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Office of Research & Sponsored Programs

Funding Bulletins - March 26, 1999 (Vol. 8, No. 12)


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    12-1 Violence-Related Injury Evaluation Research (CDC)

    The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) announces that grant applications are being accepted for Injury Prevention and Control Research Grants for fiscal year 1999. This program addresses the priority area of injuries as a result of Violent and Abusive Behavior. The purposes of this program are to: 1) Evaluate current interventions, policies and strategies for the prevention of violence-related injuries; 2) Identify effective strategies to prevent violence-related injuries; 3) Build the scientific base for the prevention of injuries, disabilities, and deaths due to violence in the following four priority areas: suicidal behavior, firearm-related injury, sexual violence, and intimate partner violence; 4) Encourage professionals from a wide spectrum of disciplines such as public health, health care, medicine, criminal justice, and behavioral and social sciences, to work together. Announcement 99055 (FR 03/16/99)
    Deadline: 4/30/99

    12-2 1999 Water and Watersheds Research (EPA)

    The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the National Science Foundation (NSF), and the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) announce their intent to support a special awards competition opening in fiscal year 1999. The goal of the Water and Watersheds competition is to develop an improved understanding of the natural and anthropogenic processes that govern the quantity, quality, and availability of water resources in natural and human-dominated systems. This program also seeks an improved understanding of the structure, function, and dynamics of the coupled terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems that comprise watersheds. This competition emphasizes well-integrated, interdisciplinary research on important scientific, engineering, and social principles for understanding, protecting, and restoring watershed resources. A systems approach and general applicability of the research to watershed-scale questions are required in each proposal.
    Deadline: 5/28/99

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    12-3 Food and Agricultural Science National Needs Graduate Fellowships (USDA)

    The Agriculture Department is inviting applications for the Food and Agricultural Sciences Graduate Fellowship Grants Program, and supplements for current fellows for international study or thesis/dissertation research, in six areas: biotechnology--animal; biotechnology-- plant; engineering--food, forest products or agriculture; human nutrition and/or food science; marketing or management--food, forest products or agribusiness; and water science. A maximum of six proposals may be submitted from an institution, and no more than one proposal may be submitted in any one national need area. John Murray, Interim Associate Vice Provost for Research will coordinate KSU's application process. Please send him a short letter of intent, Room 103 Fairchild Hall, by April 14 if you are desirous of submiting a proposal. (FR 03/17/99)
    Deadline: 6/7/99, 2/16/00

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    Arts & Humanities

    12-4 NEH Fellowships for University and College Teachers (NEH)

    The National Endowment for the Humanities awards Fellowships for an uninterrupted period of from six to twelve months. Projects may contribute to scholarly knowledge, to the advancement of teaching, or to the general public's understanding of the humanities. Such work might eventually produce scholarly articles, a monograph on a specialized subject, a book-length treatment of a broad topic, an archaeological site report, a translation, an edition, or other scholarly tool in either traditional or electronic format. A fellow must devote full time to the fellowship study and may not accept a teaching assignment or undertake any other major activity during the tenure of the fellowship.
    Deadline: 5/1/99

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    12-5 Systemic Initiatives Studies (NSF)

    The National Science Foundation has released a dual announcement for Systemic Initiatives Research Studies and Rural Systemic Initiatives Evaluative Studies. The Systemic Initiatives Research Studies is aimed at enhancing theoretical and empirical understanding of systemic reform. Researchers are encouraged to identify districts participating in any of the Systemic Initiatives programs as research sites.The Rural Systemic Initiatives Evaluative Studies Program is aimed to conduct assessment and accountability studies of the Rural Systemic Initiatives (RSI) program. NSF plans to support evaluative studies of the outcomes and impacts of the RSI program that include baseline information. (NSF 99-95)
    Deadline: 6/1/99

    12-6 Disability and Rehabilitation Research (ED)

    The Education Department's National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research is inviting applications for disability and rehabilitation research projects to disseminate research findings; provide for international exchange of information and experts; measure rehabilitation outcomes; and provide for rehabilitation of persons with disabilities from minority backgrounds. CFDA 84.133A, B (FR 03/19/99)
    Deadline: 5/3/99

    12-7 Higher Education Improvement for Students with Disabilities (ED)

    The Education Department is inviting applications for demonstration projects to provide technical assistance and professional development for higher education faculty and administrators to meet the education needs of students with disabilities. Applicants must outline steps they will take to address one or more barriers that can impede equitable access to full participation in higher education; coordinate with other federally funded projects; avoid duplicating other ongoing federal projects; and include letters of support from higher education recipients of training. CFDA 84.333 (FR 03/18/99)
    Deadline: 5/5/99

    12-8 FIPSE Recompetition (ED)

    The Education Department's Fund for the Improvement of Postsecondary Education is inviting applications to implement congressional directed priorities in the fiscal 1999 appropriations law. This program replaces the previously canceled comprehensive program competition. Although Congressional members had suggested specific colleges for the award categories, the Education Department says the intent is to have a competitive process with grants going to the best proposals. The new priorities include: Demonstration programs to encourage underrepresented groups, such as women and minorities, to enter careers in technology and business; Enhanced distance education and teacher-training activities; Conversion of library catalogs to electronic format; University-based advanced mathematics teacher-student training program; Off-campus and community-based delivery of educational programs and services to improve rural access; Improvement of the skills of physical science teachers; An inter- and intravideo conferencing project; Demonstration project that establishes a center for technical education to serve young people who do not intend to go on to college; Innovative approaches to connecting community colleges to four-year institutions through a cooperative curriculum, shared student services, and faculty collaborations; A project of interinstitutional efforts dedicated to improving the scientific expertise and interest of undergraduate students; Educational programs to train students for careers in the hospitality and tourism industry. (FR 03/16/99)
    Deadline: Letters of Intent 4/16/99; Applications 4/30/99

