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Office of Research & Sponsored Programs

Funding Bulletins - January 22, 1999 (Vol. 8, No. 3)


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    3-1 KSU Faculty Grants (KSU)

    Applications are due February 26, 1999 for the Spring competition for President's Faculty Development Awards (FDAs) and for University Small Research Grants (USRGs). Faculty Development Awards serve primarily as travel awards. Priority is given to requests for travel to international meetings outside the U.S., travel for foreign exchange, travel to the office of potential external sponsors, and matching funds on certain grants (such as NEH). Travel must occur after June 30. University Small Research Grants support research, scholarly activity, and other creative efforts. Eligibility is restricted to faculty not eligible for AES or EES support. Faculty who have been at KSU longer than two years may apply every other semester. New faculty (less than two years at KSU) may apply every semester for USRGs.

    Deadline: 2/2/99

    3-2 Grants for Supercomputing Time at NCSA (KU)

    The University of Kansas has been awarded 10,000 hours of supercomputing time at NCSA and, in the spirit of enhancing research productivity in Kansas, plans to share this time with researchers at Wichita State and Kansas State. Up to 1000 hours will be awarded to a successful proposal. Activities should stimulate new research thrusts and leverage the supercomputing time into making the state more competitive for new external funding opportunities.

    Deadline: 1/29/99

    3-3 Massage Therapy Research Grants (AMTA)

    The American Massage Therapy Association Foundation invites research proposals investigating the effects of massage therapy across a variety of applications. The AMTA Foundation supports the massage therapy profession by promoting the development of scientific advances and community services in the field of massage therapy through awarding grants in the areas of research, community outreach and educational scholarship. Research grants are awarded to individuals or teams conducting studies which promise to advance our understanding of specific therapeutic applications of massage, public perceptions of and attitudes toward massage therapy, and the role of massage therapy in health care delivery.



    3-4 Museum and Library National Leadership Grants (IMLS)

    The Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) awards National Leadership Grants to enhance the quality of library services nationwide and to provide coordination between libraries and museums. In 1999 IMLS is undertaking a major initiative to prepare libraries and museums to meet the changing needs of learners in the 21st century. Examples of potential projects include applications of learning theory, educational uses of digital images, and the teaching of critical thinking skills. Categories are: Education and Training; Research and Demonstration; Preservation or Digitization; and Model Programs of Cooperation.



    3-5 Wind-Driven Transport Processes in the NE Pacific (NSF)

    The National Science Foundation is inviting proposals under the Coastal Ocean Processes (COoP) program for research to understand processes that contribute to cross-shelf transport on the west coast of the United States, where circulation is strongly wind-driven. COoP's primary interest is in research addressing processes that control the cross-margin transport of biological, chemical and geological materials in a strongly wind-driven system. Topics may include how ocean-atmosphere's feedbacks act to structure the system; how, where and at what rates chemical species are transported across the vertical and horizontal boundaries of the euphotic zone of continental shelves that are dominated by strong along-shore winds; and how plankton distribution patterns over the continental margin are maintained. NSF 99-10

    Deadline: 3/15/99

    3-6 Counter-Terrorism (DOD)

    The Army Materiel Command Acquisition Center (AMCAC), Aberdeen Proving Ground, is soliciting concepts for innovative research and development projects. The mission areas are: Physical Security, Explosive Detection and Disablement; Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear Countermeasures; Personnel Protection; Tactical Operations Support; Infrastructure Protection; Investigative Support and Forensics; and Surveillance, Collection and Operations Support. SOL DAAD05-99-T-0166 (CBD 11/23/98)

    Deadline: 3/1/99

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    3-7 Foreign Language Assistance Grants (ED)

    The Department of Education provides grants to pay for the Federal share of the cost of innovative model programs providing for the establishment, improvement, or expansion of foreign language study for elementary and secondary school students. Projects should show the promise of being continued beyond their project period; demonstrate approaches that can be disseminated and duplicated in other local educational agencies; and may include a professional development component. CFDA 84.293B (FR 01/13/99)

    Deadline: 2/26/99

    3-8 Child Learning and Development (NSF)

    This initiative aims to support studies that increase our understanding of cognitive, social, and biological processes related to children and adolescents' learning in formal and informal settings. Additional priorities are to support research on learning and development that: incorporates multidisciplinary, multi-method, microgenetic, and longitudinal approaches; develops new methods and theories; examines transfer of knowledge from one domain to another; assesses peer relations, family interactions, social identities, and motivation; examines the impact of family, school, and community resources; assesses adolescents' preparation for entry into the workforce; and investigates the role of demographic and cultural characteristics in children's learning and development and, ultimately, will lead to better educated children and adolescents who grow up to take productive roles as workers and as citizens. (NSF 99-42)

    Deadline: 3/15/99

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    Engineering, Mathematics & Physical Sciences

    3-9 Research Opportunities in Space Science 1999 (NASA)

    NASA's Office of Space Science has released its announcement for Research Opportunities in Space Science, 1999. This announcement now contains what were once over 20 separate NRAs. Due dates vary but High Energy Astrophysics, Research in Exobiology and Planetary Atmospheres have Letters of Intent due by March 2. High Energy Astrophysics, Planetary Astronomy, Near Earth Object Observations have proposal due dates of April 21. Each of the initiatives can be downloaded separately. NRA-OSS-99-01

