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Office of Research & Sponsored Programs

Funding Bulletin - September 24, 1999 (Vol. 8, No. 34)



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    34-1 Personnel Security Research (DOD)

    The Security Research Center announces a program to help fund, through the Office of Naval Research, research addressing issues pertinent to personnel security. The areas covered by this funding program include trust and betrayal, automated monitoring and financial/credit, continuing evaluation and aftercare, utility analysis, vetting systems, forensic psychophysiology, and psychophysiological detection of deception. Funding is available for masters' theses, doctoral dissertations, and institutional research. Sol. 99-028
    Deadline:  9/16/00

    34-2 Scientific and Technological Collaborative Projects with Spain (STATE)

    The State Department has issued a Call for Proposals for Scientific and Technological Collaborative projects between the United States and Spain. This program will assist with the costs for international collaboration between research teams from science agencies and universities of the two countries. Priorities include, in the Life Sciences, Infectious and degenerative diseases, including diseases of animals; Biotechnology of plants, plant health, and integrated pest management; Food biotechnology, Molecular design in the production of pharmaceuticals; in the Environment, Biodiversity, Conservation of soils and forests and problems of desertification, and a variety of topics in Information and Communication Technology, Materials Sciences, Energy and High Energy Physics, and Space. FR 08/25/99
    Deadline:  12/1/99

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    34-3 Corn, Grain Sorghum and Soybean Research

    The Kansas Corn, Grain Sorghum and Soybean Commissions have issued their requests for proposals for FY 2001. The Corn Commission is particularly interested in Production/Environmental Programs that include principal investigators from at least two disciplines and address Best management practices for corn production to minimize the impact of nutrient elements and pesticides on the environment; compare new BMPs to current ones with verification of the on-site benefits to water quality; crop protection/pest management/ and replacement of existing controls/seed treatments. Value-Added Projects also are a priority. The Soybean Commission is also interested in multidisciplinary projects for Best management practices; New and innovative uses of soybeans as vital components in human nutrition; Value-Added Projects; and International market development. The Grain Sorghum Commission is interested in Best management practices, Cold tolerance adaptations; Relative feeding value for poultry growing and finishing rations; and Value-Added Projects that include private entity cooperation.
    Deadline:  KSU 11/8/99; 11/22/99

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    Arts & Humanities

    34-4 Visiting Research Fellowships in the Humanities (Edinburgh)

    The Institute for Advanced Studies in the Humanities, University of Edinburgh, offers fellowships of between two and six months to promote enquiry of the highest standards in the Humanities. Inter-departmental and inter-disciplinary study is encouraged. Principal areas include archaeology, history of art, classics, English literature, history, European and oriental languages and literature, linguistics, philosophy, Scottish Studies, history of science, law, divinity, music and the social sciences.
    Deadline:  12/1/99

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    Engineering, Mathematics & Physical Sciences

    34-5 ELINT Collection and Processing (DOD)

    Air Force Research Lab/Information Directorate, Rome, is soliciting white papers for various scientific studies and experiments to increase the Information Directorate's knowledge and understanding of the broad range of capabilities required in support of ELINT Collection and Processing. Solutions to basic research and engineering using innovative approaches will be sought. The overall technical objectives of this BAA are the use of Artificial Intelligence applications, as well as enhanced or new digital processing hardware and software and to provide: 1) Dynamic/updatable characterization and correlation databases that use existing multi-source near-real-time collection systems. Measurable and descriptive emitter characteristics should also be used in the database as well as known specific operating characterization values; 2) Enhanced collection system efficiency; and 3) Improved, labor reducing digital signal processing hardware and software analysis with high-capacity capability technology to offset manning reductions at operations units. BAA-99-02-IFKPA (CBD 07/15/99)
    Deadline:  White Papers 9/30/01

    34-6 Nuclear Engineering Education Research Grant Program (DOE)

    The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), Idaho Operations Office is seeking applications for special research grant awards that will support nuclear engineering research. Eligibility for awards under this program is restricted to U.S. colleges and universities with nuclear engineering degree programs or option or an operating research reactor because the purpose of the Nuclear Engineering Education Research (NEER) program is to 1) support basic research in nuclear engineering; 2) assist in developing nuclear engineering students, and 3) contribute to strengthening the academic community's nuclear engineering infrastructure. Applications for NEER grants should be directed to state-of-the-art research that contributes to any of the following eight areas: reactor physics, reactor engineering, reactor materials, radiological engineering, radioactive waste management, applied radiation science, nuclear safety and risk analysis, and innovative technologies for next generation reactors, space power and propulsion, or radiation sources. DE-PS07-00ID13860
    Deadline:  Letters of Intent 10/16/99; Applications 11/18/99

    34-7 Centennial Fellowships (AMS)

    The American Mathematical Society Centennial Research Fellowship Program makes awards to outstanding mathematicians to help further their careers in research. Applicants must be citizens or permanent residents of a country in North America, have held their doctoral degrees for at least two years at the time of the award, not have permanent tenure, and have held less than two years of research support at the time of the award.
    Deadline:  12/1/99

    34-8 Science Investigations to be Initiated for the US Component of the International Science Team (NASA)