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    Engineering, Mathematics & Physical Sciences

    12-9 Unidata Equipment Grant (NSF)

    This initiative is aimed at providing computer equipment to the university community for upgrading obsolete equipment, enhancing computer capabilities, and to draw new institutions into the Unidata community. The Unidata Program Center (UPC), located in Boulder, Colorado, offers software and services that enable universities to acquire and use atmospheric and related data on their own computers, often in real time. The UPC's software and services are available to any US college or university at no cost. Member institutions provide their own computers, network connections, human resources, and other requirements for participation, including access fees for certain data. NSF 99-88
    Deadline: 5/24/99

    12-10 Operation of the Antarctic Bibliography and the Bibliography on Cold Regions Science and Technology (NSF)

    The National Science Foundation (NSF) and the U.S. Army Cold Regions Research and Engineering Laboratory (CRREL) seek innovative proposals to continue the Cold Regions Bibliography Project, which produces the Antarctic Bibliography and the Bibliography on Cold Regions Science and Technology. Recent advances in technology, software, bibliographic methods, online research literature, and online document fulfillment motivate NSF and CRREL to open future operation of the project to competitive proposals. (NSF 99-94)
    Deadline: 6/2/99

    12-11 Energetics and Dynamics of the Mesosphere and Lower Thermosphere: CEDAR/TIMED Collaborative Studies (NSF)

    Understanding the Earth's upper atmosphere is the goal of two complementary programs that will be poised to take advantage of joint measurement capabilities in the 2000-2001 timeframe. These are the NSF Coupling Energetics and Dynamics of Atmospheric Regions (CEDAR) program and the NASA Thermosphere Ionosphere Mesosphere Energetics and Dynamics (TIMED) mission. Through this NSF Program Announcement, NSF and NASA wish to take the best possible advantage of the complementary nature of these two programs through the support of correlative studies on the Energetics and Dynamics of the Mesosphere and Lower Thermosphere. (NSF 99-99)
    Deadline: 6/3/99

    12-12 Cooperative Automotive Research (DOE)

    The Department of Energy (DOE) plans to issue a Solicitation for Financial Assistance to invite small business and institutions of higher education to submit applications for financial assistance for research and development for advanced vehicle technologies compatible with the Office of Advanced Automotive Technologies R&D Program. DOE will support high quality research and development on advanced automotive technology concepts concerning important scientific or engineering problems and opportunities that could lead to significant public benefit. DE-PS02-99EE50493 (CBD 03/19/99)
    Deadline: 4/9/99

    12-13 Emission Control Technologies for Fine Particulate Matter (DOE)

    The Energy Department is seeking cooperative agreement applications to support cost-effective technologies to control nitrogen oxide emissions fine particulate emissions from coal-fired electric utility boilers. DE-PS26-99FT40288
    Deadline: 4/20/99

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    Health & Life Sciences

    12-14 Academic Research Enhancement Award (NIH)

    The National Institutes of Health (NIH) is continuing to make a special effort to stimulate research in educational institutions that provide baccalaureate training for a significant number of the Nation's research scientists but that have not been major recipients of NIH support. At KSU the School of Veterinary Medicine is eligible to apply. AREA funds are intended to support new and ongoing health-related research projects proposed by faculty members of eligible schools and components of domestic institutions. The AREA will enable qualified scientists to receive support for small-scale research projects. PA-99-062 (NIHG 02/11/99)
    Deadline: 5/25/99, 9/25/99, 1/25/00

    12-15 American Heart Association Grants (AHA)

    The American Heart Association announces its National Research Program for 1999. Research programs available are: Scientist Development Grant, Established Investigator Grant, Grant-in-Aid, and AHA-Bugher Foundation Awards for the Investigation of Stroke, a new program. The AHA-Bugher Awards are intended to stimulate the development of better stroke preventive measures and better stroke interventions in the future and any aspect of brain vascular function related to stroke. Support is available for basic and clinical studies.
    Deadline: 6/15/99

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    Social Sciences

    12-16 Recreational Programs (ED)

    The purpose of this program is to provide grants for programs providing individuals with disabilities recreational activities and related experiences to aid in their employment, mobility, socialization, independence, and community integration. Funds may be requested for vocational skills development, leisure education, leisure networking, leisure resource development, physical education and sports, scouting and camping, 4-H activities, construction of facilities for aquatic rehabilitation therapy, music, dancing, handcrafts, art, and homemaking. CFDA 84.128J (FR 03/15/99)
    Deadline: 4/30/99

    12-17 Prevention Research Centers (NIH)

    The National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) invites research grant applications for Prevention Research Centers (PRCs). The primary goal of this program is to provide scientific infrastructure support that facilitates the development and widespread application of new preventive interventions for mental disorders, including severe mental disorders. Prevention research includes interventions to reduce the risk of onset, or delay onset, of mental disorders and behavioral dysfunctions; reduce the severity and course of disorders; prevent comorbid conditions and disorders; prevent relapse, recurrence, excess disability, side effects, and inappropriate service of resource use. PA-99-074 (NIHG 03/18/99)
    Deadline: Letters of Intent 4/15/99; 11/01/99 Applications 5/12/99, 1/15/00

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    R. W. Trewyn, Interim Vice Provost for Research & Dean of the Graduate School
      John P. Murray, Interim Associate Vice Provost for Research
    Ruth Bennett, Secretary
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