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Office of Research & Sponsored Programs

Funding Bulletins - January 29, 1999 (Vol. 8, No. 4)


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    4-1 Short-Term Courses in Research Ethics (NIH)

    The National Institutes of Health (NIH), Centers for Disease Control (CDC), Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA), Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, and the Agency for Health Care Policy and Research (AHCPR) invite applications for grants to develop, conduct, and evaluate short-term courses on ethical issues in research, particularly those involving human participants. Courses should improve the skills of biomedical, behavioral, social science, and public health researchers in identifying and addressing the ethical, legal, and social implications of their research, especially when human participants are involved. PA-99-051 (NIHG 01/22/99)

    Deadline: 3/6/99

    4-2 Phenotyping the Mouse Nervous System and Behavior (NIH)

    The purpose of this request for applications (RFA) is to solicit applications for research projects to develop objective and standardized criteria and new, cost-effective, high-throughput phenotyping tools and methods to assess specific components of nervous system function and complex behaviors in the laboratory mouse. Projects supported under this RFA will develop and apply high-throughput phenotyping protocols to evaluate standard inbred strains of mice, and deposit the data so generated into databases of quantitative behavioral, physiological, pharmacological, and neuroanatomical profiles across different strains. These diverse phenotyping tools and assays will provide invaluable endpoints for the comprehensive characterization of nervous system function and complex behaviors in mouse mutants, and will facilitate the genetic analysis of these complex traits. MH-99-006 (NIHG 01/22/99)

    Deadline: Letters of Intent 3/17/99; Applications 4/28/99

    4-3 Health Resources and Services (HRSA)

    The Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) has published a preview of its fiscal year 1999 programs. It contains a description of competitive and additional programs scheduled for review in FY 99. Included are Rural Health Programs, Health Professions Programs, HIV/AIDS Programs, and Maternal and Child Health Programs, with anticipated deadlines and estimated amount of competition. (FR 01/06/99)

    Deadline: Varies

    4-4 Research on the Functional Interrelationships Between Microorganisms and Biological, Chemical, Geological, Physical and Social Systems (NSF)

    As a first step in a longer-term effort to understand the nature and dynamics of biocomplexity, NSF announces a special competition to support integrated research on the functional interrelationships between microorganisms, defined here as prokaryotes (archaea and eubacteria) and unicellular eukaryotes (algae, protozoa, fungi) and the biological, chemical, geological, physical, and/or social systems that jointly comprise complex environmental systems. Projects that explicitly focus on the role that microorganisms play in structuring or controlling complex systems are particularly encouraged. (NSF 99-60)


    Preproposals 3/15/99; Proposals 6/15/99

    4-5 Youth and Education Golf Grants (USGA)

    The United States Golf Association (USGA) offers grants for projects that promote the good of the game and put the game within the reach of more Americans. The grants program will continue to support initiatives aimed at access to, education about, and affordable participation opportunities in golf. Support comes in the form of dollars, research, and general efforts to assist local champions of junior golf in making their visions a reality

    Deadline: 2/19/99

    4-6 Research Grants for the Prevention of Birth Defects (March of Dimes)

    The March of Dimes invites applications for research grants directed at the prevention of birth defects. Research subjects appropriate for support include basic biological processes governing development, genetics, clinical studies, studies of reproductive health, environmental toxicology, and social and behavioral studies relevant to the mission of the foundation. The March of Dimes also offers the Basil O'Connor Starter Scholar Research Award to support young scientists just embarking on their independent research careers. Nominations may be made by Deans, Chairmen of Departments or Directors of Institutes/Centers. Nominations must be postmarked no later than February 26, 1999.


    Starter 02/26/99; Research 3/31/99, 9/30/99

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    4-7 Multicultural Scholars Program (USDA)

    The Cooperative State Research, Education, and Extension Service (CSREES) is pleased to announce the solicitation of proposals for the Higher Education Multicultural Scholars Program. The purpose of the program is to increase the multicultural diversity of the food, agricultural, scientific, and professional workforce, and advance the educational achievement of all Americans, by providing grants to colleges and universities for undergraduate scholarships. Scholarship recipients must be newly recruited to a course of study leading to a baccalaureate degree in the food and agricultural sciences or a D.V.M. degree. There is no limit on the number of proposals an institution may submit. For FY 1999, targeted areas are: Agriculture, Conservation and Renewable Natural Resources, Forestry, Veterinary Medicine/Science, Family and Consumer Sciences, and closely allied disciplines.

    Deadline: 2/26/99

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    4-8 Learning Anytime Anywhere Partnerships (ED)

    The Fund for the Improvement of Postsecondary Education (FIPSE) is inviting applications for the Learning Anytime Anywhere Partnerships (LAAP). Funding must be used to conduct one or more of the following activities: 1) Develop and assess model distance learning programs or innovative educational software; 2) Develop methodologies for the identification and measurement of skill competencies; 3) Develop and assess innovative student support services; 4) Support other activities consistent with the statutory purpose of the program. (FR 01/26/99)

    Deadline: Preapplications 4/2/99, Applications 6/28/99

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    Engineering, Mathematics & Physical Sciences

    4-9 Spatial Data Infrastructure (USGS)

    The U.S. Geological Survey is inviting applications for cooperative agreements to facilitate and foster partnerships and alliances within and among public entities to help build the National Spatial Data Infrastructure. Two areas are: creating descriptions (metadata) of ``framework'' digital geospatial data sets and serving those descriptions for search and retrieval through the distributed, electronically connected network of public internet-based clearinghouses making up the NSDI National Geospatial Data Clearinghouse; providing clearinghouse/metadata technical assistance to organizations to enable the documentation and serving of metadata for ``framework'' data. Announcement 99HQPA0005 (FR 01/22/99)

