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Office of Research & Sponsored Programs

Funding Bulletin - October 15, 1999 (Vol. 8, No. 37)



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    Sue Maes, Senior Development Officer, in conjunction with the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs, International Programs, and International Agriculture, is hosting two grant workshops October 25, 1999 in Waters 137.

      •  1:30 P.M. USDA Higher Education Challenge Grants
    Former grant reviewers and grant recipients will be in attendance to offer tips and share insights. Information from the USDA grants conference held October 14 in Orlando, FL, will also be presented.
    • 3:00 P.M. FIPSE Program for North American Mobility in Higher Education
    Arlo Biere, Agricultural Economics, current recipient of a North American Mobility grant, will describe his experiences with this grant program and answer audience questions.
    To reserve space for either/both workshops, call ECC, 532-7041, or e-mail Bev Page, bbpage@ksu.edu.


    37-1 Exchanges and Training Programs for the New Independent States (USIA)

    The United States Information Agency announces an open competition for an assistance award for proposals that encourage the growth of democratic institutions in Russia, Belarus, Moldova, Ukraine, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan. Exchanges and training programs should enhance institutional partnerships and they should offer practical information to individuals and groups to assist them with their professional and volunteer responsibilities. Programs should address the following themes: Women's Leadership Programs; Women's Political Leadership Programs; Professional and Business Associations Programs; Content-Based Internet Training; Post-Election Training for Duma Staffers; Prevention of Trafficking in Women and Girls; Distance Learning in the Field of Business Management; Public Library Reform; and Caucasus Regional Cooperation. E/PN-00-09
    Deadline:  12/22/99

    37-2 American Fellowships (AAUW)

    The American Association of University Women (AAUW) Educational Foundation offers American Fellowships to support women doctoral candidates completing dissertations, scholars seeking funds for postdoctoral research leave, or summer/short-term funding for preparing completed research for publication. Candidates are evaluated on the basis of scholarly excellence, teaching experience, and active commitment to helping women and girls through service in their communities, professions, or fields of research.
    Deadline:  11/15/99

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    37-3 Challenge Grants (NFWF)

    The National Fish and Wildlife Foundation has five initiatives through which challenge grants are awarded: 1) Conservation Education; 2) Fisheries Conservation and Management; 3) Neotropical Migratory Bird Conservation; 4) Wetlands and Private Lands; and 5) Wildlife and Habitat Management. Grants in these initiatives generally fall in one or more of the following areas: habitat protection and restoration; species conservation--applied conservation; applied research and policy development; education; and training for natural resource professionals.
    Deadline:  11/15/99

    37-4 Corn Board Research (Corn Board)

    The Nebraska Corn Board has announced priorities for the 2000-2001 research program: Value-added initiatives; Extremophiles; Organic acids--fermentation and recovery; Ethanol fermentation and recovery; Corn genome; Dry mill transitions from ethanol to higher value fermentation products; Statewide dryland corn production.
    Deadline:  12/6/99

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    37-5 Improved Economic Analysis for Decision Making in Madagascar (STATE)

    USAID/Madagascar invites qualified U.S. organizations and institutions to submit applications to conduct a program in support of improved economic analysis for decision making in Madagascar. Together with the program in support of improved public information and dialogue, the economic analysis program is aimed at promoting more informed public participation in economic and legal issues in Madagascar. SOL Madagascar 687-99-P-024
    Deadline:  11/1/99

    37-6 Marketing Research (MSI)

    The Marketing Science Institute (MSI) funds research dealing with topics designated by member companies as research priorities. MSI supports research with the potential for application by managers as well as more basic or exploratory work. No one approach or methodology is favored over another as long as the form is appropriate to the objectives of the research. Work dealing with global issues and cross-disciplinary work building on theories, research results, and methods from disciplines of relevance to marketing are strongly encouraged.
    Deadline:  Open

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    37-7 FIPSE Program for North American Mobility in Higher Education (ED)

    This program is a Special Focus competition of FIPSE to support projects addressing a particular problem area or improvement approach in postsecondary education. The competition also includes an invitational priority to support the formation of educational consortia of American, Canadian and Mexican institutions to encourage cooperation in the coordination of curricula, the exchange of students and the opening of educational opportunities throughout North America. There will be a grant workshop for this program October 25, 3:00, 137 Waters Hall (see first bulletin entry). CFDA 84.116N (FR 10/06/99)
    Deadline:  11/19/99

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    Engineering, Mathematics & Physical Sciences

    37-8 Dynamic Modeling of Landscaping Evolution (DOD)

    The U.S. Army Construction Engineering Research Laboratory (USACERL) requires the validation of 3D concept research, to include: 1) apply the Channel-Hillslope Integrated Landscape Development geomorphic simulation tool to the Wildcat Creek watershed on Fort Riley, Kansas, and demonstrate its utility for predicting the 3D location of potential archaeological sites based on the depth-age relationships of different geomorphic settings; 2) demonstrate the benefits and effectiveness of three-dimensional geomorphic simulation approaches to predictive archaeological modeling compared to traditional two-dimensional modeling based only on known distributions of surface archaeological sites; and 3) demonstrate the potential transferability of this approach to other DoD/DoE facilities where training and testing impacts are three-dimensional. DACA88-00-Q-0001
    Deadline:  11/5/99

    37-9 ASHRAE Research Projects (ASHRAE)

