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Office of Research & Sponsored Programs

Funding Bulletin - June 19, 1998 (Vol. 7, No. 24)



  • General
  • Education
  • Engineering, Mathematics & Physical Sciences
  • Health & Life Sciences
  • Social Sciences


    24-1 Arctic Research (NSF)

    The National Science Foundation invites U.S. scientists to submit proposals for research based at institutions in the United States. The goal of the NSF Arctic Research Program is to gain a better understanding of the Earth's biological, geological, chemical, and socio-cultural processes and the interactions of ocean, land, atmosphere, biological and human systems. There are three integrated programs in the Office of Polar Programs (OPP): Arctic Natural Sciences, Arctic Social Sciences, and Arctic System Science. (NSF 98-72)
    Deadline: 8/1/98

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    24-2 American Overseas Research Centers(ED)

    The Education Department is inviting applications to establish or operate overseas research centers promoting postgraduate research, exchanges and area studies. CFDA 84.274 (FR 06/12/98)
    Deadline: 7/20/98

    24-3 Rehabilitation Engineering (ED)

    The Education Department is inviting applications to establish four rehabilitation engineering research centers addressing prosthetics and orthotics, wheeled mobility, technology transfer and telerehabilitation. The prosthetics and orthotics center will strengthen and expand the scientific and engineering basis for the field and develop new ways to use information technology that ultimately will improve service delivery to individuals who can benefit from prosthetic and orthotic devices. The wheeled mobility center will focus on improving the efficiency and selection of wheelchairs and wheelchair chair seating systems, and will investigate new strategies, including dynamic seating systems and pressure sore prevention. The technology transfer center will facilitate and improve the process of moving new, useful and better assistive technology inventions and applications of existing technologies from the prototype phase to the marketplace. CFDA 84.133E (FR 06/12/98)
    Deadline: 8/12/98

    24-4 Rehabilitation Research and Training Centers: Aging, Arthritis, Stroke (ED)

    The Education Department is inviting proposals to establish three rehabilitation research and training centers each addressing one of the following: aging with a disability, arthritis rehabilitation or stroke rehabilitation. The center on aging with a disability will promote the health, functional abilities, psychological well-being and independence of persons aging with a disability. The arthritis rehabilitation center will conduct activities to improve the funcitional abilities and promote the indepencence of individuals with arthritis and musculoskeletal diseases. The stroke rehabilitation center will develop and evaluate rehabilitation approaches to improve stroke rehabilitation for all patients. CFDA 84.133B (FR 06/12/98)
    Deadline: 8/12/98

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    24-5 Mars Data Analysis Program (NASA)

    The Office of Space Science (OSS) of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) releases this NASA Research Announcement (NRA) to solicit proposals for supporting basic research, analysis, and technology investigations. Its objective is to enhance the scientific return from the Mars Pathfinder and Mars Global Surveyor Missions by broadening the scientific participation in the analysis of Mars Pathfinder (MPF) and Mars Global Surveyor (MGS) data. An investigator may propose a study (scientific, landing site science, cartographic, topographic, geodetic research) based on analysis of Mars data collected by the MPF and /or MGS missions. In addition, correlative studies that use data obtained by the proposer from another source and used with flight missions data to further the understanding of some aspect of Mars science is also included in this category. (NRA 98-OSS-06)
    Deadline: Notices of Intent 8/7/98, Proposals 9/8/98

    24-6 Innovations in Magnetic Fusion Energy Diagnostic Systems (DOE)

    The Energy Department is inviting applications for innovative research in magnetic fusion energy diagnostic systems. Applications should propose innovative diagnostic systems that have the possibility of leading to improved understanding of plasma behavior in tokamaks, innovative confinement concepts and burning plasma experiments. Projects should be first-of-a-kind and provide new scientific insights. Notice 98-17 (FR 05/19/98)
    Deadline: 8/4/98

    24-7 Applied Geophysical Studies (DOD)

    The Naval Air Warfare Center Weapons Division is seeking to investigate the extent and character of the possible melt zone an horizontal reflector beneath the Coso geothermal field. In particular, a study using small, protable arrays of high frequency seismometers to detect mode-converted waves arising from teleseismic events is being sought. This requirement will be for a base year with one, one year option. SOL N68936-98-R-0163 (CBD 06/15/98)
    Deadline: 7/26/98

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    Health & Life Sciences

    24-8 Gravitational Biology and Ecology, and Biomedical Research and Countermeasures Programs (NASA)

    The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) Life Sciences Division solicits proposals for research investigations in support of Research Opportunities in Space Life Sciences. This announcement is specific to the Gravitational Biology and Ecology, and Biomedical Research and Countermeasures Programs within the Life Sciences Division. Proposals requested by this announcement may be for ground-based research investigations, and limited types of space-flight experiments designed for the Shuttle middeck or for the earliest phase of utilization of the International Space Station. NRA-98-HEDS-02
    Deadline: Letters of Intent 8/3/98, Proposals 10/1/98

    24-9 International Collaborations in Infectious Disease Research (NIH)

    International Collaborations in Infectious Diseases Research (ICIDR) is a research program sponsored by the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID). The ICIDR RFA is being jointly issued with the Actions for Building Capacity (ABC) RFA TW-98-004) a research training program sponsored by the Fogarty International Center (FIC), NIH. The purpose of the ICIDR RFA is to stimulate high quality collaborative research that will lead to or result in prevention, amelioration, and/or treatment of tropical infectious diseases and thus improve the health and quality of life of individuals in endemic areas. ICIDR research must focus on protozoan and helminth infections, mycobacterial diseases, bacterial and viral enteric infections, Hepatitis C and E, and fulminant hepatitis of unknown etiology. Applications in arboviral infections and other tropical viral infections are specifically encouraged. AI-98-009 (NIHG 05/08/98)
    Deadline: Letters of Intent 8/7/98, Applications 9/15/98

