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Office of Research & Sponsored Programs

Funding Bulletin - October 22, 1999 (Vol. 8, No. 38)



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    38-1 Disability Research Institute (SSA)

    The Social Security Administration is requesting applications to establish a $5 million disability research institute. The single university-based center will receive about $1 million a year for five years to conduct operations- and policy-relevant research. This institute will have a broad agenda--research, training, dissemination and close coordination with federal agencies--and must meet special requirements. SSA emphasizes the research program should be multidisciplinary, involving economics, sociology, public health policy/administration, demography and physiology. The institute also is charged with translating basic behavioral and social research theories and findings into practical policy alternatives.
    Deadline:   Letters of Intent 11/29/99, Applications 1/12/99

    38-2 Bioengineering Research Partnerships (NIH)

    Participating Institutes and Centers of the National Institutes of Health invite applications for R01 awards to support Bioengineering Research Partnerships (BRPs) for basic bioengineering research addressing important biological or medical research problems. A BRP is a multidisciplinary research team applying an integrative, systems approach to develop knowledge and/or methods to prevent, detect, diagnose, and treat disease and understand health and behavior. The partnership must include bioengineering expertise in combination with basic and/or clinical investigators. A BRP may propose design-directed or hypotheses- driven research in universities, national laboratories, medical schools, private industry and other public and private entities. PAS-00-006 (NIHG 10/15/99)
    Deadline:   Notices of Intent 12/1/99, Applications 1/7/00

    38-3 Consortium for the Humanities and Social Sciences (IREX)

    The International Research & Exchanges Board (IREX) is pleased to announce the creation of the new IREX Consortium for the Humanities and Social Sciences. The Consortium, created in response to needs raised from academics in the field, will strengthen institutions of higher education in Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Russia, and Ukraine. Three synergistic program components within the Consortium encourage partnership and participation between scholars from the US, Western and Central Europe, Turkey, Iran, Russia, Ukraine, Georgia, Azerbaijan, and Armenia. The program components are: The Targeted Exchanges Program, geared toward individual academics, curriculum developers, and educational institution administrators; The Small Grants for Partnership Development Program, in which universities exchange information and cultivate new partnership linkages; and The Information Resources and Dissemination Program, which will provide a forum for the creation of on-line databases and the dissemination of scholarly papers and new curricula over the Internet. All three programs are interrelated, and IREX encourages individuals and universities to apply for multiple components of the Consortium to ensure maximum benefit to both individuals and institutions.
    Deadline:   1/14/00

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    Arts & Humanities

    38-4 Fellowships in Aviation History (Smithsonian)

    The Smithsonian Institute's National Air and Space Museum offers fellowships for in-residence research into, and writing about, the history of aviation and space flight. Each fellow will work closely with staff members who have similar interests. Staff members are currently conducting research into aviation history including such themes as the growth and impact of aeronautics on society, the evolution of aircraft technology, and the development of air transport and military aviation. The Division emphasizes both U.S. and international aspects of aviation history.
    Deadline:   1/15/00

    38-5 Winterthur Fellowships (Winterthur)

    Winterthur Museum, Garden & Library welcomes application for residential research fellowships in: American Art; Material Culture & Design; and American History. Application are welcome from professors, museum and public history professionals, doctoral students, and independent scholars. Located near Wilmington, Delaware, Winterthur is an ideal center for the interdisciplinary study of America's artistic, cultural, social, and intellectual history. Winterthur has long supported research on pre-industrial crafts, Shaker history, furniture, textiles, ceramics and glass, metal ware, painting and graphics. In recent years, it has become a center for the study of consumerism, foodways, the history of childhood, women's culture, and the history of everyday life.
    Deadline:   1/15/00

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    38-6 Improving Institutional Research in Postsecondary Educational Institutions Grants (AIR)

    The Association for Institutional Research, the National Science Foundation and the National Center for Education Statistics support a grants program for Improving Institutional Research in Postsecondary Educational Institutions. There are three components for study: Summer Institutes offering practical experience in accessing the NSF and NCES databases for postsecondary administrators, faculty, and doctoral students; one-year Research Grants for postsecondary administrators and faculty; and one-year Dissertation Grants for doctoral students.
    Deadline:   1/17/00

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    Engineering, Mathematics & Physical Sciences

    38-7 Advanced Cross-Enterprise Technology Development (NASA)

    The National Aeronautics and Space Administration Office of Space Science is releasing a NASA Research Announcement entitled Advanced Cross-Enterprise Technology Development for NASA Missions. This NRA will solicit proposals for supporting fundamental technology development across a broad range of technology theme areas relevant to multiple NASA Space Enterprises: Earth Science Enterprise, Space Science Enterprise, and Human Exploration and Development of Space Enterprise. Proposals will be solicited in ten technology Thrust Areas. NRA-99-OSS-05 (CBD 10/15/99)
    Deadline:   Notices of Intent 11/30/99, Proposals 12/23/99

    38-8 NSF/ISSI Partnership for Solar Maximum 2000 (NSF)