    ASHRAE is pleased to solicit proposals for four new research projects. Topics are: Thermal Comfort Models and `Call-Out' (Complaint) Frequencies; Leakage of Ducted Air Terminal Connections; Guidelines on the Use of CFD for Indoor Environmental Modeling; and Development of a Draft Method of Test for Determined Grease Removal Efficiencies.
    Deadline:  12/17/99

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    Health & Life Sciences

    37-10 AFAR Research Grants (AFAR)

    The American Federation for Aging Research provides up to $50,000 for a one- to two-year award to junior faculty to do research that will serve as the basis for longer term research efforts. AFAR-supported investigators study a broad range of biomedical and clinical topics including the causes of cellular senescence, the role of estrogen in the development of osteoporosis, the genetic factors associated with Alzheimer's disease, the effects of nutrition and exercise on the aging process, and much more.
    Deadline:  12/15/99

    37-11 Research in Molecular Parasitology, Malaria, and Molecular Pathogenic Mycology (BWF)

    The Burroughs Wellcome Fund's Emerging Infectious Diseases program funds awards in Molecular Parasitology, Malaria, and Molecular Pathogenic Mycology. Both Scholar and New Investigator Awards are made in Molecular Parasitology. Only one candidate for each award can be nominated from KSU. New Initiatives in Malaria Research offers two award types. Four year awards support studies that bring new ways of thinking and new experimental approaches to malaria research. Two year awards are intended to support feasibility studies and pilot work that will underpin higher-risk projects in malaria, or to support investigators from other fields who are reorienting their research to malaria. Two candidates may be nominated for either award type. Molecular Pathogenic Mycology supports Scholar Awards and New Investigator Awards. Only one person can be nominated for each award type. If you wish to nominate a faculty member for any of these awards, please contact John Murray, Interim Associate Vice Provost for Research, 532-6195, by November 1. Dr. Murray will coordinate the nominations procedure.
    Deadline:  1/18/00

    37-12 Preparedness Against Illegitimate Use of Bacterial Pathogens (NIH)

    The purpose of this Request for Applications (RFA) is to support basic research on molecular and genetic aspects of pathogenesis of, and host immune/defense responses to, the following bacterial pathogens: Bacillus anthracis, Tersinia pestis, Francisella tularensis, Coxiella burnetii, or Brucella species. It is hoped that research from funded projects will be used to devise appropriate defense strategies that can be implemented shortly before or soon after bioterrorist acts. AI-00-004 (NIHG 10/05/99)
    Deadline:  Letters of Intent 12/10/99, Applications 1/19/00

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    Social Sciences

    37-13 Dibner Institute Fellows (Dibner)

    The Dibner Institute for the History of Science and Technology invites applications to its two fellowship programs for the academic year 2000-2001: the Senior Fellows program and the Postdoctoral Fellows program. The Institute's primary mission is to support advanced research in the history of science and technology, across a wide variety of areas and a broad spectrum of topics and methodologies. The Institute favors projects that address events dating back thirty years or more. All Dibner Fellows are expected to reside in the Cambridge/Boston area during the terms of their grants, to participate in the activities of the Dibner Institute community, and to present their current work once during their fellowship appointments.
    Deadline:  12/31/99

    37-14 Fellowships in the Social Sciences (PC)

    The Population Council seeks to improve the well-being and reproductive health of current and future generations around the world and to help achieve a humane, equitable, and sustainable balance between people and resources. The Council awards fellowships for advanced training in population studies, including demography and public health, in combination with a social science discipline, such as economics, sociology, anthropology, or geography. Proposals must deal with the developing world. Awards are available for predoctoral training, postdoctoral training, and in-residence training at the Population Council for postdoctoral or midcareer level applicants.
    Deadline:  12/15/99

    37-15 Cognitive Models for Decision Aiding (DOD)

    The Naval Air Warfare Center Aircraft Division is currently in the process of developing a Decision Support System (DSS) for implementation in next-generation tactical aircraft. It is envisioned that the DSS will provide three levels of support. First, the DSS will dynamically reconfigure the cockpit displays and controls such that only those functions required for the current tasks will be provided (i.e., adaptive pilot-vehicle interface). Second, the DSS will provide the course-of-action options available to the pilots at the decision points in the tactical missions. Third, the DSS will temporarily automate secondary flight tasks during periods of high pilot workload so the pilots can focus on the mission-critical tasks (i.e., adaptive automation). SOL N00421-99-R-1696 (CBD 09/07/99)

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    37-16 Graduate Fellowships for Minorities and Women in the Physical Sciences (NPSC)

    The National Physical Science Consortium Graduate Fellowships for Minorities and Women in the Physical Sciences offers a six year doctoral fellowship program in Astronomy, Chemistry, Computer Science, Geology, Materials Science, Mathematical Sciences, Physics, and subdisciplines. Applicants must be U.S. citizens, undergraduate seniors or degree possessing students who have been out of school at least one year, or Master's degree students at institutions that don't offer the PhD in the student's discipline. Underrepresented minorities are: African American; Hispanic; Native American Indian, Eskimo, Aleut; Pacific Islander, and/or female.
    Deadline:  11/5/99

    37-17 Student Cancer Research Awards (KSU)

    The Center for Basic Cancer Research offers awards each academic year to undergraduate students studying in a health-related degree program at KSU. The research award pays $500 to the winning student and $500 to the laboratory sponsoring the student's research. With a faculty sponsor, the student should design a research project in cancer research, which is defined broadly.
    Deadline:  10/29/99

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