    Deadline: Letters of Intent 3/2/99; Proposals 4/21/99

    3-10 Research for the Army Engineer Research and Development Center (DOD)

    The U.S. Army Engineer Research and Development Center (ERDC) is issuing a Broad Agency Announcement for FY 99. Research interests are in the broad fields of hydraulics, dredging, coastal engineering, instrumentation, oceanography, remote sensing, earthquake engineering, soil effects, vehicle mobility, self-contained munitions, military hydrology, fixed camouflage, environmental impact, environmental engineering, geophysics, pavements, protective structures, aquatic plants, water quality, dredged material, treatment of hazardous waste, wetlands, infrastructure and environmental issues for installations, computer science, and graphic arts and printing. BAA FY 99 (CBD 01/15/99)

    Deadline: N/A

    3-11 TIIAP Grants (TIIAP)

    The Commerce Department's popular Telecommunications and Information Infrastructure Assistance Program provides matching grants to improve services by providing telecommunications infrastructure. For fiscal 1999, TIIAP officials are interested in projects developed by smaller, locally based organizations that both serve and represent technologically underserved communities. These include community-based organizations, small nonprofits, colleges and universities serving rural communities, and historically black colleges and universities. (FGCW 01/04/99)

    Deadline: 3/11/99

    3-12 EPA/NSF Partnership for Environmental Research (NSF)

    The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the National Science Foundation (NSF) are soliciting for applications for Environmental Statistics. In FY 1999, the Environmental Statistics competition invites proposals in following areas: 1) Statistical models and methods for environmental social science research; 2) Environmental statistics research to improve risk assessment; and 3) Physical environmental statistics research. Proposals are particularly welcome that further the development of statistical methods for environmental social science research, including research in the area of risk assessment. (NSF 99-40)



    3-13 Environmental Meteorology Program (DOE)

    The Energy Department's Office of Biological and Environmental Research will fund research in atmospheric vertical transport and mixing processes, with a focus on urban basins or valleys.

    Deadline: 3/12/99

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    Health & Life Sciences

    3-14 Small Grants in Digestive and Nutritional Disorders (NIH)

    The Division of Digestive Diseases and Nutrition (DDDN) and National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases (NIDDK) invites the submission of applications for pilot studies leading to full-scale clinical trials and epidemiological studies relating to digestive diseases and nutritional disorders. The small grants (R03) may be used as planning grants for full-scale multi-center clinical trials designed to provide evidence for or against changes in the current standard of care. Such trials may use pharmacological, dietary, surgical, or behavioral interventions given for disease therapy or prevention. PAR-98-071 (NIHG 05/15/98)

    Deadline: 2/1/99, 6/1/99, 10/1/99

    3-15 Structural Biology of Membrane Proteins (NIH)

    The purpose of this program is to encourage basic research on the structures of membrane proteins at (or near) atomic resolution. There is currently a significant gap between the understanding of membrane proteins and that of their soluble counterparts. This gap will likely increase as the facility with which soluble protein structures can be solved continues to increase. Therefore, a special effort is needed to promote studies of membrane protein structures which will contribute to an enhanced understanding of many phenomena underlying cellular functions essential to human health. PA-99-004 (NIHG 10/16/98)

    Deadline: 2/1/99, 6/1/99, 10/1/99

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    Social Sciences

    3-16 Preventing Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (NIH)

    The purpose of this Request for Applications is to stimulate research that develops and/or tests interventions that have the potential for preventing fetal alcohol syndrome among human populations and thereby reducing its incidence and prevalence. Investigators may themselves design, develop, modify, or adapt the interventions they plan to test; or they may take advantage of opportunities to test or evaluate interventions that occur (or have occurred) naturally in society as a whole or selected segments of it. (RFA AA-99-002 (NIHG 10/08/98)


    Letters of Intent 2/23/99, Applications 3/23/99

    3-17 COPS Visiting Fellowship Program (DOJ)

    The Justice Department is inviting applications to support training, technical assistance, research, program development and policy analysis to advance community policing.The program is intended to offer researchers, policing professionals, community leaders and policy analysts an opportunity to undertake independent research, problem development activities and policy analysis to foster and improve community policing. Residency in Washington, DC is not required. (FR 12/03/98)

    Deadline: 3/1/99

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    3-18 Congressional Fellowships on Women and Public Policy (WREI)

    The Women's Research & Education Institute (WREI) is accepting applications for the 1999-2000 Congressional Fellowships on Women and Public Policy which places graduate students in congressional offices and on strategic congressional committee staffs. The program is designed to encourage more effective participation by women in the formulation of policy options that recognize the needs of all people; promote activities that encourage the translation of research into policy; raise awareness that national and international issues concerning women are interdependent; and increase understanding that those issues often defined as women's issues are, in fact, human issues of equal importance to both women and men.

    Deadline: 2/15/99

    3-19 Plasma Science Research Grants (Sigma Xi)

    The Consortium for Plasma Science has established a special fund within Sigma Xi's Grants-in-Aid of Research program to advance the safety of the world's blood supply. Grants will be made to graduate students and postdoctoral associates. Proposals should focus on innovative research activities involving scalable methods and technologies for universal inactivation of non-enveloped viruses and prions from human blood plasma and plasma derivatives, with particular emphasis on the recovery of biofunctionality of the treated plasma.



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