    The International Space Science Institute (ISSI) was set up as a foundation under Swiss law, with headquarters in Bern, on 31 January 1995. ISSI is funded through the European Space Agency (ESA), the Swiss Confederation, and the Canton of Bern. This initiative provides an opportunity to request NSF funding of up to $100,000 to organize a focused, international, interdisciplinary team approach to a specific research problem. Proposals submitted to this initiative must identify a research problem, and identify by name up to three ``Convenors'' from the United States to organize a project at ISSI leading to the publication of an edited volume. Upon selection of the US convenors, and in consultation with them, ISSI will select an appropriate number of European convenors. The Convenors will meet at ISSI to define the project structure in detail and to nominate a group of 30-40 participants, chosen in matching numbers from the US and from Europe. The study project itself will then develop in the form of one or more workshops at ISSI, possibly with intervening splinter meetings of subgroups at ISSI or elsewhere. The project must be completed with the publication of a volume in the Space Sciences Series of ISSI, which will also appear as a regular volume of Space Science Reviews. (NSF 99-173)
    Deadline:   Letters of Intent 1/4/00, Proposals 3/1/00

    38-9 Funds for Upgrading Nuclear Reactors and Related Equipment (DOE)

    The U.S. Department of Energy, Idaho Operations Office, is soliciting applications for awards of financial assistance that will support educational institutions in updating their nuclear reactors or related radiation laboratory equipment and instrumentation. The purpose of this program is to upgrade, purchase, or maintain equipment and instrumentation related to the performance, control, or operational capability of the reactor facility. The program will increase the quality and/or efficiency of the operation of the reactor facility and/or will improve or expand the research and training capabilities of the reactor facility. DE-PS07-00ID13865 (FR 10/12/99)
    Deadline:   12/8/99

    38-10 Research in Support of the National Space Weather Program (NSF)

    The National Space Weather Program (NSWP) is a multi-agency Federal program whose goal is to mitigate the adverse effects of space weather by providing timely, accurate, and reliable space environment observations, specifications and forecasts. Proposals are submitted for basic research aimed at meeting the goals of the NSWP. Although any proposal meeting the above criteria will be considered, several basic research areas address significant gaps in our present understanding and represent particular opportunities to advance Space Weather goals, among which are: Understanding and prediction of processes affecting solar activity, such as coronal mass ejections and solar flares; Coupling between the solar wind and the magnetosphere and between the magnetosphere and ionosphere; The origin and energization of magnetospheric plasm; The triggering and temporal evolution of storms and substorms; and Improved global ionospheric specification and forecast and the evolution of ionospheric irregularities. (NSF 99-174)
    Deadline:   1/7/00

    38-11 Research Opportunities with the Navy (Navy)

    The Office of Naval Research sponsors a Summer Faculty Research Program and a Sabbatical Leave Program for U.S. citizens with teaching or research appointments at colleges and universities. This program provides science and engineering faculty members the opportunity to participate in research at Navy laboratories for a ten-week period during the summer break.
    Deadline:   1/14/00

    38-12 Synthetic Multifunctional Materials (DOD)

    The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is interested in receiving proposals for research, development and proof-of-concept demonstrations of multifunctional materials and structures to realize improved, new or unique systems for military utility. The specific objectives of this program are the development and demonstration of: 1) synthetic multifunctional materials, 2) the establishment of rules for their design, and 3) tools for their incorporation into structures. SOL BAA00-02 (CBD 10/01/99)
    Deadline:   1/14/00

    38-13 Instrumentation for Materials Research (NSF)

    The Instrumentation for Materials Research (IMR) Program supports the acquisition or development of research instruments that will provide new capability and/or advance current capability to: 1) discover fundamental phenomena in materials; 2) synthesize, process and/or characterize the composition, structure, properties, and performance of materials; and 3) improve the quality, expand the scope, and foster and enable the integration of research and education in research-intensive environments. (NSF 99-170)
    Deadline:   1/3/00

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    Health & Life Sciences

    38-14 Specialized Cooperative Centers Program in Reproduction Research (NIH)

    The National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (NICHD), through the Reproductive Sciences Branch (RSB) in the Center for Population Research (CPR), provides funding for a limited number of research centers in the reproductive sciences. These centers provide an arena for multidisciplinary interactions among basic and clinical scientists interested in establishing high quality research programs in the reproductive sciences. Center investigators will be expected to work with NICHD staff in facilitating research collaborations and interactions within and between centers. HD-99-009 (NIHG 06/22/99)
    Deadline:   Letters of Intent 1/12/00, Applications 4/28/00

    38-15 Drug Research Grant Program (DIA)

    The Drug Information Association Research Grant Program encourages and fosters research in areas pertaining to pharmaceutical and biotechnology product development, regulation, marketing, utilization and surveillance. One year grants of up to $25,000 are awarded on the basis of the quality of the research and contribution to the goals and objectives of the DIA.
    Deadline:   12/31/99

    38-16 Genomic Applications for Heart, Lung, and Blood Research (NIH)

    The intent of this request for applications is to establish Programs for Genomic Applications (PGAs) for Heart, Lung, and Blood Research. The goal of the PGAs is to link, on a genomic scale, the resources and tools of the Human Genome Project (HGP) to major biological processes and systems involved in cardiovascular, pulmonary, hematologic, and sleep function and dysfunction. HL-99-024 (NIHG 07/29/99)
    Deadline:   Letters of Intent 1/10/00, Applications 3/14/00

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    Social Sciences

    38-17 Child Care and Development Activities (SRS)

    The Department of Social and Rehabilitation Services is accepting applications for grants under the Child Care and Development Fund for quality child care-related activities. Grant component areas include center-based establishment and expansion, provider training and recruitment, quality enhancement, employer sponsored child care, family child care home networks and system building projects. (KR 10/07/99)
    Deadline:   Varies

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