    24-10 Structure-Function Relationships of Environmentally Relevant Genetic Variants (NIH)

    The National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences initiated the Environmental Genome Project (EGP) to establish how genetic polymorphisms influence susceptibility or resistance of individuals following exposure to environmental agents. The National Institute on Aging (NIA) is a cosponsor of this Request for Applications (RGA) and is interested in environmentally relevant polymorphisms in genes that also have implications for understanding individual susceptibility to aging. The objective of this RFA is to encourage multi-disciplinary projects to identify and characterize the gene products coded by allelic variants of environmental responsive genes. ES-98-007 (NIHG 05/29/98)
    Deadline: Letters of Intent 7/13/98, Applications 8/13/98

    24-11 Health Communications in Cancer Control (NIH)

    The National Cancer Institute (NCI) invites submission of research grant applications on health communications in cancer control. These may include: 1) research on the use of new media (interactive digital media in cancer prevention and control, message development including, but not limited to, their impact on primary and secondary cancer prevention and on cancer-related decisions and 2) refinement and evaluation of communications systems to deliver cancer control-related information. Research on cognition, message framing and risk communication also is within the scope of this Request for Applications. Applications that include development and evaluation of health communications in diverse populations (cultural, ethnic and economic diversity) are encouraged. CA-98-014 (NIHG 05/29/98)
    Deadline: Letter of Intent 7/9/98, Application 8/26/98

    24-12 Unintentional Injury Prevention Among Older Americans (CDC)

    The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is inviting cooperative agreement applications to establish a resource center for prevention of unintentional injuries among older Americans, and to disseminate information to healthcare professionals, caretakers, and other interested parties. Announcement 98088 (FR 06/12/98)
    Deadline: 8/10/98

    24-13 Evaluation of Interventions to Prevent Suicide (CDC)

    The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is inviting cooperative agreement applications to evaluate interventions that may influence factors leading to suicidal behavior among high-risk populations. Announcement 98072 (FR 06/11/98)
    Deadline: 8/4/98

    24-14 Environmental Justice: Partnerships for Communication (NIH)

    The purpose of this program is to strengthen the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS) support of research aimed at achieving environmental justice for socioeconomically disadvantaged and medically under served populations in the United States. This component of the NIEHS research program is designed to stimulate community outreach, training, research and education efforts that will become the catalyst for reducing exposure to environmental pollutants in under served populations. The main objective of this RFA is to establish methods for linking members of a community, who are directly affected by adverse environmental conditions, with researchers and health care providers and to enable this partnership to develop appropriate research strategies to address environmental health problems of concern. ES-98-006 (NIHG 05/29/98)
    Deadline: Letters of Intent 7/01/98, Applications 10/27/98

    24-15 Micronutrition Support Activities (STATE)

    The USAID Bureau for Global Programs, Field Support and Research, Center for Population, Health and Nutrition (PHN Center) seeks an organization interested in providing global leadership to reduce micronutrient deficiencies among vulnerable groups in developing countries. The successful organization will have extensive organizational experience and capability in development an implementation of micronutrient. This organization will implement the Micronutrient Support Activity under the Nutrition Results Package. This activity is designed to assist the PHN Center, USAID Missions, governments, donor agencies, NGOs, PVOs, research entities and the private sector to implement expanded, more effective programs and policies to prevent and control micronutrient malnutrition, especially Vitamin A deficiency. (M/OP-98-1100)
    Deadline: 7/16/98

    24-16 Research Travel Grants (Wellcome)

    The Burroughs Wellcome Fund's Research Travel Grants enable U.S. and Canadian Scientists and medical historians to work for brief periods-from two weeks to six months- in the United Kingdom or the Republic of Ireland. Scientific investigators may participate in collaborative research projects in the basic biomedical sciences, medically oriented behavioral sciences, and clinical research, or they may participate in training projects to acquire new research techniques. Three types of travel grants are offered: Grants for Established Scientific Investigators; Medical Historians; and Postdoctoral Fellows and Advanced Graduate Students.
    Deadline: 7/1/98, 11/1/98, 3/1/99

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    Social Sciences

    24-17 Genome Research Ethics (DOE)

    DOE seeks research addressing the uses, impacts, implications and privacy of genetic information in the workplace; and access to, and protection of, genetic information stored in computerized databases or obtained from stored human tissue or sample archives. Also high priority is the preparation and dissemination of relevant educational materials in any appropriate medium that will enhance understanding of ethical, legal and social aspects of the human genome program among the public of specified groups; and the ethical, legal and societal implications of advances in the scientific understanding of complex or multi-genic characteristics, gene-environment interactions resulting in diseases or disease susceptibilities and human polymorphisms. 98-19 (FR 06/15/98)
    Deadline: Preapplications 7/30/98, Applications 9/17/98

    24-18 Policing Research and Evaluation (DOJ)

    The National Institute of Justice, jointly with the Office of Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS), is seeking proposals for community policing research and evaluation, with a focus on building and consolidating existing research findings, particularly those advancing theory. SL000286 (FR 06/12/98)
    Deadline: 7/20/98

    24-19 School-Based Violence Prevention (CDC)

    The Centers of Disease Control and Prevention is inviting cooperative agreement applications to implement model programs to prevent violence among school-aged youths ages five through 19, especially those at high risk of experiencing violence and its consequences. Announcement 98071 (FR 06/11/98)
    Deadline: 8/11/98

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