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Office of Research & Sponsored Programs

Funding Bulletins - April 30, 1999 (Vol. 8, No. 17)


  • General
  • Arts & Humanities
  • Education
  • Engineering, Mathematics & Physical Sciences
  • Health & Life Sciences
  • Social Sciences
  • General

    17-1 Fulbright Scholar Program (CIES)

    Applications are available for the FY 2000 Fulbright Scholar Program for Faculty and Professionals. Over 850 scholar awards in more than 125 countries are offered. Approximately one-quarter are for research and three-quarters for lecturing, combined lecturing and research, or seminar participation.
    Deadline:   8/1/99

    17-2 Faculty Early Career Development Program (NSF)

    The Faculty Early Career Development (CAREER) Program is a Foundation-wide activity that support junior faculty within the context of their overall career development. It combines in a single program the support of research and education of the highest quality and in the broadest sense. This premier program emphasizes the importance the Foundation places on the early development of academic careers dedicated to stimulating the discovery process in which the excitement of research is enhanced by inspired teaching and enthusiastic learning. Applicants must be in the first or second full-time tenure-track academic appointment and have begun the first tenure-track on or after July 1, 1995. (NSF 99-110)
    Deadline:   7/22/99

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    Arts & Humanities

    17-3 American Institute of Architects Grants (AIA)

    The College of Fellows Grants Program of the American Institute of Architects makes awards to individuals and organizations for diverse projects that advance the profession of architecture and promote the purposes of the AIA. Grants have supported a variety of endeavors, including research and subsequent publications, architectural education projects, exhibitions, conferences and lectures, television and video productions, and the cataloging and preservation of architectural records.
    Deadline:   6/1/99

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    17-4 UPS Grants for Education (UPS)

    The UPS Foundation makes grants for educational programs, including academic research, programs that raise the level of educational effectiveness, innovative programs to enhance the quality of instruction, family learning opportunities, and school involvement projects. A major initiative is adult literacy.
    Deadline:   5/31/99, 9/30/99

    17-5 Field-Initiated Bilingual Education Research Program (ED)

    The Education Department is inviting applications to conduct research to improve bilingual education and special alternative instructional programs for limited English proficient children and youths. The research may provide for longitudinal studies of students or teachers in bilingual education, monitoring the education of those students from entry in bilingual education through secondary school completion. CFDA 84.292B (FR 04/20/99)
    Deadline:   5/20/99

    17-6 Literacy Grants (National Home Library)

    The National Home Library Foundation supports literacy, literature and library science projects. Grants generally support the purchase of books and some computer hardware and software. Grants in the past have supported the purchase of reference materials for libraries, African-American history books, books and magazines for low-level readers and children's books; and Girl Scout activities.
    Deadline:   Open

    17-7 Community Technology Centers (ED)

    The purpose of the Community Technology Centers program is to increase access to technology and promote the use of technology in education through the development of model programs that demonstrate the educational effectiveness of technology in urban and rural areas and economically distressed communities. An array of services may be proposed: 1) after-school activities for children of all ages; 2) adult education and family literacy; 3) career development and job preparation; 4) small business activities; and 5) home access to computers and technology. CFDA 84.341 (FR 04/29/99)
    Deadline:   6/14/99

    17-8 NASA-related Educational Resources in Science (NASA)

    NASA Learning Technologies Project is sponsoring this solicitation for cooperative agreements to select a portfolio of projects which collectively have the promise of enhancing K-12 science, mathematics, technology and geography education through infusion of information and knowledge generated by NASA's scientific and engineering endeavors and results. The intent of this solicitation is to promote the development of science, mathematics, technology, and geography instructional products that support curricula that are aligned with national standards and are based on NASA's unique mission and results.
    Deadline:   Letters of Intent 5/9/99, Proposals 5/30/99

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    Engineering, Mathematics & Physical Science

    17-9 Technology for a Sustainable Environment (NSF/EPA)

    The National Science Foundation and the Environmental Protection Agency are sponsoring a competition designed to address pollution avoidance/prevention processes, methodologies, and technology research. Research proposals are invited that advance the development and use of innovative technologies and approaches directed at avoiding or minimizing the generation of pollutants at the source. Research projects are possible in the general areas of: chemistry for pollution avoidance or prevention; engineering for pollution avoidance and prevention; chemical processes and reaction engineering; simulations, modeling, sensors, and feedback techniques for pollution avoidance and prevention; and industrial ecology. (NSF 99-108)
    Deadline:   7/26/99

    17-10 Multidisciplinary University Research (DOD)

    The Department of Defense announces the FY 2000 competition for the Multidisciplinary Research Program (MURI), one element of the University Research Initiative. The MURI supports university teams whose efforts intersect more than one traditional science and engineering discipline. This MURI competition is specifically for the following topics: 1) Data Fusion in Large Array of Microsensors; 2) Fundamental Principles in Adaptive Learning Technology; 3) Decision Making Under Uncertainty; 4) Mobile Augmented Battlespace Visualization; 5) Real-Time Fault-Tolerant Network Protocols; 6) Solitonic Information Processing; 7) Quantum Communication and Quantum Memory; 8) Tutorial Dialogue for Artificially Intelligent Training Systems; 9) Adaptive Mobile, Wireless Networks for Highly Dynamic Environments; 10) Ultracold Atom Optics; 11) Science Underpinning Prime Reliant Coatings; 12) Phonon Enhancement of Electronic and Optoelectronic Devices; and 13) Programmed Surface Chemical Assembly of Functional Material. Sol. ONR BAA 99-014 (CBD 04/21/99)
    Deadline:   10/26/99

