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Office of Research & Sponsored Programs

Funding Bulletin - May 22, 1998 (Vol. 7, No. 21)



  • General
  • Agriculture
  • Education
  • Engineering, Mathematics & Physical Sciences
  • Health & Life Sciences
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    21-1 EPA EPSCoR Competition (EPA)

    The Environmental Protection Agency has announced the 1997 competition for the EPA Experimental Program to Stimulate Competitive Research (EPSCoR). EPA's six priority areas include: Safe Drinking Water; Air Pollutants; Emerging Environmental Issues; Ecosystem Protection and Risk Assessment; Improve Health Risk Assessment; Pollution Prevention and New Technologies for Environmental Protection. Proposals involving young faculty are favored, as are multi-institution, interdisciplinary research teams. Two page preproposals must be sent to Chuck Rice, Kansas EPA EPSCoR Director, for an internal competition by June 8, 1998.
    Deadline: Preproposals 06/08/98; Proposals 08/04/98

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    21-2 The Dynamics of Change in Urban Environments (NSF)

    The National Science Foundation has established the Urban Communities theme as an emphasis for focused research. The Urban Communities emphasis will be a multiyear activity encompassing a series of research opportunities designed to examine the functional interrelations among physical, biological, social and engineered systems and processes. The Dynamics of Change in Urban Environments is the first research opportunity in the Urban Communities emphasis. The research should be focused on the development of integrated models to represent the processes and impacts, and to understand process interactions. NSF 98-98
    Deadline: 07/17/98

    21-3 Digital Libraries Initiative - Phase 2 (NSF)

    The primary purposes of this initiative are to provide the leadership in research fundamental to the development of the next generation of digital libraries, to advance the use and usability of globally distributed, networked information resources, and to encourage existing and new communities to focus on innovative applications areas. Since digital libraries can serve as intellectual infrastructure, this Initiative looks to stimulate partnering arrangements necessary to create next-generation operational systems in such areas as education, engineering and design, earth and space sciences, biosciences, geography, economics, and the arts and humanities. (NSF 98-63)
    Deadline: 07/15/98

    21-4 Integrating Economics and Ecological Risk (EPA)

    The Environmental Protection Agency is inviting cooperative agreement applications to conduct research on the development of methods for integrating economic assessment and ecological risk assessment. Proposals should describe the ecological-economic research to be conducted in collaborations with an ongoing ecological risk assessment. Proposed studies should focus on the following characteristics of ecological risk assessment: system boundaries; management goals agreed upon by stakeholders; anthropogenic stressors; causal relationships between sources, stressors and ecological endpoints; a wide array of ecosystem-related goods and services; and available policy, regulation or management options. NCEA-CIN-04 (CBD 03/19/98)
    Deadline: 07/15/98

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    21-5 Community Food Projects Competitive Grants Program (USDA)

    The Cooperative State Research, Education, and Extension Services (CSREES) of the Department of Agriculture is requesting proposals for the development of community food projects designed to meet the food needs of low-income people. The purpose of this program is to support the development of Community Food Projects with a one-time infusion of Federal dollars to make such projects self-sustaining. Applicants must be private, nonprofit entities but applicants are strongly encouraged to link with academic and/or other appropriate professions.
    Deadline: 06/19/98

    21-6 Research on Rural Cooperative Opportunities and Problems (USDA)

    The Rural Business-Cooperative Service of the Department of Agriculture has announced the availability of funds for cooperative agreements for research related to agricultural and nonagricultural cooperatives serving in rural communities. The intent of the funding is to encourage research on critical issues vital to the development and sustainability of cooperatives as a means of improving the quality of life in America's rural communities.
    Deadline: 06/30/98

    21-7 Extension Education in Natural Resources and Environmental Management (USDA)

    The Cooperative State Research, Education, and Extension Service (CSREES), USDA, is requesting proposals for Extension education programs in Natural Resources and Environmental Management (NREM). This year's program will entertain proposals that employ educational strategies that further the goal, `Mobilizing Fiscal, Knowledge, and Human Resources.' Advancing toward the goals of NREM also requires that Extension education address widespread forest and rangeland renewable resource issues.
    Deadline: 07/01/98

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    21-8 Disability and Rehabilitation Research Projects (ED)

    The Education Department is inviting proposals for projects to improve research information dissemination and utilization to promote independent living and choice for persons with mental retardation. CFDA 84.133A (FR 05/11/98)
    Deadline: 07/10/98

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    Engineering, Mathematics & Physical  Sciences

    21-9 Regional Earth Science Applications Centers (NASA)

    The National Aeronautics and Space Administration plans to invite proposals to establish regional earth science applications centers designed to apply remote sensing and attending technologies to well-defined problems and issues of regional significance. NASA seeks proposals for multisectoral, region-specific studies covering sets of issues that have been identified by the user community as having economic and policy consequence to their region and also sector-specific problems associated with an easily-identified user community covering a broad region such as farmers and ranchers of the Great Plains. NRA-98-OES-06 (CBD 04/23/98)
    Deadline: Letters of Intent 05/27/98; Proposals 07/08/98

    21-10 Airframe Systems Base Research and Technology--Airframe Noise and Emission Reductions (NASA)

    NASA LaRC plans to issue a NASA Research Announcement (NRA) to solicit basic research proposals which offer new and creative solutions to technical problems encountered in the area of Airframe Systems Base Research and Technology. Specifically, this solicitation is looking for submissions in areas which will impact the reduction of aircraft noise systems that determine or characterize the performance of an aircraft, including airframe itself. NRA-98-LaRC-xx (CBD 04/24/98)
    Deadline: 07/20/98

