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Office of Research & Sponsored Programs

Funding Bulletins - May 7, 1999 (Vol. 8, No. 18)


  • General
  • Agriculture
  • Arts & Humanities
  • Education
  • Engineering, Mathematics & Physical Sciences
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  • Social Sciences
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    18-1 Grant Opportunities for Academic Liaison with Industry (NSF)

    The GOALI initiative aims to synergize university-industry partnerships by making funds available to support an eclectic mix of industry-university linkages. Special interest is focused on affording the opportunity for: 1) faculty, postdoctoral fellows and students to conduct research and gain experience with production processes in an industrial setting, 2) industrial scientists and engineers to bring industry's perspective and integrative skills to academe, and 3) interdisciplinary university-industry teams to conduct long-term projects. The topics addressed in a GOALI award need not focus on fundamental issues only, but should address long-term, generic research within an intellectual envelope shared by the industrial partner. Persons interested in requesting funds under GOALI should contact an NSF Program Director in the Directorate in their area of interest for guidance on proposal submissions. (NSF 98-142)
    Deadline:   Varies

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    18-2 Agricultural Policy Development (USAID)

    The U.S. Agency for International Development seeks to award a 3 year contract entitled Agricultural Policy Development (APD) under the Agricultural Policy Analysis Project (APAP). APAP has been providing assistance to USAID missions and host-country decision-makers in 48 countries by promoting sustainable economic growth through policy reform. The purpose of APD is to help bureaus, missions, and host country decision-makers in identifying issues and resolving problems concerning agricultural policy, especially issues related to trade reform, market performance, food equity, and agricultural sustainability. Sol. OP/B/PCE-99-001 (CBD 05/05/99)
    Deadline:   n/a

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    Arts & Humanities

    18-3 Arts in Education (NEA)

    The National Endowment for the Arts support grants for Arts in Education. The purpose is to 1) help ensure that the arts are basic to the education of children and young adults in grades pre-K through 12; 2) expand opportunities for children and adults to participate in and increase their understanding of or skills in the arts; and 3) provide professional development opportunities for artists, arts professionals, and teachers. The Endowment regards the direct involvement of artists and, where appropriate, the use of original works of art in all forms and live performances as crucial elements in excellent Education projects.
    Deadline:   8/16/99

    18-4 Heritage and Preservation Grants (NEA)

    The National Endowment for the Arts funds projects to 1) honor, assist, encourage, and present those artists and forms of artistic expression and practice that reflect the many cultural traditions that make up our nation; and 2) document or conserve highly significant works of art, artifacts, and collections of art. Heritage grants are to strengthen and make visible our living cultural heritage. Preservation grants are to preserve for future generations the significant artistic accomplishments of our national culture.
    Deadline:   8/16/99

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    18-5 Disability and Rehabilitation Research (ED)

    The Office of Special Education and Rehabilitative Services of the Department of Education is inviting applications for new awards from the Disability and Rehabilitation Research Project and Centers Program. The purpose of the program is to plan and conduct research, demonstration projects, training, and related activities, including international activities, develop methods, procedures, and rehabilitation technology, that maximize the full inclusion and integration into society, employment, independent living, family support, and economic and social self-sufficiency of individuals with disabilities. Applications are being invited for the following projects: 1) Improved Economic Outcomes for Women with Disabilities and 2) Analysis of service delivery and policies affecting emerging disability populations. CFDA 84-133A-4, 84.133A-6 Also applications are invited for four Research and Training Centers for: 1) Rehabilitation for Persons with LTMI; 2) Rehab for Children with Special Needs; 3) Policies Affecting Children with SED; and 4) Improving Services to Children with SED. CFDA 84-133B-11, 84.133B-12, 84.133B-7, and 84.133B-14 (FR 05/04/99)
    Deadline:   6/18/99

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    Engineering, Mathematics & Physical Sciences

    18-6 Collaboration in Basic Science and Engineering (NRC)

    The Office for Central Europe and Eurasia of the National Research Council is offering grants to American specialists who plan to establish new research partnerships with their colleagues from Central/Eastern Europe and the Newly Independent States. The Collaboration in Basic Science and Engineering (COBASE) is designed primarily to prepare these new partnerships for competition in National Science Foundation programs. Short-term Project Development Grants support American specialists who wish to host or visit colleagues for two-week periods in order to prepare collaborative research proposals for submission to NSF. Long-term Grants support American specialists who wish to host or visit colleagues for collaboration with research for a period of one to six months. Significant publications jointly authored by program participants as a result of the long-term visits are expected. The July deadline is for Long-term projects only. The August and December deadlines are for the Short-term Project Development.
    Deadline:   7/30/99, 8/16/99, 12/27/99

    18-7 Rossi X-Ray Timing Explorer Guest Observer Program (NASA)

