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Office of Research & Sponsored Programs

Funding Bulletin - June 12, 1998 (Vol. 7, No. 23)



  • General
  • Agriculture
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    23-1   DEPSCoR Announcement (DOD)
    The Department of Defense has announced a solicitation for proposals for its Experimental Program to Stimulate Competitive Research (DEPSCoR). DOD traditionally funds single investigator research proposals in technical areas outlined in each agency's BAA. Proposals must be submitted to the state DEPSCoR program, Kansas Defense 2000, for selection as part of the state submission. The proposal submission from Kansas may contain up to fifteen separately fundable sections requesting up to a total of $5 million. Preproposals must be submitted by July 16, 1998, full proposals by July 23, 1998. Peter Sherwood, State of Kansas DEPSCoR Director, will hold an information meeting Monday, June 15, from 1:30 to 2:30 in Willard Hall 218.
    Deadline: Preproposals 7/16/98; Proposals 7/23/98; State Proposals 9/10/98



    23-2   Travel/Host Grants for American Scientists: Project Development & Long-Term Visits (NRC)
    The Office for Central Europe and Eurasia of the National Research Council offers grants to individual American specialists who plan to establish new research partnerships with their colleagues from Central/Eastern Europe (CEE) and the Newly Independent States (NIS). This program is designed primarily to prepare these new partnerships for competition in National Science Foundation programs.
    Deadline: 7/10/98

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    23-3   Nutrition and Product Research Program (DMI)
    Dairy Management Inc. requests applications for the Nutrition and Product Research Program. Proposals must deal with the priority program areas of DMI which are designed to strengthen the connection between research and helping America's diary farmers sell more milk. Priority areas for Dairy Foods Research are: Dry Milk Powder/Dry Whey/Whey Derivatives; Fluid Milk; Cheese; Milkfat; and Safety. Priority areas for Nutrition Research are: Nutrition Milkfat; Nutrition Novel Dairy; Nutrition & Health Research; Cheese Nutrition; Dry Milk Powder/Dry Whey/Whey Derivatives Nutrition; and Fluid Milk Nutrition Research.
    Deadline: 8/3/98

    23-4   CSREES/EPA National Agricultural Compliance Assistance Center Program (USDA)

    The Cooperative State Research, Education, and Extension Service (CSREES) is pleased to announce the availability of funding to support the development and dissemination of environmental compliance assistance information to the agricultural community under the USDA/EPA National Agriculture Compliance Assistance Program. Funding for this program is the result of an interagency agreement between CSREES and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). CSREES anticipates issuing two cooperative agreements, each for a three year duration, to support two major projects: approximately $416,000 has been allocated to support a project involving a General Agriculture Focus; approximately $300,000 is allocated to support a project involving a Livestock Management Focus.
    Deadline: 7/31/98

    23-5   Food Safety Research (FDA)

    The Food and Drug Administration is seeking cooperative agreement proposals for research to reduce the incidence of foodborne illness. FDA has identified three priorities. First are projects to develop sampling and statistical methods that facilitate existing pathogen detection regiments to allow the detection, and more importantly the enumeration, of low-level pathogens in or on foods, especially fresh or minimally-processed produce. Second are intervention methods or technologies other than cooking that can be used by consumers in the home or by operators of food service facilities. Third are projects to provide genomic sequence data on E. coli 0157: H7, with preference to applicants with documented success in other genomic sequencing projects and well-developed sequencing plans for areas of the genome that have special relevance to food safety. (FR 05/27/98)
    Deadline: 7/13/98

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    23-6   New American High Schools Initiative (ED)
    The U.S. Department of Education is interested in receiving abstracts for projects that will assist high schools to implement whole-school reform strategies, ensuring that all students meet challenging academic standards & are prepared for & have opportunities to gain technical skills & explore careers. Abstracts for projects submitted under this Announcement shall focus on the ability of national & regional school reform networks & organizations in broadening the impact of whole-school reform. They will establish relationships with high schools & provide technical assistance to schools & school districts. The reform networks and/or organizations shall focus attention & resources on high schools & the need for reforming these very complex institutions to better prepare students for college & careers. ED-98-R-0022 (CBD 06/01/98)
    Deadline:  7/2/98

    23-7   Technology & Media Services for Individuals with Disabilities (ED)

    The purpose of this program is to promote the development, demonstration, & utilization of technology & to support educational media activities designed to be of educational value to children with disabilities. This program also provides support for some captioning, video description, & cultural activities. Absolute Priorities are: 1) Using Research to Help Children Learn to Read; 2) Closed Captioned Educational Programming; and 3) Accessible Formats for Educational Materials. CFDA 84.327 B, E, & R (FR 06/03/98)
    Deadline:  7/24/98

    23-8   Personnel Preparation to Improve Services & Results for Children with Disabilities (ED)

    The purposes of this program are to help address State-identified needs for qualified personnel in special education, related services, early intervention, & regular education, to work with children with disabilities; & 2) to ensure that those personnel have the skills & knowledge, derived from practices that have been determined through research & experience to be successful, that are needed to serve those children. Absolute Priorities are: Projects of National Significance and Partnerships to Link Personnel Training & School Practice. CFDA 84.325 N & P (FR 05/27/98)
    Deadline: 7/10/98

    23-9   Teacher Development -- Preservice, Inservice Professional Development & Recruitment (Education Career Academies) -- Models of Excellence (ED)