    Deadline: 3/2/99

    4-10 Fundamental Research in Carbon Management (DOE)

    The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) announces its interest in receiving applications for research grants in the area of fundamental research underlying potential strategies to reduce or limit gaseous carbon production from fossil fuel use. Research areas of particular interest include: Geosciences research related to understanding the geophysics and geochemistry of potential reservoirs appropriate for subsurface sequestration of carbon dioxide; Energy Biosciences research related to chemical and cellular mechanisms of carbon fixation in plants; Chemical Sciences research related to enhancing our molecular level understanding of CO2 production and utilization chemistry relevant to managing our carbon resources; and Materials Science research related to ceramics, metals, polymers and other materials needed for higher efficiency power systems. Notice 99-11 (FR 01/21/99)

    Deadline: Preapplications 2/16/99, Applications 4/1/99

    4-11 Advanced Human Support Technology Program (NASA)

    NASA is soliciting proposals to participate in research opportunities in the Advanced Human Support Technology (AHST) Program of the Space Life Sciences Division. This announcement solicits proposals for research and development of technologies that will enable humans to move efficiently and effectively live and work in space. The specific research and technology development elements of the AHST Program in this announcement are Space Human Factors Engineering; Advanced Environmental Monitoring and Control; and Advanced Life Support. (NRA-99-HEDS-01)

    Deadline: Letters of Intent 2/16/00; Proposals 4/15/99

    4-12 Energy Small Business Innovation Research (DOE)

    The Energy Department is inviting applications under the governmentwide Small Business Innovation Research program for short-term pilot and feasibility studies to test advanced concepts concerning important energy-related scientific or engineering solutions that could be commercialized. Technical topics include: Biomass Power; Advanced Measurement and Control Technologies for Industrial Manufacturing Applications; Hybrid Electric Vehicle Technology, High Energy Physics Data acquisition and Processing; Nuclear Physics instrumentation and Techniques; Waste Characterization; Waste Treatment and Stabilization; Advanced Environmental Monitoring Technology; and High-Density, Multigene Assay of Genetic Information in Plants and Non-Medical Microbes. SOL DOE ER/0731 (CBD 11/27/98)



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    Health & Life Sciences

    4-13 Innovative Research Approaches to Basic Bladder Biology and the Painful Bladder Syndrome (NIH)

    The Division of Kidney, Urologic and Hematologic Diseases (DKUHD) of the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases (NIDDK) invites investigators to apply for research grants on basic bladder biology and painful bladder syndromes, including Interstitial Cystitis (IC). This solicitation invites applications for basic research studies on the molecular and cellular biology of the bladder urothelium, mechanisms of pain perception in the bladder, and the relationship between neuromuscular innervation and bladder function. DK-99-014 (NIHG 01/22/99)

    Deadline: Letters of Intent 3/14/99, Applications 4/12/99

    4-14 Diabetes Research Grants (JDF)

    The Juvenile Diabetes Foundation International (JDF) announces the availability of grants in diabetes research for 1999-2000. Areas of interest include: Therapeutic Modulation of the Immune System in Type 1 Diabetes; Beta Cell Replacement/Islet Transplantation; Genetic Engineering/Gene Therapy in Restoration of Normal Glucose Metabolism; Hypoglycemia; and Therapies of Microvascular Complications of Type 1 Diabetes.

    Deadline: Preapplications 2/15/99, Applications 3/1/99

    4-15 Neurological Complications of Diabetes (NIH)

    The National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke and the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases are inviting applications to study the mechanisms by which diabetes results in painful and disabling neuropathies and develop interventions to prevent, limit or reverse these complications. Research possibilities include studies that define the role of microvascular angiopathies in the pathogenesis of diabetic neuropathy; investigate the role of programmed cell death of nerve or Schwan cells in diabetes; and develop transgenic and gene deletion animal models to clarify the elements involved in hyperglycemia-induced activation/inhibition of gene expression. RFA-NS-99-005 (NIHG 12/24/98)

    Deadline: Letters of Intent 3/16/99, Applications 4/27/99

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    4-16 Wayne Kay Graduate Engineering Fellowship (SME)

    The Wayne Kay Scholarship Fund, through the SME Education Foundation, will support graduate fellowships awarded annually to worthy full-time students enrolled in a graduate program for manufacturing engineering or industrial engineering in North America.

    Deadline: 3/1/99

    4-17 NASA Graduate Student Fellowship in Earth System Science (NASA)

    NASA Announces graduate student training fellowships for persons pursuing Master of Science orPh.D. degree in Earth System Science. The purpose is to ensure continued training of interdisciplinary scientists to support the study of the Earth as a system. NASA's Earth Science Enterprise (ESE) supports basic and applied research in the following areas: Global Carbon Cycle; Global Water and Energy Cycle; Climate Variability and Prediction; Atmospheric Chemistry; and Solid Earth Science. Applications will be considered for research in atmospheric chemistry and physics, ocean biology and physics, ecosystem dynamics, hydrology, cryospheric processes, geology, geophysics, and information science and engineering, provided that the specific research topic is relevant to NASA's Earth remote sensing science, process studies, modeling and analysis in support to the U.S. Global Change Research Program (USGCRP).

    Deadline: 3/15/99

    4-18 Scholarships for Research in the Biology of Aging (AFAR)

    The Glenn/AFAR Scholarships for Research in the Biology of Aging allows Ph.D. students an opportunity to acquire an understanding of the challenges involved in improving the quality of life of older people. Students undertake three-month research projects related to the basic sciences and aging.

    Deadline: 2/26/99

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