    21-11 Graduate Automotive Technology Education (DOE)

    The Department of Energy Office of Advanced Automotive Technologies announces its interest in receiving applications from colleges and universities with accredited graduate engineering programs in the U.S. to develop centers of Automotive Technology Excellence under the Graduate Automotive Technology Education (GATE) Program. The Centers are intended to provide multidisciplinary engineering training for graduate students in specific areas of advanced automotive technology. DE-SC02-98EE50519
    Deadline: 07/17/98

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    Health & Life Sciences

    21-12 Research Grant in Speech Science (ASHF)

    The American Speech-Hearing-Language-Hearing Foundation (ASHF), in conjunction with the Acoustical Society of America (ASA), invites new researchers to submit proposals in competition for one $5,000 grant underwritten by an endowment fund in memory of the late Dennis Klatt. Funds may be requested for a variety of purposes; for example, equipment, subjects, research assistants or research-related travel.
    Deadline: 07/17/98

    21-13 Basic Biobehavioral Research on Cancer-Related Behaviors (NIH)

    The Division of Cancer Control and Populations Sciences (DCCPS) of the National Cancer Institute (NCI) invites research grant applications on the bio-behavioral basis of cancer-related behaviors, especially those that increase cancer risk. Because this Request for Applications (RFA) is designed to support innovative ideas, preliminary data as evidence of feasibility are not required. However, the proposed work must be novel, hypothesis driven, and utilize pre-intervention research designs in Human populations. Pre-intervention designs include basic laboratory research and epidemiologic approaches which provide a scientific basis for interventional studies. CA-98-015 (NIHG 04/30/98)
    Deadline: Letter of Intent 07/14/98, Application 08/11/98

    21-14 Research in Pediatric HIV/AIDS (PAF)

    The Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation, which supports basic medical research in pediatric HIV/AIDS, announces the availability of funding for One-year Pediatric Research Grants, Two-year Pediatric Research Grants, Two-year Pediatric Scholar Awards, and Pediatric Short-term Scientific Awards. The Foundation is especially interested in funding creative and innovative research ideas not yet suitable for funding by other agencies. All proposals must have direct relevance to pediatric HIV/AIDS and its related issues.
    Deadline: Letters of Intent 07/22/98

    21-15 Neurotoxin Exposure Treatment Research Program (DOD)

    The U.S. Army Medical Research and Materiel Command is soliciting research proposals for studies on the pathophysiology and treatment of neurodegenerative diseases, including Parkinson's and Alzheimer's diseases, and including environmental and stress exposure factors encountered in military operations which may be neurotoxic or lead to neurodegenerative conditions. Proposals may be submitted on a broad range of basic and applied science, including but not limited to these areas of interest: (1) mechanisms of damage and protection against neural cell death, (2) development and validation of new approaches to neuropsychological testing to improve early detection of neurodegenerative diseases, (3) new therapeutic strategies for the treatment of neurodegenerative disease, and (4) influence of environmental factors such as exposure to environmental toxins, toxic military threat agents, and chronic psychological and physiological stress in the mediation of neural cell death. CBD&&&-9804-0001 (CBD 04/28/98)
    Deadline: Letter of Intent 07/08/98, Proposals 08/05/98

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    Social Sciences

    21-16 Head Start for Unserved Areas (HHS)

    The Administration for Children and Families is inviting applications for Head Start grants to provide comprehensive child development and family support services to low-income families in areas currently unserved by the program. Grants will support programs to serve Head Start-eligible children living in geographic areas not currently served by the program, including those living on federally-recognized American Indian reservations where a Head Start program currently does not operate, and children of migrant farm workers in areas not currently served by a Migrant Head Start program. ACF/ACYF 98-05 (FR 04/24/98)
    Deadline: 07/09/98

    21-17 Family and Child Well-Being Research Network (NIH)

    The Demographic and Behavioral Sciences Branch (DBSB) of the Center for Population Research at the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (NICHD) announces the availability of a Request for Applications that invites applications for cooperative agreements to continue and expand the NICHD Family and Child Well-Being Research Network investigating the relationship of family factors to child well-being and cooperate in pursuing multi-disciplinary data analysis that has public policy utility. In addition, the network may cooperate to collect data if resources are made available to it from sources outside of the network. HD-98-009 (NIHG 04/01/98)
    Deadline: 07/09/98

    21-18 Welfare to Work (DOL)

    The Labor Department's Employment and Training Administration is inviting applications for the second round of welfare-to-work grants, to support state and community efforts to move welfare recipients into unsubsidized jobs and toward economic self-sufficiency. Grants may be used to provide post-employment basic and/or vocational skills training, in conjunction with either subsidized or unsubsidized employment. Projects should develop and implement innovative, community-based approaches to move eligible individuals toward self-sufficiency and achieve sustainable improvements in the community's service infrastructure for assisting welfare recipients. SGA/DAA 98-009 (FR 04/15/98)
    Deadline: 07/14/98

    21-19 Small Grants Program (Human Growth Foundation)

    The Human Growth Foundation announces a Small Grants Program for investigation of human growth and its disorders. Special consideration will be given to new investigators and ideas new to the field. Postdoctoral research dealing with all aspects of normal and abnormal growth such as biological, psychological, educational and dietary will be considered.
    Deadline: 07/15/98

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