    The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) intends to solicit research proposals for science investigations to be initiated for the US component of the international science team for the Ozone Monitoring Instrument (OMI) which is to fly aboard the CHEM mission of NASA's Earth Observing System (EOS) currently scheduled for launch in late 2002. Two categories of proposals may be submitted under this announcement: US team leader (TL) or team member (TM). OMI is an ultraviolet-visible nadir viewing instrument designed to make measurements of distributions of ozone the other trace constituents in the Earth's atmosphere. The investigators comprising the US component of the OMI science team will be responsible for all OMI-related work carried out in the US, including the development of algorithms, processing of data, and validation of data from OMI, as well as the development of combined data products using data from OMI and other sensors planned for flight aboard EOS CHEM. The US Team Leader will have the responsibility to coordinate the US members of the OMI Science Team, and to ensure that Algorithms developed by the US Team Members are coordinated and implemented in an optimal way, and that data products are produced and archived consistent with appropriate guidelines for the EOS project. NRA-99-OES-05 (CBD 09/10/99)
    Deadline:  Letters of Intent 10/22/99; Applications 12/9/99

    34-9 Cooperative Agreements with USGS (DOI)

    The Us Geologic Survey's National Geologic Mapping Program has a component, referred to as EDMAP, that offers funding to support Masters and Doctoral Students during geologic field mapping. EDMAP is designed to produce information on areas of scientific, social or economic welfare in the U.S. The Cooperative Agreement Awards will be on a equal cost-sharing basis, matched with funds from non-Federal sources. (CBD 09/17/99)
    Deadline:  12/2/99

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    Health & Life Sciences

    34-10 Biomedical Research and Countermeasures Program (NASA)

    The National Aeronautics and Space Administration Life Sciences Division is soliciting proposals for research investigations in support of Research Opportunities in Space Life Sciences specific to the Biomedical Research and Countermeasures Program. Proposals may be for ground-based research investigations and limited types of space-flight experiments designed for the Shuttle mid-deck or for the early phase of utilization of the International Space Station. NRA-99-HEDS-03
    Deadline:  Letters of Intent 10/15/99; Proposals 12/1/99

    34-11 Research Opportunities in Space Life Sciences (NASA)

    The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) Life Sciences Division solicits proposals for research investigations in support of Research Opportunities in Space Life Sciences. This announcement is specific to the Gravitational Biology and Ecology Program within the Life Sciences Division. Proposals requested by this announcement may be for ground-based research investigations, and limited types of space-flight experiments designed for the Shuttle middeck or for the early phase of utilization of the International Space Station. SOL NRA-99-HEDS-02 (CBD 08/23/99)
    Deadline:  12/1/99

    34-12 U.S. Army Medical Research and Materiel Command Broad Agency Announcement (DOD)

    The U.S. Army Medical Research and Materiel Command announces the availability of the 1999 version of its Broad Agency Announcement (BAA). The major research areas are: 1) Military Infectious Disease, 2) Human Immuno Deficiency Virus (HIV), 3) Medical Biological Defense, 4) Medical Chemical Defense, 5) Combat Casualty Care, 6) Telemedicine and Advanced Technology, 7) Military Operational Medicine, and 8) Special Programs. BAA 99-1 (CBD 01/05/99)
    Deadline:  12/1/99

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    34-13 Amelia Earhart Fellowships for Women (Zonta)

    Zonta International Foundation announces the availability of applications for the Amelia Earhart Fellowship Award. These fellowships are open to women of any nationality for graduate study in aerospace-related sciences and aerospace-related engineering.
    Deadline:  11/1/99

    34-14 Summer Programs in Japan, Korea and Taiwan (NSF)

    The Summer Programs in Japan, Korea and Taiwan provide U.S. graduate students in science and engineering first-hand experience in Japanese, Korean and Taiwan research environments, an introduction to the science and science policy infrastructure of the respective countries, and language training. The primary goals of the programs are to introduce students to Japanese, Korean and Taiwan science and engineering in the context of a research laboratory and to initiate personal relationships that will better enable them to collaborate with foreign counterparts in the future. The programs will last approximately eight weeks from June/July to August, and are administered in the United States by the National Science Foundation (NSF), the National Institutes of Health (NIH), and the Agricultural Research Service (ARS) of the U.S. Department of Agriculture. (NSF 99-152)
     Deadline:  12/1/99

    34-15 2000 STAR Fellowships for Graduate Environmental Study (EPA)

    The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), as part of its Science to Achieve Results (STAR) program, is offering Graduate Fellowships for master's and doctoral level students in environmentally related fields of study. The EPA invites pre-applications for graduate fellowships in academic disciplines relating to environmental research including physical, biological, and social sciences and engineering. Applicants must be citizens of the United States or its territories or possessions, or be lawfully admitted to the United States for permanent residence. Students seeking a master's degree may be supported for a maximum of two years. Students seeking doctoral degrees may receive support for up to three years.
    Deadline:  11/18/99

    34-16 Javits Fellowships (ED)

    The Education Department is inviting applications for fellowships for needy meritorious students to pursue graduate study in the arts, humanities or social sciences. CFDA 84.170 (FR 08/20/99)
    Deadline:  11/29/99

    34-17 Russian-US Young Leadership Fellows for Public Service (IREX)

    The International Research & Exchanges Board (IREX) and the United States Information Agency are pleased to announce the 2000-2001 Russian-US Young Leadership Fellows for Public Service Program. This program provides one year of intensive academic and professional training to both US and Russian young leaders. US Young Leaders will focus on courses that address the historical, political, and societal transitions in Russia. The program includes one year of non-degree academic study at qualified universities and colleges, a year-long community service component, and an eight-to-twelve week internship. American applicants must have received the equivalent of a Bachelor's degree, have a working knowledge of the Russian language, be below the age of 30, and be a current resident of the US at the time of the application deadline.
    Deadline:  11/30/99

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