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    Health & Life Sciences

    17-11 Biology, Development, and Progression of Malignant Prostate Disease (NIH)

    The National Institutes of Health invite investigator-initiated research grant applications to examine a range of fundamental biological issues considered critical for progress in defeating prostate cancer. The purpose of this announcement is to encourage new projects focusing on the biology that underlies the development and progression of malignant prostatic disease. Multidisciplinary collaborations between basic and clinical scientists in projects ranging from exploratory basic biology studies to disease progression in appropriate biological systems or models are encouraged. PA-99-081 (NIHG 04/08/99)
    Deadline:   6/1/99, 10/1/99, 2/1/00

    17-12 Novel Approaches to Enhance Stem Cell Research (NIH)

    The purpose of this program announcement is to encourage the submission of applications for research to enhance stem cells as a model biological system. Research to isolate, characterize and identify totipotent and multipotent stem cells from nonhuman biomedical research animal models, as well as to generate reagents and techniques to characterize and separate those stem cells from other cell types is encouraged. PA-99-086 (NIHG 04/13/99)
    Deadline:   6/1/99, 10/1/99, 2/1/00

    17-13 Bone and the Hematopoietic and Immune Systems (NIH)

    The National Institutes of Health seek investigator-initiated projects that have the potential to illuminate functional interactions between bone and the hematopoietic and immune systems. Projects should have the potential to either clarify the importance of specific cell types and effector molecules or identify previously unrecognized cellular and molecular agents that influence bone physiology. PA-99-085 (NIHG 04/13/99)
    Deadline:   6/1/99, 10/1/99, 2/1/00

    17-14 Mechanisms of Chondroprotection (NIH)

    The National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases invite applications for research on mechanisms of chondroprotection. The research should be specifically targeted towards identification and evaluation of chondroprotective agents to prevent cartilage destruction and/or facilitate its repair in such conditions as rheumatoid arthritis, juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, and osteoarthritis, where there is a decline in the structural integrity of the articular cartilage. RFA AR-99-004 (NIGH 04/15/99)
    Deadline:   Letters of Intent 8/1/99, Applications 9/8/99

    17-15 Mechanistic-Based Cancer Risk Assessment Methods (EPA)

    The Environmental Protection Agency, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the National Cancer Institute invite applications for research related to mechanistic-based cancer risk assessments. This RFA solicits studies that focus on the development of cancer risk assessment methods and practices. Emphasis should be on the development of new methods and practices that reduce the uncertainties associated with cancer risk assessment, especially uncertainties that are encountered in extrapolating from animal species to humans. Methods development can be based on in vitro and/or in vivo animal model systems, in vitro human cell model systems, and exploratory epidemiologic approaches. RFA OH-99-003
    Deadline:   Letters of Intent 5/26/99, Applications 7/14/99

    17-16 Allen Foundation Grants (Allen)

    The policies and priorities of the Allen Foundation Inc. are as follows: To make grants in the field of Human Nutrition; To assist programs in human nutrition and training of children and young adults to improve their health and development; To support programs for the education and training of mothers during pregnancy and after the birth of their children so that good nutritional habits can be formed at an early age; To assist in the training of persons to work as educators and demonstrators of good nutritional practices; To give financial aid in the publication of periodicals and articles regarding sound nutritional practices; and To encourage the dissemination of information regarding healthful nutritional practices and habits.
    Deadline:   Open

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    Social Sciences

    17-17 Prevention of High-Risk Drinking Among College Students (ED)

    The Department of Education has issued proposed priorities for Safe and Drug Free Schools national grants for coalition-based projects to reduce and prevent high-risk drinking among college students. The program will fund projects to implement and evaluate the impact of a state or regional coalition to develop strategies for reducing and preventing high-risk drinking among college students. Input on priorities is being sought now with the program announcement du out this summer. .(FR 04/20/99)
    Deadline:   n/a

    17-18 Alcohol Research Center Grants (NIH)

    The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism provides grant support for Alcohol Research Centers to conduct interdisciplinary research on alcoholism and alcohol abuse. The Alcohol Research Centers Grant program is designed to complement the regular research project grants program by providing long-term support for interdisciplinary research programs with a distinct focus on a particular theme relating to alcoholism, alcohol abuse, and other alcohol-related problems. RFA AA-99-005 (NIHG 04/15/99)
    Deadline:   Letters of Intent 11/30/99, Applications 12/28/99

    17-19 Tiger Woods Foundation Grants (Woods)

    The Tiger Woods Foundation, established by golf star Tiger Woods and his father, supports programs that create positive environments for underprivileged youths and that emphasize the importance of parental involvement and responsibility in children's lives. The foundation seeks projects addressing children, youth and families in the areas of education, youth development, parenting and child and family health and welfare. Education projects should aim to improve school readiness of children and youths through effective parenting, parent literacy, day care and early childhood education; to prepare youths for successful transitions from school to work and to productive adult lives; and improve school organization and management, with a focus on children's developmental needs, and parental involvement and accountability. Youth development projects should seek to develop maximum human potential through cultural studies, recreation, physical fitness and other productive leisure activities; encourage youth volunteerism, community service, mentoring and intergenerational relationships; and build self-esteem, life skills and positive values and expand life option opportunities. (FGA 07/98)
    Deadline:   Open

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