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Office of Research & Sponsored Programs

Funding Bulletins - March 27, 1998 (Vol. 7, No. 13)



  • General
  • Arts & Humanities
  • Education
  • Engineering, Mathematics & Physical Sciences
  • Health & Life Sciences
  • Social Sciences


    13-1 Technology Skills Training (DOL)

    The Labor Department's Employment and Training Administration is inviting applications for demonstration projects to test the ability of the workforce development system, in partnership with employers and others, to train dislocated workers in the high-technology skills needed to compete in today's job market. ETA seeks projects that document the existence of and respond to the widely-reported national shortage of workers in information and advanced technology jobs. Applications should be based on the use of new or innovative service strategies; development and use of curricula geared specifically to eligible groups of dislocated workers and the needs of employers in technology-related fields; or the use of curriculum and training interventions designed to impart relevant knowledge and skills. Proposals must document substantive links with specific employers where there is a strong demand for workers with technology-related skills; and should address the goals of job placement for project participants. SGA/DAA 98-006 (FR 03/18/98)

    Deadline: 04/30/98

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    Arts & Humanities

    13-2 Literary Journal Institute (NEA)

    The National Endowment for the Arts is inviting proposals to provide training and technical assistance to literary magazines, in areas such as developing effective renewal strategies; consulting to help magazines plan for growth; and developing a network of mentoring relationships between journals to disseminate organizational expertise throughout the field. PS 98-03 (FR 03/18/98)

    Deadline: 05/06/98

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    13-3 Jacob K. Javits Gifted and Talented Students Education Program (ED)

    This program provides grants to help build a nationwide capability in elementary and secondary schools to identify and meet the special educational needs of gifted and talented students; to encourage the development of rich and challenging curricula for all students; and to supplement and make more effective the expenditures of State and local funds for the education of gifted and talented students. For fiscal years 1998 and 1999 the competition is based on an absolute priority. This priority supports projects that establish and operate model programs to serve gifted and talented students in schools in which at least 50 percent of the students come from low income families. CFDA 206A (FR 03/18/98)

    Deadline: 05/15/98

    13-4 NSF Collaboratives for Excellence in Teacher Preparation (NSF)

    The National Science Foundation's Collaboratives for Excellence in Teacher Preparation (CETP) program is for the purpose of achieving significant and systemic improvement in the science, mathematics, engineering, and technology preparation of prospective preK-12 teachers. The range of activities supported by the CETP program spans the continuum of teacher preparation including recruitment, instruction in content, pedagogy, classroom management, early field experiences, credentialing, and induction and support of novice teachers. All teacher preparation projects are expected to involve the collaboration of faculty and administration in science, mathematics, engineering, technology and education. (NSF 98-45)

    Deadline: Preliminary Proposals 05/01/98; Proposals 09/01/98

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    Engineering, Mathematics & Physical Sciences

    13-5 Semiconductor Technology Focus Center Research Program (DOD)

    The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), the Office of the Director of Defense Research Engineering (DDR&E), and the Microelectronics Advanced Research Corp. (MARCO) are soliciting proposals for Focus Centers in Design & Test and Interconnect at U.S. universities. By initiating and supporting this exploratory research at or beyond the horizons of the NTRS, and through the exploration of off-Roadmap technology opportunities, the Focus Center will concentrate research attention and resources on topics that help sustain the historical productivity growth of the microelectronics industry and provide the Department of Defense with research into advanced semiconductor technologies. MARCO is a not-for-profit organization that will manage the Focus Center Research Program in semiconductor technology for its participants and other contributors. (CBD 03/23/98)

    Deadline: 05/08/98

    13-6 Source to Dose Exposure Modeling (EPA)

    The Environmental Protection Agency's National Exposure Research Laboratory is issuing a Request for Assistance (RFA). The objective of this RFA is to encourage innovative research approaches to reducing uncertainty in the area of mathematical modeling of human exposure. This RFA solicits proposals for cooperative research to represent total human exposure and source-to-dose relationships through development of mathematical models and databases which operate in a multimedia environment capable of representing this relationships at spatial scales ranging from geographic regions to personal and residential microenvironments. Sol. NERL/HEASD/001 (CBD 03/02/98)

    Deadline: 05/15/98

    13-7 Human Health Risks Linked to Waste Treatment (EPA)

    The Environmental Protection Agency is inviting preproposals for cooperative agreements to conduct multipathway exposure assessment research related to different types of waste treatment practices, specifically but not limited to stationary combustion sources. Areas include investigations into fate and transport of pollutants through the environment, defining study populations, designing exposure scenarios, human subpopulations, cumulative risk and probabilistic uncertainty analysis. NCEA-CIN-01 (CBD 03/19/98)

    Deadline: 04/20/98

    13-8 Comparative Planetary Research: Origin and Evolution of Planetary Atmospheres (NASA)

    This NASA Research Announcement (NRA) is a solicitation of the Office of Space Science for basic research proposals relating to comparative study of the origin and evolution of terrestrial-planet atmospheres. The objective of this program is to stimulate research that enhances understanding of the conditions and processes that were important in the formation of the atmospheres of the terrestrial planets. This NASA program will be coordinated with the National Science Foundation (NSF). NASA and NSF will conduct a joint evaluation of proposals submitted in response to this NRA and a counterpart NSF Dear Colleague letter to ensure that the research is integrated across the Agencies and to preclude unnecessary duplication of efforts (see NSF 98-71). NRA 98-OSS-04