    This Announcement solicits observing proposals for participation in the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) program to acquire and analyze scientific data from the Rossi X-ray Timing Explorer (RXTE). The primary goal of the RXTE mission is to investigate the nature and physics of compact astrophysical objects as revealed through temporal variations in their high energy emission on time scales from microseconds to years. This Announcement is the fourth for RXTE Guest Observations, and solicits proposals for observations to be carried out beginning on or around January 1, 1999. Cycle 4 in expected to last approximately 14 months. AN-98-OSS-01
    Deadline:   7/15/99

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    Health & Life Sciences

    18-8 Diabetes Research Awards (ADA)

    The American Diabetes Association provides grant support to both new and established investigators. Applications will be considered in any area that is relevant to the etiology or pathophysiology of diabetes and its complications.
    Deadline:   8/1/99, 2/1/00

    18-9 Clinical Research Education Programs in Drug Abuse and Addiction (NIH)

    The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) invites grant applications to support educational programs (Clinical Research Education Programs in Drug Abuse and Addiction) aimed at 1) developing the research skills of investigators who wish to focus on clinical, prevention, health services, or treatment issues in drug abuse or 2) developing a cadre of clinical drug abuse experts proficient in the use of research findings (for example, in public health, behavioral science, or medicine) to develop or implement early detection, diagnosis, treatment, or prevention interventions. This latter category would also include applications of health services research findings. Programs that address both of these aims are particularly desired. PAR-99-093 (NIHG 04/29/99)
    Deadline:   6/1/99, 10/1/99, 2/1/00

    18-10 High Impact Research: Feasibility Studies (NIH)

    The National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders (NIDCD) invites grant applications from basic and clinical investigators who are interested in pursuing feasibility studies of high impact (HI) research focused on hearing, balance, smell, taste, voice, speech, or language related to the specific mission of the NIDCD. HI research involves pilot/feasibility studies in which the technological, methodological, or theoretical approach to the problem lacks a traditional historical basis or pilot data, but which could have a major impact on a scientific area or field. PAR-99-092 (NIHG 04/29/99)
    Deadline:   8/24/99

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    Social Sciences

    18-11 Safe Start Initiative (DOJ)

    The Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention has announced two program announcements under its Safe Start Initiative. One is for a demonstration project designed to prevent and reduce the impact of family and community violence on young children (birth to 6 years of age), and the other for an evaluation of the initiative, designed to document and assess community efforts to reduce the impact of family and community violence on young children.
    Deadline:   6/14/99

    18-12 Governance in Post-Communist Societies (NRC)

    The National Research Council will support scholars to travel to Central Europe and the Former Soviet Union for periods of two to six weeks to conduct research related to Governance in Post Communist Societies. The three subthemes are: Science and Democratization; Organized Crime, Terrorism, and Proliferation of Weapons of Mass Destruction; and Technology and Industrial Economics. Applicants must be U.S. citizens or permanent residents.
    Deadline:   6/18/99, 12/3/99

    18-13 Studies of the Ethical, Legal and Social Implications of Research into Human Genetic (NIH)

    This request for applications solicits projects that examine the ethical, legal and social implications of the study of human DNA sequence variation. Of particular interest are studies that explore: 1) how research on human genetic variation can be conducted in an ethically and culturally sensitive way; 2) how the information that results from this research will interact with current concepts of race and ethnicity; 3) how cultural and socioeconomic factors influence the interpretation and use of this information; and 4) how this information may influence access to and use of genetic health services by various groups. HG-99-002 (NIHG 04/29/99)
    Deadline:   6/15/99, 8/31/99

    18-14 School Safety (DOJ)

    The National Institute of Justice is calling for applications to develop and/or implement new or improved technologies to improve school safety. Technologists, engineers and other scientists are expected to work with schools to develop and deploy technology approaches. Proposals should focus on the research, development, testing, evaluation, adoption and implementation phases of new technology. The following general categories of technologies are appropriate: simulation and training, communication and information; officer protection and crime prevention, less-than-lethal technology; and graphical information systems and crime mapping. (FR 04/30/99)
    Deadline:   6/7/99

    18-15 National Health and Environmental Effects Research (EPA)

    The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), National Health and Environmental Effects Research Laboratory, Western Ecology Division, has initiated a major research program to study the effects of stressors on terrestrial, aquatic, and coastal ecosystems. The purpose of this research is to provide the scientific information, understanding, analyses and methods and protocols needed by states and local governments and various regulatory and management agencies to effectively protect aquatic and terrestrial environment. The scope of this research program includes: 1) research on the effects of pollutants and other anthropogenic stressors on terrestrial ecosystems, such as agroecosystems, forest ecosystems, and rangelands; 2) research on novel and procedures development for describing the condition of aquatic, riparian, and wetland resources and their response to stress; and 3) research on the effects of anthropogenic and natural stressors in coastal watersheds and estuarine ecosystems. SOL TBN 5272 (CBD 04/29/99)
    Deadline:   6/11/99

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