    The U.S. Department of Education (ED) is interested in receiving abstracts for projects that will create or expand highly effective & replicable models of: 1) preservice teacher education that are grounded in contextualized teaching & learning strategies; 2) inservice professional development that enhances the skills of teachers to use strategies that integrate academics that focus on education, & more specifically, on teaching as a career option for students. ED-98-R-0023 (CBD 06/01/98)
    Deadline: 7/10/98

    Engineering, Mathematics & Physical Sciences

    23-10   Sustainable Future Program Grants (DOE)
    The Energy Department's Denver regional office is inviting applications to fund capacity building and sustainable community development activities in one of the 105 currently designated federal empowerment zones or enterprise communities. Grants may use funds for activities to encourage the use of energy efficient technologies such as design charrettes, industrial ecology training, visioning exercises, energy efficiency land-use planning techniques and economic studies of the benefits of energy efficiency on jobs and the environment. (FR 06/01/98)
    Deadline: 6/30/98

    23-11   Railroad Research and Development (DOT)

    The Transportation Department's Federal Railroad Administration is inviting grant proposals for research development on railroad safety, in areas ranging from modeling and simulation of vehicle/track interaction, to epidemiology of post-accident stress in locomotive engineers. (FR 05/29/98)
    Deadline: 7/17/98

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    Health & Life Sciences

    23-12   Pathogen Countermeasures (DOD)
    The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is soliciting proposals for the development and demonstration of revolutionary pathogen countermeasures, which will be a key component of DARPA's overarching goal to remove the threat of biological weapons as a factor in the planning and conduct of US military operations. It is DARPA's intent to emphasize development of those pathogen countermeasures that will have the greatest impact on the protection of uniformed warfighters and the defense personnel who support them during military operations. All aspects of the DARPA program are for defensive purposes only. This BAA pertains only to the Pathogen Countermeasures Program and excludes environmental detection, environmental modeling and simulation, microfluidics, medical diagnostics and medical informatics. It includes as a new request this year, project proposals for the decontamination of military personnel materiel. BAA 98-25 (CBD 04/28/98)
    Deadline: 8/12/98

    23-13   National Partnerships for HIV Prevention (CDC)

    The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is inviting cooperative agreement applications to develop national, state and local leadership and support for HIV prevention programs and policies; and to build capacity and skills for HIV prevention activities. Announcement 98043 (FR 06/03/98)
    Deadline: 7/10/98

    23-14   Nonindigenous Species in U.S. Coastal Waters (DOC)

    The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's National Sea Grant College Program and the Fish and Wildlife Service are inviting proposals for innovative research, outreach and demonstration projects addressing the problem of nonindigenous species in U.S. coastal waters. Sea Grant will award funds in two areas: for regional research and outreach to prevent and control nonindigenous species invasions in marine environments; and the Fish and Wildlife service will provide funding for national ballast water management projects. (FR 05/27/98)
    Deadline: 7/8/98

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    Social Sciences

    23-15   STOP Violence Against Women Grants (KS)
    The Attorney General's Office announces the availability of funds for the Federal S.T.O.P. (Services, Training, Officers, Prosecutors) Violence Against Women (VAWA) Grant Program. Funds may be used for: 1) Developing, training, or expanding specialized units or individual law enforcement officers targeting violent crimes against women; 2) Developing, training, or expanding specialized units or individual prosecutors targeting crimes against women; 3) Developing, training, or expanding specialized units or individual court personnel targeting crimes against women; 4) Developing, training or expanding data collection and communication systems, including computerized systems that link law enforcement officers, prosecutors, and courts; 5) Developing, enlarging, or strengthening victim service programs; 6) Maintaining a 24-hour statewide toll free number for victims of domestic violence, sexual assault and stalking; and 7) Training medical personnel to respond effectively to victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, stalking and other violent crimes against women.
    Deadline: 7/24/98

    23-16   KCDD Developmental Disabilities Funding (KCDD)

    The Kansas Council on Developmental Disabilities (KCDD) announces the availability, pending Congressional action, of developmental disabilities funding totaling $445,000 to be distributed by state plan activities. For state plan goal activities the focus is on community living in the following areas: Rural Housing Initiatives and Innovative Transportation Initiatives; Quality Assurance Training; and Rural Self-Determination; for State plan goal activities that focus on health in the following area: Medical Research; for State plan goal activities that focus on employment in the following area: Expanding Employment Options. (KR 05/21/98)
    Deadline: 7/6/98

    23-17   Juvenile Mentoring (DOJ)

    The Justice Department's Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention is inviting proposals under the Juvenile Mentoring Program (JUMP) for collaborations between local education agencies (LEAs) and nonprofits to develop one-on-one mentoring programs for at-risk youths. The program aims to reduce juvenile delinquency and gang participation by at-risk youths, to improve their academic performance and to reduce their dropout rate through one-on-one mentoring programs. CFDA 16.726 (FR 06/02/98)
    Deadline: 7/10/98

    23-18   Victims of Crime (KS)

    The Kansas Attorney General is soliciting applications for the Crime Victim's Assistance Grant Program (VOCA). Grants are intended to provide direct services to crime victims, those who have suffered physical sexual, financial or emotional harm as a result of the commission of a crime. Direct services include those efforts that 1) respond to the emotional and physical needs of crime victims; 2) assist primary and secondary victims of crime to stabilize their lives after a victimization; 3) assist victims to understand and participate in the criminal justice system; and 4) provide victims of crime with a measure of safety such as boarding-up broken windows and replacing or repairing locks.
    Deadline: 7/10/98

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