum vita.

K-State Visitors

Visit K-State's Research Facilities and Centers for an overview of some of the exciting research being conducted by university faculty.