    Deadline: 05/13/98

    13-9 National Imagery and Mapping Agency Grants (NIMA)

    The National Imagery and Mapping Agency announces a Fiscal Year 1998 competition for the University Research Initiative (NURI). The NURI is a National Imagery and Mapping Agency (NIMA) initiative to enhance universities' capabilities to perform research and related education in science and engineering areas critical to national defense. The NURI supports research teams whose efforts intersect more than one traditional science and engineering discipline. Topic titles are: 1) Gravity Data Measurement, Process and Model Development; 2) An Integrated Information Model for Imagery and Geospatial Information; 3) Neuroscience-Inspired Target Recognition; and 4) Future Geodesy. NMA202-BAA-98-0002 (CBD 03/23/98)

    Deadline: 04/28/98

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    Health & Life Sciences

    13-10 National Occupational Research Agenda (CDC/NIH)

    The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the National Institutes of Health are inviting grant applications for traditional research projects, demonstration projects and pilot studies on priorities identified in the National Occupational Research Agenda. The program aims to develop knowledge that can be used in preventing occupational diseases and injuries and to better understand their underlying pathophysiology. Supported project areas include causal research to identify and investigate the relationships between hazardous working conditions and associated occupational disease and injury; the nature and magnitude of special risk factors experienced by older and/or minority workers; methods research to develop more sensitive means of evaluating hazards at work sites; and evaluations of the effectiveness of prevention and intervention programs, including new approaches or combinations of techniques, which have been developed and implemented in workplaces. Announcement 98044 (FR 03/17/98)

    Deadline: Letter of Intent 05/01/98, Applications 06/23/98

    13-11 Drinking Water Disinfection By-Products (EPA)

    The Environmental Protection Agency plans to invite cooperative agreement applications for collaborative research to measure the occurrence of newly-identified drinking water disinfection by-products and determine their fate and transport in the distribution system. (CBD 03/16/98)

    Deadline: 04/98

    13-12 Risk-Assessment Research in Waterborne Pathogens (EPA)

    The Environmental Protection Agency is inviting preproposals for cooperative agreements to conduct biological and statistical research related to the assessment of human health risk due to pathogen and host factors. Areas include investigations into waterborne pathogen risk and health outcomes in human subpopulations, such as infants and the immuno-compromised, and development of severity indices, resultant costs, multi-route exposures, carrier states and uncertainty factors. NCEA-CIN-02 (CBD 03/19/98)

    Deadline: Preproposals 04/20/98

    13-13 Interaction of Multiple Exposures to Pesticides/Age-Related Risks (EPA)

    The Environmental Protection Agency is inviting preproposals for cooperative agreements to conduct toxicological research related to development of human health risk assessment methods for cancer and non-cancer effects from environmental exposure to mixtures of pesticides. Areas include mode of action; toxicokinetics of pesticide mixture interactions; and associated age-related risks. Pesticides of interest include selected classes of organophosphate, organochlorine, carbamate and pyrethrin compounds. NCEA-CIN-03 (CBD 03/19/98)

    Deadline: 04/20/98

    13-14 Opportunities in AIDS Research Grant Program: Human Immunology (NIH)

    This program announcement is a new initiative entitled `Opportunities in AIDS Research Grant Program: Human Immunology' and implemented by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) on the recommendation of the Office of AIDS Research Advisory Council (OARAC). This program intends to encourage novel and innovative research in human immunology aimed at enhancing our understanding of the behavior of the human immune system and the biology of human lymphocyte populations. The emphasis of this program is on supporting human immunology research projects that are particularly innovative, novel, high risk/high impact and show clear promise for advancing the basic understanding of the development and functioning of the immune system needed to more rationally approach immune reconstitution in HIV-infected subjects during infection and in the period after introduction of effective antiviral therapy. PAS-98-040 (NIHG 03/17/98)

    Deadline: Letters of Intent 04/14/98, Applications 05/15/98

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    Social Sciences

    13-15 Secondary Analysis in Demography and Economics of Aging (NIH)

    The National Institute on Aging (NIA) is seeking small grant (R03) applications to: 1) stimulate and facilitate secondary analyses of data related to the demography and economics of aging; 2) provide support for preliminary projects using secondary analysis that could lead to subsequent applications for other research project grant award mechanisms; 3) provide support for rapid analyses of new databases and experimental modules for purposes such as informing the design and content of future study waves; 4) provide support for the development, enhancement and assembly of new databases from existing data. PAS-98-041 (NIHG 03/20/98)

    Deadline: 04/29/98, 06/16/98, 10/16/98

    13-16 Runaway and Homeless Youth Program (HHS)

    The Administration on Children, Youth and Families announces the availability of funds for the Basic Center Program for Runaway, Homeless and Street Youth; Street Outreach Program for Runaway, Homeless and Street Youth; Youth Development State Collaboration Demonstration Projects; and the National Communication System for Runaway and Homeless Youth. (ACF/ACYF/RHYP 98-1)

    Deadline: 05/08/98, 05/15/98, 10/30/98

    13-17 Safe and Drug-Free Schools and Communities (KS)

    The Office of the Attorney General has available grant funding from the Governor's Discretionary Portion of the Federal Safe and Drug-Free Schools and Communities Fund. Priority will be given to programs and activities that serve children and youth who are not normally served by state or local educational agencies or populations that need special services or additional resources, such as preschoolers, youth in juvenile detention facilities, runaway or homeless children and youth, pregnant and parenting teenagers, and school dropouts.

    Deadline: 05/01/98


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